The Difference Between Traditional Summer Camps to Overnight Stays

Traditional kids summer camps are different from overnight stays. Find out what makes them unique by reading on.

Between parents talking on the sidelines at little league, news and emails, it can be a real challenge to sift through the barrage of information regarding different types of camps. Often enough, it is tricky to see the difference between fact and fiction. It’s no secret that summer camps for kids are a beneficial experience that has many upsides. However, how do you make the decision between day camps and overnight stays? Which should you opt for? Well, the following examples are some myths you’d be wise to debunk before making your decision.

  • Overnight camps are reserved only for the rich
  • My child will be better off at a specialty camp rather than a traditional overnight camp
  • An overnight camp experience of one week is the best way to ease into such a stay

There Are Different Kids Summer Camps With Overnight Stays

In reality, you should have no trouble finding a good summer camp for kids that offers overnight stays at a reasonable cost. There are many options available that can fit into any budget. The best part is, this is where it really pays to think and plan ahead. In other words, many camps offer not only financial aid, but also early enrollment discounts. For example, Zodiac Day Camp offers multiple early registration discounts. You’re able to save significant funds by registering more than one child for any of the programs they offer. Zodiac also offers an easy registration process that saves time, making it ideal for your kids’ summer adventures.

Specialty Summer Camps Are Better Than Traditional Camps

Not necessarily. And here’s why: specialty sports camps focus on teaching children technical skills. On the other hand, traditional summer camps are designed to teach children independence, physical activity, environmental care and other valuable life lessons. Children typically attend these specific camps to hone their skills for one sport, as opposed to traditional camps that focus on being part of a community. There are pros and cons to both options, however you know your child best and whether its a sports camp for your child’s first overnight stay or a traditional camp it is always a good idea to attend with a friend. That may help break the ice of being away from home for the first time.  

It’s Enough That The First Overnight Camp Experience Lasts A Week

In order to feel successful about a particular kids summer camp experience, children need a chance to feel homesick. Additionally, they also need to learn to go through the feeling of nostalgia with individual coping mechanisms and the help of counselors. For some children one week is barely enough time for them to find their way around the camp, let alone successfully cope with missing their home and parents. There are several options that overnight camps offer that range from 7 – 14 night stays. It again depends on your child but it’s great to give them ample opportunities to become immersed in the daily routine of the new and safe place, build strong friendships and feel good about doing something completely on their own.

Camps provide children with an all-important life lesson most don’t acquire at home from an early age: independence. However, many parents are overprotective and set their children up for failure even before they manage to go off to camp. Many believe they aren’t even able to afford camps. If that’s your concern, rest assured that Zodiac Day Camp not only offers multiple early registration discounts that preserve the family budget but is also an adventure in which your children will thrive and unleash their inner selves to the fullest. Register early and take advantage of the opportunity.

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