The Convenience and Benefits of Summer Backyard Swim Lessons

When it comes to private swimming lessons, most parents have no idea that options are offered that include backyard learning. Many parents think that swimming lessons must take place in a facility, however, that is not the case. Instructors will offer private lessons in their own home. They may even offer to come to your home if you have a swimming pool, in order to help your child learn how to swim.

Benefits of Backyard Swimming Lessons

There are many benefits associated with backyard swimming lessons. To begin, your child will receive one on one training. This means that your child will learn how to swim at their own pace and have the undivided attention of the instructor. In a group learning environment, many children can fall behind as the instructor must provide attention to each child, instead of one individual. With backyard swimming lessons, your child is able to focus on skills and learning at their own pace, which can lead to better training and overall understanding of each technique.

Backyard swimming lessons are also convenient. When it comes to lessons at a facility, you have to enroll your child for a set time frame and attend classes at a particular time. It can be difficult to meet these requirements and you have to travel to the lesson as well. With backyard swimming lessons, instructors operate on their own time. Because of this, sometimes you have more flexibility to schedule lessons so they meet your scheduling needs.

Overall, your child will be introduced to swimming techniques based on their age and current skill level. Children are able to learn at their own pace and do not feel pressured to move on to the next skill until they master what they are currently working on. In a class setting, children often feel they must move on to the next skill, even if they do not feel fully comfortable with what they have been working on. With individual lessons, the child will be able to work at their own pace and move on when they are ready. This type of learning leads to better mastering swimming skills and self confidence within your child.

If you are considering enrolling your child in swim classes, think about backyard swimming lessons. This may be an option that works better for you as it offers more leniency when it comes to scheduling and one on one learning.

At Zodiac Swim School, backyard swim lessons are available during the summer months via the director’s pool. The benefits of this option include, being able to pay as you go and not being locked into a schedule. Parents are free to schedule lessons around their work times. This convenience is a major reason why parents opt to enroll their kids into the backyard swimming program.

To learn more, contact our office today and inquire about the backyard swimming lessons. Help your child learn at their own pace by scheduling this one on one educational opportunity.

3 Ways to Introduce Summer Camp to Toddlers

Toronto summer camps are a great way to provide your child with something to do during the summer season. For children that are enrolled in school, summer camp is a great way to keep them busy once school is over. However, summer camps for kids are also a good teaching tool for smaller children. Toddlers who will eventually be enrolled in primary school can have fun at summer camp as well and use the opportunity as a way to prepare for a school day with scheduling and making friends. But how do you introduce summer camp to your toddler if they have never been away from home? Below are a few examples to help you prepare your small child for summer camp enrollment.

Talk About Summer Camp

In the months leading up to summer, talk to your child about summer day camp. Explain what they can expect, such as making friends, playing games, sports, etc. Start off by talking just a little about camp and then as the time draws near, find examples to share. Perhaps your child will be attending camp from 9 until 12. Start by talking about camp at 9am, stating this is when you will arrive, and continue to discuss what might take place until lunchtime, when you tell the child this is when you would pick them up. This gives them more of an idea of the time frame for camp as well as what to expect.

Visit the Facility

If you have the ability, visit the facility where camp will take place. They can see the facility and learn where activities take place as well as what to expect. By introducing the place where camp will be for your child, you are taking away one of the unknown factors. Many times, kids feel nervous or scared because a place is new to them. By introducing the camp to your child, they will know where the bathrooms are, their camp classrooms, etc.

Play Day Camp

Another great way to get your child excited about camp is to play pretend. Pick a day when you are not too busy and play like you are at day camp. You can be the counselor and your child will be the camper. By play acting, your child can have a better idea of what to expect from day camp. This is an excellent way to prepare your child and is also fun. Find out what activities camp will offer as well as the schedule so that you can come as close as you can to offering the same type of day. Your child will have a better understanding of camp and feel more comfortable being away from home.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer several day camp options, including camps for toddlers. Easily enroll your child for fun and excitement during the summer months. Contact our office today to find out more about how your toddler can enroll in summer camp.

Debunking 5 Myths about Summer Day Camps in Canada

When it comes to kids summer camps, there are many to choose from. Parents will find that summer camps are offered that focus on particular activities such as swimming or sports while others focus on arts and crafts. Finding the right camp is important so your child can enjoy the summer. Unfortunately, many kids miss out on summer camp in Toronto due to common myths about camp options and regulations. Read on below to learn more about five common myths and what to truly expect from summer camp.

It’s Too Late to Register

With summer quickly approaching, many parents feel that the deadline to register has passed. Never assume that registration is over. Kids can drop out last minute and spots open or registration is extended in order to fill the camp to capacity. In any case, be sure to contact the camp to see if any spots are open. You can even ask for your child to be considered first if a camper were to back out of registration. By contacting the camp directly, you know your options and can plan accordingly.

Camp is Expensive

Many parents feel that summer camp is just too expensive and not affordable. But this is not the case. Most camps are affordable for even the smallest budget, helping your child to attend summer camp, even if just for a half a day. Contact the camps you are interested in and find out about cost, if payment plans are offered or if there is a way to get a discount.

Busy Summer Months

While most parents think that summer is busy for day camp, August is actually a slow month. Parents can easily enroll kids during this month for summer camp or use it as an option for kids who are coming home from overnight camps. Children will be able to enjoy fun activities during the day and camp sizes are often smaller due to lower enrollment.

Only Older Kids Can Enroll

Contrary to popular belief, children of all ages can enroll in summer day camp. Depending on the camp provider, children usually have to be potty trained in order to take part. Look into what age groups are accepted by camp providers to see if your child qualifies. Starting your child off early will help them to become associated with camp and to make new friends.

Is Camp Safe?

Many parents worry about the safety of their child while away at camp. Summer day camps that are of the highest quality will hire only seasoned camp counselors, individuals who understand how to handle any situation, including individuals who are certified in CPR and other life-saving techniques. You can rest assured that camps such as those offered by Zodiac Day Camp provide counselors who are trained and can easily assist your child should an accident occur.

Contact our office today to see how Zodiac Day Camp can help your child have a fun and interesting summer. Camps are offered for all ages and include multiple activities insuring your child has an enjoyable time while away from home.

5 Helpful Items For Your Child to have with them at Summer Day Camp

When you enroll your child in summer day camp you can expect that they will have a great deal of fun. The summer months can be long as your child is used to going to school and staying busy. With summer day camp, your child has an option for activities for a few hours each day they go. By staying busy, your child is active and able to expend energy, which helps them to sleep at night and not be stir crazy at home! If this is the first time you have enrolled a child in day camp, you might be unsure as to what they need to bring for camp. While each camp is different, you will find the suggestions pretty universal when it comes to camp needs.


For most camps, lunch and snacks are not provided. You will need to check with the camp to see exactly what your child would need and what options or restrictions are in place for lunch/snacks. You want to avoid sending any foods that might be associated with allergies among other campers and send items that are considered appropriate based on camp standards.

Swimming Gear

If your child will be attending camp where swimming will take place, you want to be sure to send their swimming gear. This would include a swimsuit of course and a towel but you may also need to send earplugs, swim cap and goggles depending on your child and the camp. Be sure to find out what is required before camp.

Change of Clothes

Accidents tend to happen, especially when small children are involved. Be sure to send an extra set of clothes for your child, to be kept in a cubby or backpack, while your child is at camp. This way, if an accident occurs or they spill food on themselves during lunch, they have the ability to change clothes and remain comfortable for the remainder of the day.

Comfortable Shoes

Since it is the summer, you might be set on allowing your child to wear open toe shoes such as sandals and flip-flops to camp. This is not the best idea. You want your child to have comfortable shoes on so they can take part in fun activities like basketball, tag, etc.

Comfort Items

If you are sending a small child to camp, you might want to see if comfort items are allowed. Small children tend to lean on small stuffed animals or blankets for comfort. While away at day camp, it might be a good idea to bring such items, if allowed, so your child can begin to feel comfortable with the new environment while away from home.

Overall, you need to check with camp counselors or the director to see what is allowed at the camp your child is enrolled in. You want to be sure that your child is prepared and has what they need to enjoy a quality time at camp.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer only the best camp options from swimming programs to day camps. Contact our office today to see what camps we have available and register your child for a fun and exciting summer.

Summer Camps Let Kids Learn Practical Skills, Play and Relax

Summer programs for kids are a great way for parents to keep children active and happy. Summer camps offer many different options and provide quality playtime, relaxation and the learning of practical skills. As your child takes part in summer camp, you will see them blossom into someone who is confident and excited about learning while enjoying being busy. Read on below to learn just how summer camp provides learning opportunities as well as time for play and relaxation.

Learning through Activities

To begin, your child will be learning through every activity they take part in. Activities can range from sports to science to arts and crafts. Take sports for an example, children will be able to learn teamwork as well as how to get along with others. Science and discovery programs help kids learn how to solve problems as well as learn more about the world around them. By taking part in such activities, your child will be able to open their mind to new subjects as well as find new interests along the way.

Fun Play Time

During summer camp, kids have plenty of time to just be kids. From swimming to dance, drama and more, there are a host of activities that will keep kids busy and entertained. Providing large amounts of play time helps kids to use up some energy and have fun at the same time. Play time at summer camp is super fun because kids have other children their own age to take part in exciting activities with.


Kids have time to relax. There is quiet time as well as group activity time where kids are able to socialize with others and make friends. Many children find that they make lifelong friends simply by getting to know their fellow campers. Having some down time to relax at camp, helps to keep the children happy.  This makes pick up time easier on the parents.

Overall, there are many benefits to summer camp for kids. By allowing your child to attend camp, they have the ability to enjoy activities, make friends and keep busy. There are plenty of camp options and you should easily be able to find the right summer camp program for your child no matter their age or interest.

Zodiac Day Camp is a quality institution that offers a wealth of summer camp programs for children of all ages. By contacting our office today, you will be able to find out more about our programs and find the perfect fit for your child to attend summer camp this season. Be sure to explore your options and plan a great summer for your children!

Day Camps for Your Budding Artist

When it comes to summer programs for kids, there are many to choose from. As the parent, it is important to choose a camp that includes activities that your child enjoys. If your child likes to play sports, then of course a camp that specializes in sports activities would be ideal. If your child is more interested in arts and crafts, than creativity programs would be more ideal. Let’s take the budding artist example and learn what your child can enjoy when attending summer camp programs.


A camp that focuses on creativity will feature a number of artistic activities to help the children come out of their shell and express themselves. The standard option offered on the subject of creativity is arts and crafts, but this subject can span throughout several activities. Your child will be able to paint, draw and colour, exploring their imagination along the way.

Children can also have access to unique creativity activities such as sculpting, theater, music, and dance. Your child may come home and have found a brand new activity that they love and want to continue to enjoy year after year.


It is important, especially for young children, to explore their imagination. Children need to be able to discuss what they are thinking and feeling, learning more about bringing their imagination to life. With creativity classes during summer camp, your child is invited to be silly and spread their imagination as far as it will go.

By giving such freedom, your child will begin to have a renewed sense of self confidence. A child that can use their imagination and put their ideas to practice, is able to make friends easily and feel good about themselves.

It is important that children who love being artistic have an outlet to express themselves. For the most part, sports take priority when it comes to activities offered at school or in after school programs. With special art related summer camps, your child has a place that fits their creativity needs as well as provides an outlet for them to be creative and explore.

When your child shows an interest in arts and crafts, let them explore. Look for summer camp programs that feature the art subjects they are interested in but also encourage your child to try new things. When they are able to try new and exciting activities in the art realm, they will be more encouraged to try new things and express their creativity and imagination.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we want to provide an outlet for creativity within your child. We offer several programs for children of all ages to be able to enjoy the arts. From arts and crafts to dance and drama, we offer specialized programs that meet the needs of little creative beings. Let us help your child explore their creativity and let their imaginations soar. Contact our office today to find out what programs we have to offer that will meet the creative needs of your child.

Summer Camp Activities to Keep Kids Busy and Learning

How Day Camps Can Be A Positive Influence in Youth Development

Sending your child off to summer camp means they will have the opportunity to learn and grow, making friends and enjoying fun activities along the way. Summer camp activities range from arts and crafts to sports, giving every child something to enjoy. When you enroll your child in summer camp, be it half day, full day or overnight, find out what activities will be offered to see what your child might be interested in. Below are 5 summer camp categories full of activities that every child is sure to enjoy.


One category where children can learn as well as have fun is with creativity. With painting, drawing, culinary, music, dance, fashion, and more, your child will have many ways in which they can express themselves. As the parent, you will be able to see your child’s new artistic talents and have plenty of artwork for the fridge!


Children love to discover and explore. With the discovery category, you will find there are many activities your child can be involved in from science experiments, robotics, creatures, technology  to nature and outdoor adventure. Your child will be opening their mind to a new way of learning by taking part in discovery programs.


One of the most popular categories, as far as kids are concerned, is sports. Summer camps offer a variety of sports so children have a wide variety of options to choose from. The most popular sports including swimming, basketball, baseball and soccer. Your child can learn how to play a new sport or expand their skills in sporting activities that they already enjoy.

Variety Programs

For your child to be able to see and do it all, consider a summer camp that offers variety programs. With variety programs, you will find that the camp is offering a collection of activities fitting into several categories including discovery, creativity, sports and more. Your child will have a collective grouping of activities to take part in, learning new things that they love as well as things that they might not like so much. Having a variety means that your child is introduced to new things and learns how to make decisions and how to get along well with others by taking part in group activities.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer a wide range of camp activities. Your child will easily be able to find a program that they enjoy, finding options that include sports, creativity, discovery and more. Contact our office today to find out what programs we offer that fit the age range of your child as well as activities they enjoy. We are happy to help you find a camp program that is perfect for your little one.

Building Future Leaders: How Day Camps actually develop Leadership skills

Attending day camp provides your child with an outlet for their energy as well as a chance to make new friends, learn new skills and just have fun. But what many parents do not know is that day camps actually help your child to develop leadership skills in a variety of ways. Read on to see how day camp is helping to build future leaders in our children.

Starting Early

From an early age, children are taught what it is like to be a leader. Your child will take part in group activities in which leadership skills are taught as well as be asked to assist counselors with simple tasks. Children are praised for a job well done which leads them to want to continue learning new skills and advancing leadership qualities.

Team activities

During day camp, children will take part in team activities such as baseball, soccer, swimming, dance and more. During these sports activities, children will be able to learn new skills and find which sports they excel in. Take for example swimming. If your child begins to excel in swimming, they can use what they have learned to help others, which helps to form leadership skills. Helping others to do better is an essential leadership skill that will help your child as they enter their teenage years and well into adulthood.

Leadership Camps

Many facilities, such as Zodiac Day Camp, offers day camps for kids that specialize in leadership training. Your child can take part in specialized leadership and development programs  to learn particular skills that can be used later on in life in positions such as a babysitter, camp counselor or lifeguard.

Babysitting courses and home alone courses help your child to be better equipped to handle such activities as looking after smaller children or staying home alone while you are at work. These classes are open to preteens and teenagers, helping them to build leadership skills to take charge.

Other advanced leadership courses  include First Aid classes and lifesaving courses. Your child will be able to take a class based on their skill level and then build upon their skills to be ready to become a camp counselor or lifeguard. These skills are useful to your child in many ways including water safety, first aid assistance and building leadership skills that can be used in the future.

From a young age, children can be introduced to summer day camps and learn skills and qualities that are beneficial to being a great leader. At a young age, children begin to learn how to work well with others and complete group tasks during activities. As the child attends summer camp each year, they are introduced to leadership activities and learn even more skills that will help them become productive adults in society, along with simply having fun!

At Zodiac Day Camp, we can provide your child with quality summer camp programs where they can make friends, learn new skills and have fun. Contact our office today to learn more about the programs we offer that will meet the needs of your child.

Interesting Facts about Day Camp Parents may not know

When signing your child up for summer day camp, you know that they will be enjoying a host of activities such as sports, swimming, crafts and more. While you may get the gist of what summer camp can provide, there is most likely a few things that you do not know. Below we have gathered a few interesting facts to help you see just how fun and exciting, as well as beneficial summer day camp can be.

Skills Learned are Beneficial in High School and Beyond

There are many things that kids will learn in camp, from participating in sports to arts & crafts. With each activity, children are gaining several skills. Leadership, self-confidence and more. Children are able to learn what activities are of interest to them, which can be continued throughout the year as an after school activity which may turn into a long term interest. Consider this. If your child gains an interest in swimming, they can add to their skill level while at summer day camp. Their skills can be used in later years to try out for a swim team which could even result in a swimming scholarship in college.

Camp Counselors

Many summer day camps train pre-teens and teenagers to be camp counselors. When your child is small, they will develop relationships with their counselors and may want to train when they get older. Being a counselor gives your child childcare experience, an opportunity to be a team player, a role model, and take on a leadership role, ,many qualities that schools and future employers look for.

Discounts on Registration

For many parents, they never considered that summer day camp is affordable and that discounts can exist. Look for summer camps that offer discounts for early signups or other means of cutting down on the cost of camp. You will find that registration takes place during a certain time period so you will need to meet this requirement in order to take advantage of the discount. When paired together with other discounts that may exist including, pay by cash or cheque, multi-session, or other loyalty discounts, the total savings can really pay off.

Lasting Friendships

You know that your kids will make friends during summer camp but attending year after year means they will have the opportunity to build friendships that last a lifetime. Your child will be able to enjoy playing with kids their own age who have similar interests and take part in the same activities. Watch your child increase their social skills and gain new friends as they enjoy going to summer camp.


At Zodiac Day Camp, we provide several options for summer day camp. We have programs for children of all ages starting in the toddler stage and ranging to the teenage years. We can offer your child activities for the summer months, keeping them busy and engaged. To learn more about our programs, contact our office today. We look forward to providing you and your child with fun and exciting activities this summer.

Summer Camp Activities that Help Build Your Child’s Confidence

During summer camp, children will take part in a variety of activities ranging from sports to arts & crafts. Kids will learn leadership skills, patience and how to get along well with others. Children will also be able to use the summer camp activities to build self-confidence, even if they do not realize they are doing so. Take a look at the activities below and see how your child can build confidence with such activities offered during summer day camp.


Many sports games are played during summer camp. From basketball to baseball and swimming, any sporting activity can help your child build confidence. As your child learns how to play a sport, they will find confidence in themselves through the skills they learn. From dribbling the basketball to learning how to float on their back in the swimming pool, such skills help to build your child’s self-confidence.

Arts & Crafts

Children who enjoy being creative will be able to open their mind to new possibilities when taking part in arts & crafts classes at summer camp. Children will be able to express themselves in a new way which can help them feel more confident in showcasing their feelings and ideas in art form.

Cooking Classes

Some summer camps offer cooking classes which can be beneficial in building self-confidence. Cooking classes allows your child to learn how to read recipes and create new cuisine. After your child finishes a recipe and tastes their work, they will feel more confident in cooking which helps to build an overall confidence.

Leadership Classes

For older children, leadership classes may be available via summer camp programs. Your child will be able to build self-confidence by taking part counsellor-in-training programs.  As your child works alongside others to learn safety measures and working with children your child will begin to build confidence in knowing they can react as needed.

During summer camp, your child will also be socializing with others. Often times, children gain confidence by learning from others. While your child will be able to be more confident by taking part in activities, they will also learn to feel confident by dealing with other children. Making friends and meeting new people can be cause for anxiety. As your child begins to meet others, they will build confidence with their people skills which is helpful as they grow older and become an adult.

Choose one of the many programs offered at Zodiac Day Camp to help your child build confidence in themselves. Through activities and making friends, your child will learn that they can do anything they put their mind to. Find out more about the many programs we offer by contacting our office today. We are excited to offer a variety of programs to assist you this summer!