Swimming Programs for Kids

Swimming is an enriching sport that helps your child learn a lifetime skill, make new friends, and improve their self-confidence. There are different swimming programs for kids that you can find online, but Zodiac Swim School offers comprehensive training and qualified instructors to teach your kids how to swim properly.
The Zodiac Difference
Zodiac Swim School sets itself apart from the competition by offering different swimming programs and experienced instructors that guide children through the program. The instructors make sure that each child does not move up to the next level without mastering the skills of the level they are currently enrolled in. The instructors take time to assist each child on the program and help them learn the basics of swimming.
Zodiac Swim School also offers swimming programs for kidsduring different seasons. If your child is unavailable in the summer, they can join the program during spring, fall, or winter. The swim school are lessons conducted in high quality swimming facilities in Havergal College, Toronto French School, High Park Village, and Forest Hill Collegiate Institute.
Swimming Programs for Kids
Zodiac Swim School has an edge over their competitors because of their diverse swimmingprograms for kids. They have swimming programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level swimmers.
Aquatic Swim Club & Red Cross Swim Kids
The program was designed to help kids learn how to swim and build a solid foundation for the next levels. Swimming techniques and water safety are incorporated into the program. At each level, kids are taught to make safe decisions on, in, and around the water. Kids learn different strokes, and improve their skill on the water using tried and tested swimming techniques.
The swimming programs offered by Zodiac Swim School are further broken down into different tiers based on proficiency and age. There are also swimmingprograms for kids who wish to pursue lifeguarding. For kids who want to achieve higher levels of swimming beyond learning the basics, Zodiac Swim offers a tiered lifeguarding program. The lifeguarding program teaches kids how to make safe decisions for themselves and the person they are trying to rescue. Kids are slowly moved into the next level before they become lifeguards. At each level, kids are taught different swimming strokes, how to stay afloat, submerging in the water, holding their breath, and how to make the right decisions while in the water.
Kids enrolled in the swimming programs are guided every step of the way. An instructor assists them as they submerge in the water, learn new strokes, practice strokes learned, and swim farther distances.

Zodiac Swim School Offers Basic and Advanced Adult Swim Programs

Zodiac Swim School provides swim programs for adults who want to learn the basics of swimming. They also have other tiers for those who have experience swimming but are looking to improve their skills.

Toronto, Ontario (http://zodiacswim.on.ca/)/ May 2014/ — Zodiac Swim School offers adult swim programs aside from its swimming programs for teenagers and toddlers. The program is designed to help adults who were unable to take swimming lessons when they were younger or for adults who want to improve their swimming skills.

The adult swim programs provided by Zodiac Swim School are divided into tiers for participants with no swimming background and for swimmers with little to more experience. Red Cross Swim Basics 1 lays the foundation for swimming and water safety. Participants are taught the basics of swimming such as comfort in the water, flotation, breathing techniques, movement, and learning how to front swim. The swimming techniques taught to beginners include back and front float, shallow water exits and entries, 10m front swim, and back and front glide with kicks. Once a participant is comfortable in the water and knows the basics, he or she can move on to a higher level.

More experienced swimmers can participate in the advanced adult swim programs offered by Zodiac Swim School. The advanced programs build on the swimming foundation that began in the beginner’s program. The program helps participants swim farther without stopping, improve the swimming techniques and movements they have learned, and increase comfort in deep water without assistance.

The Red Cross Swim Basics 2 teaches swimmers new strokes like back swim with shoulder roll, front and back crawl at 15m, sitting dive, kneeling dive, stride dive and front dive, treading water and swim a minimum of 25 metres. In Red Cross Swim Strokes 1 program, swimmers are introduced to breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke and continue developing the front crawl and back crawl. Participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25 metres of front crawl with side breathing. Red Cross Stroke Improvement will focus on stroke improvement drills, technical workouts and basic water safety.

Adults who want to learn how to swim can visit http://zodiacswim.on.ca/ to get more information about the programs provided by Zodiac Swim School.

About Zodiac Swim School and Day Camp

Zodiac Swim School first opened its doors to the community in 1978 and, since that time, has earned the confidence of thousands of families! Countless children and participants have gained aquatic skills, self-confidence and a love of the water through high-quality, low-ratio Zodiac programming. In addition to excellence in aquatics, the Zodiac name also stands for quality and caring in the summer camp industry. Zodiac Day Camp (formerly Zodiac Swim & Specialty Camp) opened in the summer of 1998. Zodiac programs provide an enjoyable, unique and challenging opportunity which strongly appeals to kids and parents alike! We offer age-appropriate programming that will build your child’s self-esteem and confidence and enhance his/her personal growth and development.

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How to Prepare for Adult Swimming Lessons and Stay Motivated

There are a lot of reasons why people give up on learning how to swim. Here are some reasons:
  • They have a fear of the water;
  • They do not feel they need to learn to swim because they live far from any body of water;
  • They have had a traumatic pool experience when they were younger; and/or
  • They did not have access to swim lessons as children.
These days, swim schools and instructors are trying to change all that. The advantages of learning how to swim far outweigh the concerns raised above. After all, it is never too late to learn how to swim. There are individuals who take the plunge even at age 50. There are already adult swimming lessons to address fears and issues of individual adults.
The trend is rising and more adults are starting to get convinced that swimming is a necessary skill to learn.
The number one reason adults choose to go to swimming classes is their kids. Those who grew up dodging all opportunities to learn to swim find themselves feeling helpless around their kids who love playing in the water. In case of an emergency, who would run and rescue a child in trouble? Definitely not the parent who is too afraid to put their head in the water. To know that one is capable of saving a child is enough for an adult to stay motivated. It does not matter whether a family lives near a body of water or if they own a pool or not. Swimming comes in handy especially on holidays.
Adults just need to get over their fear of water and everything else falls into place. Instructors would say that the body is naturally buoyant. An adult just needs to trust his body to do its job and not fight the natural way the body floats when in a relaxed state.
The key is keeping one’s eyes on the prize. A first-time participant in an adult swimming lesson just needs to look ahead and he/she will stay motivated to learn how to swim. He just needs to relax and prepare the mind for the lessons.

Is it the right swim program for you?

Find the right swim program for you based on skill level. Zodiac Swim School offers various programs for all ages.

Swimming is a life skill. Swimming can save lives. These statements are true but a lot of people, including kids, still cannot swim and some cannot even float in the water. Some simply never had the chance to learn. Others have developed a fear of the water. A few are just not interested. If people can just go beyond these reasons and keep in mind that swimming can actually save lives, then more people might realize the importance of swimming to one’s self and to others.

There are swim schools like Zodiac Swim School that makes swimming more interesting. High quality and low-ratio swimming programs are offered at Zodiac Swim School that develop aquatic skills, self-confidence, and love for the water. The programs are for children and adults. This is why a lot of families are encouraged to learn together. There are programs that cater to all ages: from infants to toddlers to teenagers and up to adults. There are levels appropriate for age and skills.

Here are the programs available so you may assess which program fits you or your children:

Toddler Swimming Programs. These programs are designed for infants and toddlers with their caregivers that aim to provide an enjoyable introduction to an aquatic environment. The structure includes enthusiastic play and songs, as well as interactive circle time. Creative and stimulating pool equipment is used to develop skills like hand-eye coordination, roll-overs, breath control, and submersion. The caregivers are the primary facilitators while a swim school instructor leads the class towards individual development. A tadpole program is also available for those whose kids are ready to move on without the help of their caregivers.

Children’s Swimming Programs. The programs are created to provide swimmers with solid and manageable progression of skills from one level to higher ones. The levels are incorporated with tips for decision making skills. The programs aim to point children in the right direction for future skill development if they wish to become instructors and lifeguards as teenagers.

Adult swimming programs. It is never too late to learn how to swim. Zodiac Swim School offers programs for adults even for those who have zero experience in an aquatic environment. The basic program is designed to develop or increase a person’s comfort level. The programs progress as an individual is ready to move on to more advanced strokes and distances.

Swimming is a life long skill. Find the swimming program that best fits your current level, beginner through advanced, because it pays to be able to swim in all kinds of circumstances.