Steps For Staying Safe Around Water

Private swim lessons can teach your family safety tips in order to make sure each member is well acquainted with how to stay safe.

Swimming is a favourite activity among many people, and especially with children. However, as great and as fun as water can be, it also poses a huge danger at times, particularly for those who aren’t very good swimmers. One of the best ways of keeping your family safe is enrolling in private swim lessons in order to make sure each member is well acquainted with how to stay water safe.

Many neglect the fact that private swimming lessons aren’t just about learning how to swim. They also teach swimmers to swim with a buddy at all times and to only tackle the water in areas designated and supervised by lifeguards. It goes without saying that you should make sure everyone learns to swim well, and never leave a young child unattended near water While life jackets are an important safety device, you cannot rely on them alone.

The best way to ensure safety is to establish ground rules for your family members and be sure to express the importance of following them.

This may include rules like no playing around pools, storm drains or even ponds. Even if you have taken swimming lessons and are a good swimmer be especially careful near natural bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and the ocean shoreline. Danger lurks here as well in the form of various underwater hazards, currents, and cold temperatures. Whatever your skill level you can never be too careful.

Furthermore, even if there are lifeguards present at the beach or pool, it’s still your responsibility to supervise children actively whenever they’re around water. Avoid any distractions and always stay within arm’s reach of young children. Enrolling in private swimming lessons is a great idea, especially because you’ll also be shown how to act and respond in cases of emergency. Knowing when to call 911 or the local emergency number may very well mean the difference between life and death of a family member or loved one.

Lastly, if you’re an owner of a hot tub or even a backyard pool, always ensure it is properly fenced in and acquire the appropriate equipment, such as a first aid kit, life jackets, and any rescue aids. It’s a small price to pay in order to ensure the health and well-being of those close to you.

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What qualities should you look for in a Private Swim School

Private swim school is an option that your child has to learn how to swim in a quality setting. Swimming lessons take place in a controlled environment, where your child will be able to pick up skills needed to stay safe in the water as well as excel in the sport of swimming. When searching for a facility to enroll your child in lessons, it is important to look for certain qualities. Below are a few examples of what to look for when searching for a private swim school.

Warm Temperatures

To begin, you want to find a facility that offers warm temperatures. Your child can take swimming lessons during the fall and winter months, as well as spring and summer. You want the water to be temperature controlled to meet the season in which they are taking lessons. The comfort level is important to your child paying attention and learning rather than being uncomfortable in the water.

Reputable Program

It is also important to choose a program that has a solid reputation. Look for reviews online for facilities in your area or ask family and friends if they can recommend a private swim school. Do your research and you will be able to choose a quality facility where your child is guaranteed to learn and have a good experience doing so.


It is also important to consider the scheduling of lessons. Ask the administrative team when lessons are available and make sure they fit around your schedule. You want your child to be able to take part in lessons without it conflicting with school or work. Without scheduling conflicts, your child will be able to attend every lesson and improve upon the skills learned during each session.

Smaller Classes

With private swim schools or private lesson classes are often smaller in size. Your child will not get lost in the shuffle as the instructor will not be bombarded with trying to teach several children how to swim at once. Find out how many kids will be in the class so that you can see to it that your child will receive individual attention for quality learning.

Aquatic Leadership Opportunities

On top of offering swimming lessons, private swim schools can also offer aquatic leadership opportunities. Your child will be able to learn how to swim and excel in the program, then move on to leadership learning as they age. Such skills as first aid along with life-saving techniques are included in class time. There are several stages of aquatic leadership classes and in the end, your child will be certified to act as a lifeguard. This provides an element of safety training for your child as they are in the water but also opportunity for employment or volunteer work as a lifeguard.

Zodiac Swim School provides swimming lessons to help your child learn to be safe in the water. Contact our office today to learn more about what types of programs we can provide for your child based on skill level as well as age.