Zodiac Day Camp Offers Some Great Discounts!

Learn the advantages of summer camps and positive effects they have. Zodiac Day camps are designed for children to have fun and reach their full potential.

Swimming is an excellent physical activity that does wonders for the body in the long run. It is one of the few sports that requires humans to get away from the solid ground and cope in a completely new environment. As for kids, it’s been known to help not only with an array of medical conditions but also improve general health over the course of maturing into an adult. As important as it is, parents often don’t have the time or resources to send their children to regular swimming lessons. This is where summer camp might be the perfect way to combine both, and Zodiac Day Camp was designed specifically for that purpose.

Not all children do well in water or with other kids, but at the very least, they are given the opportunity to explore those areas of themselves in order to fully mature both on the inside and out. That is why it is Zodiac Day Camps mission to provide parents with the opportunity to give their children a chance to develop and progress at their own pace.

Zodiac fully understands the cost of raising a family along with the importance of providing high quality programs that will give you and your children the aquatic safety skills required. Both  Zodiac Swim School and Zodiac Day Camp are synonymous with children not only having fun but reaching their full potential. However, for those who would like to save money, but not lose on either of the aforementioned experiences, there is a perfect way to combine the two. Enrolling your children early for swimming lessons at the Zodiac Swim School now comes with a discount for parents who would also like to get their kids into the Zodiac Day Camp program. If you are registering more than one child there are also discounts available so be sure to contact us about all the saving opportunities available.

Swimming lessons and socializing with peers have one hugely important thing in common:

Both are healthy activities that cater to children’s interests in more ways than one. If you think about it, enrolling your kids in swimming lessons will not only make their water skills improve; it will also give them the confidence necessary to tackle far greater challenges in life. Similarly, interacting with their peers and learning how to handle small conflicts will teach them to make wise decisions on the spot, as well as live with the consequences of unwise ones. This is also a good thing, as it shows how to take responsibility for one’s actions.

Zodiac Swim School has all of this in mind and invites parents who are looking for a safe and proven reputation of top-notch personalized service to capitalize on this wonderful opportunity.


Kids Love Summer Camp! Register Early To Guarantee Your Spot

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Summer day camps have numerous benefits for both children and parents. It’s where kids can socialize with their friends and meet other kids.

Being young and careless is arguably one of the best parts of life. Having adults by your side to take care of all the important things like money, food, bills and the like means kids are able to spend most of their time having fun and playing. Of course, one of the most important parts of growing up is learning to coexist with others and building friendships and social relationships from an early age. And when it comes to this social component, there’s no better place to learn it than kids’ summer camps.

Summer camps for kids have been around literally forever.

They have numerous benefits for both children and parents, which is why they’ve grown to become a staple in the process of growing up for countless children worldwide. Kids of all ages get to spend quality time not just getting to know and playing with other children, many of whom they otherwise wouldn’t have gotten acquainted with, but more importantly, elders who run the camps offer both supervision and mentorship.  

On the other hand, sending kids to summer camp is often a welcome break for parents from having to be the programmers and daily supervisors. Finding a camp that offers a varied program with activities their kids will enjoy means parents can sit back and relax. Therefore, summer camps are a win-win situation for both the kids and parents.

The only trouble is summer camps fill up really quickly. That is why it makes perfect sense to register early and avoid disappointing not only your kids but your spouse and yourself as well. Remember – being the world’s greatest dad or mom often goes hand-in-hand with being the world’s best husband or wife. Register for camp early to ensure you remain both.

There’s also another upside to early registration: not only does it guarantee your kids’ spot, but early registration, in the majority of cases, comes with a discount. Which means planning ahead for these situations actually saves you money. What better way to get the most out of a situation where you’re making everybody happy?

If you’re aiming to give your children the best possible memories of their younger days call Zodiac today to register early.  At Zodiac Day Camp they will help your kids grow into responsible, independent and happy individuals.

Why Swimming Year-Round Helps Your Child from a Scientific Perspective

Learn the Scientific Facts Behind Year-Round Swimming Lessons. Swimming programs for kids are a great way for your child to learn skills to swim effectively.

Swimming is a fun activity that children and adults enjoy. The activity is even more enjoyable when you know how to swim. Swimming programs for kids are a great way for your child to learn the skills to swim effectively, being safe in the water and having fun at the same time. For most parents, they feel swimming lessons should be completed in the spring or summer months due to the weather. However, lessons can be taken year-round and provide a ton of benefits. Below are a few examples as to how swimming can benefit your child throughout the year.

Whole Child Development

Swimming benefits your child physically, but did you know it also helps to improve the development of your child’s mind and emotions? Many studies have been conducted that show children who swim year-round with lessons from instructors will do better academically and have stronger problem-solving skills than those who don’t. Swimmers also tend to be more self-disciplined and have a higher sense of self-esteem.

Motor Skill Improvement

Younger swimmers have shown an improved development of motor skills with consistent training. Swimming helps to promote strong grasping techniques as well as better balance. When a smaller child starts to participate in swim classes, they will be able to increase these motor skills and perform other activities even better. You may find that your child is able to walk, pull themselves up and balance easier after they have completed a few swimming lessons.

Cognitive Development

Physical development as well as cognitive development increases with the introduction of swimming lessons. Children tend to even have higher IQs based on what they learn and practice during swimming lessons. Brain development also increases as the child is learning by the stimulation from swimming in the water.

Learning Potential Increased Plus Memory Capabilities

Swimming sure does have an impact on the brain of a child, especially when completed on a continual basis. Exercise has already been proven to improve memory so, with swimming, children are helping their memory which boosts their learning potential. Regular exercise will increase the neurons to the hippocampus, which is the area that is associated with the brain. A study by the University of Pittsburgh discovered that individuals who are in shape have a larger hippocampus than individuals who are not as fit.

Social Skills

Children who enjoy a physical activity like swimming will also be able to establish stronger social skills. Your child will learn how to listen to the instructor, take turns with others and share. Cooperation is also needed in order to complete tasks with others. Even the smallest of children learn how to adapt to situations socially via swimming lessons.

At Zodiac Swim School, we provide the perfect outlet for your child to learn how to swim and build on the skills learned year-round. We offer swimming classes for all ages and are happy to help your child learn to swim, building upon emotional, physical and mental health along the way. Contact our office today to learn more about the swimming lessons we have available.

A Little About Zodiac’s Summer Day Camps in Toronto

Learn more about what Zodiac Day Camp can offer you and your child. Zodiac is a top provider of summer camp for kids in Toronto with options for children.

Summer camp in Toronto is a great option for kids to stay busy when school is out of session. During summer camp, children can enjoy daily activities such as arts & crafts, music, sports and more. Zodiac Day Camp is a top provider of summer camp for kids in Toronto with day camp options for children of all ages as well as an actual summer overnight camp. Learn more about what they can provide below.

Camp Tamarack

An overnight camp option that is known as Camp Tamarack. At Camp Tamarack, children will be able to enjoy an overnight camping experience on a private lake located in Muskoka. Each year,campers are introduced to the new overnight experience, with quality facilities and a multi-faceted program.

Taste of Tamarack weekends offers children the ability to get to know what the summer camp is all about. The three day, two-night event takes place on the weekend and is offered to 6 to 11-year-olds. Campers get to know what daily camp life is all about and soon ask their parents to be involved in longer sessions.


During Camp, children can take part in four categories of activity; Land, Water, Arts and Extreme. In each category, children will have access to a number of fun activities where they can get to know other campers and have a good time. In the Land category, children have access to such activities as golf, hockey, gymnastics, self-defense and more. In the Water category, children can enjoy swimming, water skiing, water trampoline and many more activities involving water. The Arts category allows campers to harness their creativity with such activities as music, ceramics, cooking, and dance. The Extreme category is the smallest of the camp and offers climbing, mountain biking, and ropes courses. Each of these activities will provide hours of entertainment for your child as they have fun at camp.

Day Camp Options

If your child is not ready for overnight camps, Zodiac Day Camp also offers day camp options, half and three-quarter days for younger campers and full day options for older campers . Camps are offered for various age groups as well as based on activity. Take for example the Creative Kidz program. With this program, children have access to the arts. Children enjoy painting, culinary, jewellry, music and more while learning, sharing and getting to know other campers.

Day camp is a great way to introduce your child to a camp environment. From the toddler age, children can become accustomed to camp life, then move on to experience overnight camp as they age. The child is able to transition well in an environment where they can express themselves and have fun during the summer months.

To learn more about Zodiac Day Camp and all the options offered please contact us today. Information can be provided based on your child’s age and interests.

What Makes a Good Summer Camp Leader?

Toronto summer camps offer children an exciting option for fun and activities during the summer months. When children take part in summer camp, be it overnight or day camp, they are introduced to camp counselors. These counselors will be responsible for the safety of your child during camp hours as well as creating relationships and memories that can last a lifetime. Summer camps look for particular individuals with characteristics that help to shape the young minds into the adults of tomorrow. Below are a few factors that are considered to be qualities that make a good leader.


First of all, a good summer camp leader needs to be friendly and mild-mannered. Working with kids can be difficult so the leader needs to be able to handle difficult situations in a calm manner. Camp counselors that are friendly are more likely to handle difficult situations with ease and are well liked by the children at camp.

Leadership Skills

A good leader at summer camp will also possess quality leadership skills. Leaders will have the ability to talk to others and see campers following through with instructions and activities. Leadership skills such as building self-confidence and encouraging others are key factors to being a good summer camp counselor. Kids need to feel empowered and encouraged to take part in activities offered at camp. Individuals with good leadership skills will be able to provide such encouragement and ensure the kids try new activities and have fun.

Works Well with Other Camp Counselors

A camp leader has to be able to work well with others, even difficult people. A good summer camp leader will be ready to communicate with others.. Communication is key to solving issues at camp between campers as well as other counselors. A good leader needs to be able to help others make decisions and work out issues without causing more controversy. Counselors need to feel confident in their peers and know that the right decisions are being made.


Another quality feature of a good leader is fairness. One should always work to be fair when taking on a leadership role. As the leader, an individual will be responsible for making major decisions. Camp counselors as well as campers need to know that the leader will be fair in their decision making and that no one will be treated better than anyone else. Fairness is important because if one is considered a fair leader, then others will show respect in the decision making process.

Overall, these are a few qualities a summer camp leader should possess. With these qualities, the leader will help drive the summer camp to success.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we make sure our camp counselors have quality leadership skills and know how to handle any situation. We want our campers to be protected by counselors who have the skills to promote self-confidence and self-esteem. Contact our office today to learn more about the camp options we offer.

Summer Day Camp Programs that are perfect for your creative child

When it comes to summer camp in Toronto, parents will find there are many options for kids to enjoy. But how do you choose the right summer camp for your child? It is important to take note of what activities your child enjoys. Are they creative? If so, your child will have plenty of options for summer camp. You can choose a specialized program that features a particular activity such as music or theater or go for a program that is well-rounded, exposing your child to a variety of activities. Read on to find the right programs for your creative child.

Creative Expression

When you find that your child loves to draw and paint, then they are expressing their creative side. A camp that specializes in creativity will be the perfect choice for your child to enjoy activities after school is over. With camp counselors on hand, your child will be exposed to activities to help them explore their creativity through a variety of mediums including paint, sculpting, drawing, etc.

Kids love to be creative and get their hands dirty, but in many cases, parents worry about the mess or question what type of activities to provide. At camps that offer creative programs, such as Creative Kidz via Zodiac Day Camp, children have access to several art variations including printmaking, mixed media, decoupage, sand art and more.

Additional Programming Types

When parents think of a creative camp, they often think art is the only subject considered. However, it is not the only option when it comes to being creative. Kids can be creative in the kitchen and taking part in a culinary program is a perfect solution. Children can learn more about nutrition as well as food prep, kitchen safety and how to prepare a meal, not to forget, table manners!

Another area of creativity lies in dance. With dance classes at camp, children can learn how to develop their own creativity as well as self-expression. Children gain more self-confidence and simply have fun.

Fashion and design are additional aspects involved in camp programming. Campers can learn how to make clothes and jewelry, showing their creativity in the process. Children can learn how to sew, sketch and design, exploring art in this manner.


Many times, creativity can also be found with exploration. Other camp programs can include such subjects as magic or nature. With magic, children learn how to take everyday items and use them to create illusions. Exposing kids to science and the outdoors can also open the creative floodgates and have children thinking like they never have before.

Overall, summer camp can be a quality creative outlet. At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer several programming options to give your child activities to enjoy. Our Creative Kidz program is perfect for finding the right activity for your child with specialized programs based on creative subjects. Contact our office today to find out more about our programs offered and learn how to enroll your child in an upcoming session.