Attending Swimming Lessons This Winter Has More Benefits Than You Think!

Swimming lessons can be beneficial to your kids in more ways than one. Continue reading and find out what they are.

Families typically spend time in the water during summer months. This makes perfect sense, as the outside temperatures often mean being in the water is a good way to escape the heat. Also, while in the water, kids find themselves in a new environment that is equally beneficial to their health. However, many parents are quick to pull their children out of water as winter comes. This is not the best course of action, as winter swim lessons are equally healthy and beneficial for kids.

The following are just several of the many benefits of winter swim lessons for children:

  • Swimming in winter can help kids with cabin fever
  • Winter swimming helps keep kids active during the cold season
  • Swim lessons in winter complement swimming in the summer, which provides continuity

Curing Cabin Fever With Winter Swimming Lessons

During the long winter months, it’s quite common for both adults and children to become restless. Only so many hours of entertainment are available from indoor activities like video games and reading. Soon enough, children begin to feel the urge to actively play, jump and run around. During swim lessons, however, kids are able to burn off all that excess energy that gets built up. Additionally, they also get to go out, interact with their instructors and see their friends. All in all, winter swim lessons are not only beneficial for kids in the long run, but they also give the entire family a reason to go out and stay active!

Staying Active During The Cold Season With Swimming Lessons

It is widely recommended that both adults and children spend at least 60 minutes daily performing various types of physical activities. However, parents often find themselves struggling to keep their kids active. This goes especially for winter months when fewer hours of daylight and colder outside temperatures limit outdoor playtime. As a result, families, and children, in particular, lead more sedentary lifestyles in the winter. One solution is weekly swimming lessons. They guarantee that children are going to remain physically active on a weekly basis. Swimming is an excellent exercise for kids because it carries a low risk of injury and works most of the body’s major muscle groups at the same time.

Winter Swimming Lessons Provide Continuity

It’s common knowledge that summer swimming classes help build strong water safety and swimming skills kids often require. However, when the summer ends and parents pull their kids out of the water for the winter, it creates a gap. By the time kids get back in the water next summer, it takes some getting used to in order to get back to the skills they honed last year. That’s where winter swim lessons come in. They provide continuity so that children are able to better retain their water skills. Eventually, with such a year-round approach, children are able to move on to mastering more advanced skills faster. Basically, the more they learn and practice in winter and spring, the more confident and safer they feel in the water during summer.

Overall, swimming is an activity that does wonders for both the body and mind. But, as with any activity, it requires continuity in order to allow someone to truly excel at it. Without a doubt, Zodiac Swim School is the absolute best choice for both your kids’ swim lessons and your own.  Zodiac is home to swim training programs that cater to all levels of swimmers and teach different styles and techniques of swimming and water safety. Contact Zodiac Swim School today, winter is coming and you’d be wise to book early!


Walking On Thin Ice! How Keeping Up With Winter Swim Lessons Is Beneficial

Freezing cold water is dangerous; this is the reason why you should consider swim school lessons to prepare for such eventuality. Continue reading.

Winter accidents and injuries almost always include ice or snow in some form. When it comes to ice, a particular danger is ice surfaces that cover large bodies of water. Should you fall through thin ice this winter, you’ll be faced with a life-threatening situation. Freezing cold water is a particularly dangerous environment, which is why swim lessons are a good way to prepare for such an eventuality. In the meantime, here are some tips for staying safe on ice this winter:

  • Children playing on/near ice should always be supervised;
  • Avoid driving on ice if you can. If you have to, form an escape plan;
  • Steer clear of alcohol;
  • Always carry safety equipment wherever you go;
  • Always wear a lifejacket or thermal protection buoyant suit;
  • Steer clear of river ice;
  • Always bring someone along if going on ice;
  • Don’t travel on ice when it’s snowing or at night;
  • Use several different locations to measure ice thickness;
  • Only use designated ice surfaces.

Swim School Lessons Can Mean The Difference Between Life And Death

  1. Adult supervision or at least a companion is necessary in order to maintain the safety of children playing on or near ice surfaces.
  2. An escape plan involves turning on your lights, unlocking your doors and even opening your windows to allow for a quick way to escape your vehicle. Another thing you could do is slightly open your door and unfasten your seatbelt for the same purpose.
  3. In addition to speeding up the onset of hypothermia, alcohol negatively affects your reaction time, coordination and overall judgment.
  4. If you have a backpack, make sure to pack a small personal safety kit containing a cellphone, fire starter kit, whistle, compass and pocket knife. Additionally, you could also pack some rope and ice picks.
  5. If you don’t own a thermal protection buoyant suit, make sure to wear a lifejacket over your layered winter clothing. This will increase your chances of survival. Again, swim school lessons might prove a worthy investment in such situations.
  6. Moving water can very quickly change ice thickness. As a result, ice can be much thinner in places that have moving water, such as rivers or even narrows where one lake flows into another.
  7. Before you leave shore, let someone know of your destination and expected time of return. A companion could prove life-saving by either helping you out of the freezing water or getting help.
  8. You shouldn’t travel on ice when it’s snowing or at night because that’s when you’re most likely to drive onto an open or weak area of ice.
  9. Ice thickness is affected by local conditions such as water depths and currents. Be particularly careful of white ice, which has snow or air trapped inside it.
  10. Always make sure to use only designated outdoor ice surfaces. These are maintained and tested regularly by knowledgeable personnel and are safe for recreational activities.

Zodiac Swim School Is Where You Want To Be

Ultimately, remember that even the most cautious of people sometimes have bad luck of encountering thin ice. That is why it is wise to expect the best but still, prepare for the worst. Preparing for the worst means preparing for the possibility of falling through ice into freezing cold water. Surviving in such conditions depends on a number of factors, most notably your swimming skills. Zodiac Swim School offers seasoned instructors and a number of programs that cater to all levels of swimmers, from beginner to experienced. Remember, it is never too late to learn or even brush up on your swimming skills.

Zodiac Swim School: Looking To Be A Lifeguard?

Improve your swimming skills by enrolling in swimming lessons. Zodiac Swim School is perfect for obtaining both.

Being a lifeguard isn’t just a summer job that involves sitting at a lifeguard tower and working on your tan while beach or pool goers fend for themselves in and out of the water. Being a lifeguard carries immense responsibility with it – after all, you will be guarding someone’s life. In order to gain experience in the water, it would be a good idea to enroll in swimming lessons to improve your skills as much as possible.

Zodiac Swim School is home to a number of different swimming programs, all of which offer not only expert knowledge of the water and how to conquer it, but also the techniques and methods necessary to act in emergency situations. Particularly situations in which another person’s life may depend on the assistance you provide them. Lifeguarding is not just a job for the summer; it is an ideal opportunity for teenagers and those who are naturally comfortable in and around the water to work towards certification and obtain expert training in order to truly know how to respond in various life-threatening situations.

If you’ve ever watched and enjoyed the 2017 remake of Baywatch (based on the popular 90’s TV show) and felt inspired to become someone who makes a difference in bodies of water, becoming a lifeguard is the perfect way to achieve that. You have the option of preparing for next summer by enrolling in one of Zodiac Swim School swimming programs and obtaining great knowledge and professional training worthy of Mitch Buchanan’s No.2.

For example, kids are now taking the Zodiac Learn To Swim Program, followed by the Lifesaving levels:

Bronze Medallion with Emergency First aid, Bronze Cross with Standard First Aid and the National Lifeguard. Join them and do your part in keeping beaches and pools across the country safe and accident-free. Lifeguards are trained to always be alert and aware of what is going on around them.  As difficult and challenging as lifeguard training is, it’s more than worth it. Saving a human life has no price tag.

Moreover, aspiring lifeguards should take note of the fact that the swimming programs at Zodiac Swim School are but a stepping stone on the road to truly making a difference; a significant stepping stone. However, if you’re going to learn something from the very basics, you might as well start at a place where those basics are taught thoroughly and expertly.

The Important Role A Lifeguard Plays At The Pool

Zodiac Swim School has programs for kids of all ages to learn swimming basics to even training to be a lifeguard.

Hanging out at the pool is always fun and a good way to spend a day. However, as with any outing that involves bodies of water, natural or manmade, there are dangers that lurk when people become distracted or careless, especially if there are children or non-swimmers around. The same happens with lifeguards, whose job it is to pay attention to those spending time in the pool and act in cases of emergency. But, some people forget the importance of lifeguards, and more often than not perceive them to be their personalized swim teachers or even worse – just regular people they can engage in conversations with.

While lifeguards are there to serve the public and will answer quick questions politely, it is important to take note that their main concern on the job is to lookout for the well-being of everyone. That being said, there is a sort of etiquette when it comes to pool-goers’ behavior around lifeguards. Rule number one: keep questions short and avoid having a conversation. This acts as a distraction, especially since their concentration needs to be on the body of water at all times. Again – quick questions and important information is okay, but you should refrain from everything else.

Another important thing to always keep in mind when at the pool is that, just because there are lifeguards present, it doesn’t mean you can relax and not pay attention to what your child is doing. Always remember that lifeguards are not substitute babysitters and that your eyes should always be on your kids swimming. Lifeguards are continuously scanning the pool area and have to keep an eye on many people at once. It is important to allow them to do their job, which is to help those in need and not go around the pool warning parents not to leave their toddlers in a foot of water. Please pay close attention to your own child as it can only take a second for something to distract you and lose track of your child’s whereabouts. Therefore, take note of the fact that swim buddies are a thing for good reason – do your best to stay out of harm’s way and make the lifeguards’ job at least a little bit easier.

Ultimately, it is crucial you understand that you’re not alone in the pool. Often enough, there will be dozens of other people of all ages around you, which makes the lifeguards’ job that much more difficult. Swimming programs are an excellent resource available to parents for their kids to learn to swim and are held at the pool during a quieter time. Zodiac Swim School has programs for kids of all ages to learn swimming basics to even training to be a lifeguard.

Remember lifeguards don’t just spend their time at the pool working on their tan or just buying time until their shift is over.

The stress of constantly being aware of their surroundings and the safety of others is part of them even when they aren’t on the job. Lifeguards are to be commended for their hard work and dedication and Zodiac Swim School ensures they are fully trained and equipped to handle any situation.

Why Kids should Take Swim Classes in the Fall?

The benefits of taking swim classes in the fall season. Swimming lessons for kids are taken to help your child learn how to swim and be safe in the water.

Drownings can take place throughout the year, be it during the summer season when swimming is prevalent or in other seasons like winter. It is vital that swimming lessons for kids are taken to help your child learn how to swim and be safe in the water. Swim schools offer swimming lessons year-round, though most parents think lessons are only offered during the warmer months of the year. When a swimming pool is located in your area, then you can enroll your child in swimming lessons, even in the fall, to continually learn more about water safety and to hone swimming skills.

Retaining Skills and Water Safety Knowledge

Children are better able to retain their swimming skills when they practice year-round. When enrolled in fall classes, children can build on their swimming skills and continue to understand the much-needed water safety tips. Your child can build on what was learned during the summer and continue to focus on becoming a stronger swimmer.

Many Class Options

While most parents enroll their kids in summer or spring swimming lessons, the fall classes are almost equally as popular as the spring . For this reason, many swim schools will have more options available then they would during the winter months so that children and adults are better able to find a class that works with their schedule. In fact, many parents like the Fall classes as it tends to be a longer session. Swimmers receive more classes and have more opportunity to continue refining their techniques.


It is important to establish a routine in order to help your child retain information. With swimming lessons, you can continue with the swimming routine after summer by signing up for fall classes. If you wait until summer to sign up again, you might lose some of the techniques developed. By continuing with lessons, you can continue to hold a spot in the swimming class and help your child to establish a strong swimming routine. This also helps to create a solid exercise routine which can benefit your child as well.

Social Development

With swimming lessons, your child may become more social. Your child will be taking a class with children their own age and can make new friends. Many children are shy and have a hard time meeting others. However, children often feel relaxed in the water and will be able to make friends during class which will be helpful to their social development. Children will be excited to attend swimming lessons when they know they will be seeing their friends.

Overall, your child can benefit from taking swimming lessons in the fall, as well as year-round. At Zodiac Swim School, swimming lessons are offered year-round in a comfortable environment for children of all ages. Contact Zodiac Swim School today to learn more about swimming lessons, be it for the upcoming fall and winter season, as well as spring and summer. By enrolling your child, they can benefit from taking swimming lessons from top quality instructors.

Why Being A Swim Instructor is the Perfect Job

Passionate about swimming and teaching? Read on to see why swim instructors love what they do and what makes it the perfect job.

A swim instructor is an individual who works at a swim school or swimming facility and helps others learn the basics or advanced skills involved in swimming. If you enjoy swimming and like to help others, being a swim instructor might be the perfect job for you. You will have the ability to do what you love as well as help others learn how to be safe in the water! Read on to see why swim instructors love what they do.

Casual Employment

One of the perks of being a swim instructor is the casual hours. You can take on as many or as few shifts as you like each season and pick a schedule that works well for you. With lessons running evenings and weekends, there’s plenty of shifts, perfect for a high school or college student or a parent or post-grad looking for casual or part-time employment.

Working with Children

For most swim instructors, many of the daily classes will consist of children. It can be really fun  teaching children, especially during swim class. Kids love to learn and explore and it can be a very rewarding experience to see them achieve their swimming goals.

Future Endeavours

No matter what type of future employment your child chooses to pursue, any experience working with children will be beneficial to them. Working with children demonstrates the ability to be responsible, the ability to communicate with others, and the ability to take on a leadership role. These qualities are seen as very valuable and often gained through experience.  


If you are a swim instructor, chances are, you love the water. Who doesn’t want to love what they do? When you have a love of the water, you will enjoy getting in the swimming pool each and every day. You get to have fun at work doing what you love which is not something that everyone can say!

Stay Challenged

When you are a swim instructor you are constantly challenged with new classes. Not every child or adult is the same. So, you will find that the same teaching strategies may not work the same for each person and you may have to develop new strategies or drills to help your swimmer be successful. This makes work challenging and if you like a good challenge, being a swim instructor could be a great fit for you!

At Zodiac Swim School, training classes are offered to provide both adults and young people the skills needed to become swim instructors. Contact them today to learn more.

Benefits to participating in Swimming Programs for Kids Year Round

Year round swimming programs for kids can really benefit your child. Read on to see how your child can benefit from taking swimming lessons year-round.

Just because fall is around the corner does not mean swimming programs for kids come to an end. Indoor swimming facilities offer swimming lessons year-round which can be quite beneficial to the overall swimming skills of your child. Don’t think of swimming lessons as something that takes place only during the summer months. Read on to see how your child can benefit from taking swimming lessons year-round.

Enhanced Safety Skills

When your child takes lessons in every season, they are reminded of safety measures. Drowning is one of the top causes of unintentional injury or death and swimming lessons help to reduce this risk. Your child will always have their safety knowledge in the back of their mind and know what to do and not do when around a swimming pool, no matter the season.


When a child takes swimming lessons only in the summer, they can forget part of their training. With lessons year-round, the child is able to better retain the information and skills they have learned. The child can also become more comfortable with the instructor and build on what they have learned in previous sessions.


Perhaps you have tried to enroll your child in spring or summer swimming lessons only to lose out on a spot. Classes fill up quickly during these months. Fall and winter are a great time to sign up for swimming lessons as there is more availability. Lock in the day you wish to have lessons as well as the time frame and you can keep this throughout the year or at least have the first pick when the next time to sign up for swimming lessons rolls around. There are many benefits to signing up this time of year and your swimming facility will be able to show you the advantages once you have enrolled your child.

Cognitive Abilities Improve

Studies have been conducted involving children who take swimming lessons early in age. These children are able to do better in school and have an improved cognitive function when compared to non-swimmers. Children who take swimming year-round and year after year can see an improvement in balance, movement and grasping, cognitive development, physical development and an overall efficiency of the processes of the brain.

Confidence Booster

Children who work on swimming skills year-round are able to develop more self-confidence. Children will feel encouraged to overcome their fears and learn how to reach their goals. Swimmers who may be fearful at first learn how to stay calm in the water as well as comfortable because they are taking lessons on a continual basis.

These are just a few of the benefits your child will enjoy by taking swimming lessons throughout the year. At Zodiac Swim School, swimming lessons are offered year-round for children of all ages. Find out more by contacting the office and discussing your child’s age as well as swim skill level. Once enrolled, you will be able to continue with training throughout the year and see growth within your child in a variety of ways.

Why using reusable swim diapers are better than disposables?

When taking small children to the pool, swim diapers are needed to avoid accidents. Almost every parent has been at the swimming pool only to find that a bathroom accident has occurred and the pool is shut down so it can be cleaned. When enrolling your children in swimming classes or just attending the pool for a swim, it is important to have swim diapers on hand. Options for swim diapers include disposable as well as reusable. Overall, adjustable reusable swim diapers are a top choice when compared to their disposable counterparts, for a number of reasons.

Cost Savings

The first thing to consider when comparing reusable swim diapers to disposable ones is the cost. With disposable diapers, you are getting a one-time use. This means you will have to have a new diaper each time you take your small child swimming. With reusable diapers, the diaper can be washed and reused, even if an accident has occurred. This helps you to pay less for the diapers you need for swim classes.  Swimming programs for kids require swim diapers for certain age groups and this helps you to save money when enrolling your child in such classes.

Environmentally Friendly

Reusable swim diapers are also an environmentally friendly option. With disposable diapers, they do not disintegrate. With reusable swim diapers, you can simply reuse what you have.  Therefore, you are not creating more waste by purchasing more and more disposable diapers.

Easy to Wash and Reuse

One might think that reusable diapers are hard to clean and reuse but that is not the case. Simply hand wash or throw in your washing machine, dry and then reuse. It’s that simple!

Tighter Fit

With reusable diapers, you also have a tighter fit for your child which helps to prevent leaks. The basic use of a swim diaper is to help keep any leakage from occurring in the pool. Babies and toddlers have no control over their bodily functions, the diaper helps to restrict any accidents in the public water space. The reusable diapers are also adjustable which makes it usable over several months as your child grows.

No Bulk

When you are purchasing disposable diapers, you may buy them in bulk to save money. You then have a bulk of such diapers that you have to find space for in your home. With reusable swim diapers, you can just purchase two to three and keep them in a dresser drawer, pulling them out when needed.

Banning of Disposable Diapers

Many swim facilities have also decided to ban disposable diapers. So if you visit a pool where this is true, then you will need reusable swim diapers anyways. Why not invest in the reusable option and take advantage of the many benefits.

At Zodiac Swim School, we make it easy for you to have access to reusable swim diapers. We sell them online as well as during swimming lessons. Easily find a reusable swim diaper that fits your child and can be used over and over again with ease.

5 Reasons why Swimming is a Great Sport for Kids ages 5 and Up

Swimming is a perfect way to cool off and relax during the summer months. Many parents enjoy watching their kids swim and have fun. But what most parents forget is that swimming is actually a sport. Swimming has long been a way for individuals to stay in shape and exercise. Kids love swimming because it is fun but the sport can also be a great way to make friends as well as remain safe in the water. Learn more about why swimming is a great sport for kid’s ages five and up below.


The main benefit of a child learning how to swim is safety. Kids who know how to swim have the ability to stay safe while in the water. Research has shown that drowning is the second leading cause of death for individuals ages 5 to 24. Your child needs to know how to swim to be able to be a strong swimmer and have experience in the water.

Physical Fitness

Swimming is a great way to get in a cardio workout while still having fun. Kids do not realize that while they are in the water, they are actually exercising. By taking time to swim on a regular basis, your child will be able to improve their flexibility and strength as well as have an increased stamina and improved posture. Childhood obesity is prevented as your child will be burning calories and staying in shape while they exercise in the water.

Less Risk of Injury

With swimming programs for kids, children will be at less risk for injury as they would be with another sport. Other sports can lead to muscle strain and bodily injury, which swimming helps to avoid. Kids who swim are able to get the exercise they need, even play with friends, while lowering the risk to injuring themselves.

Perfect for Kids with Disabilities or Medical Conditions

Children who are subject to a physical disability or medical condition may not be able to take part in sports such as baseball or basketball. With swimming, children with such conditions can enjoy the sport and the water which has lower impact on joints and can be a safe place for children to have fun.

Life-Long Learning

Once an individual learns how to swim, they have that life skill to carry on with them. Swimming skills can be used as part of team sports or simply for exercise as your child goes from teenage years to young adulthood.

At Zodiac Swim School, we offer quality summer camp programs that include swimming lessons for the benefit of your child. Help your child learn the basics of swimming by signing up for summer camp as well as providing a fun outlet for exercise during the summer months. Contact our office today to find out more about our swimming programs and how your child can become involved today!

Just Keep Swimming! The Benefits Of Winter Swim Lessons



It has been estimated by the Red Cross that as many as 90% or more of families spend their time in the water during the summer months. When the weather is nice, it can be wonderful to visit the beach, swimming pools and lakes, spending time with family and friends. The summer months are the perfect time for children’s swimming lessons but the summer shouldn’t be the only time kids take part in swimming. By continuing your child’s swimming programs through the winter months, you can ensure that your child will be skilled in the water. Your child will be safe in the water and be able to maintain such skills year after year. Learn the many benefits of winter swimming below.

Building Skills to Stay Safe in the Water
When children continue to swim in the winter months, they are able to build skills that will help them stay safe during summer swimming. By taking formal swimming lessons, your child will be able to reduce the risk of drowning, knowing just what to do in any situation. Your child will have strong water safety skills as well as swimming skills that will not be forgotten if you were to take a break during the winter months. Year round lessons allows your child to retain the skills and be able to advance in swimming at a much faster rate.

Staying Active
With winter swimming lessons, your child will be staying active which means they stay healthy. Being physically active can help build muscle and endurance as well as build a healthy immune system. When the winter months arrive, many children are not as active as they were in the summer. Less daylight as well as colder temperatures means less time spent outdoors. When you take your child to swimming lessons, they are able to take part in a physical activity that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Swimming is also an activity that works the muscles of the body without a high risk of injury. This form of exercise is an excellent way for your child to stay fit without worrying about straining muscles or being too sore afterwards!

Relieving Cabin Fever
Winter is a time when children easily become restless because they cannot release pent up energy. Kids need to be able to move about and play. Swimming lessons allows your child to release their energy and let go of cabin fever. Kids will get moving and expend the energy that had built up after spending too much time indoors. Children can spend time with friends and teachers, move their muscles and just have fun. Children really enjoy swimming lessons as it gives the child a chance to have a good time with others their own age.

Overall, there are many benefits to expanding swimming lessons from the summer months into the winter season. To learn more about such swimming lessons for children of all ages, contact Zodiac Swim School. Enroll your child in a winter swimming program to expand their skills as well as provide them with an activity to enjoy during the cold season.