The many reasons taking Lifesaving Swim Courses are so beneficial

In Canada, lifesaving swim courses can be taken in order to learn how to be a lifeguard or simply to earn certification to be safe and fit in the water. There are many reasons one would take lifesaving swim courses, with preteens having the ability to learn leadership skills, water safety and have the potential for employment. With Toronto swimming lessons, kids can train via swim courses, learning vital skills along the way. There are several certification options that can lead to quality knowledge used in the water as well as in everyday life.

Water Safety

The top benefit to lifesaving swim courses is water safety. Your preteen or teenager will be able to learn lifesaving principles of water rescue. Training will include learning how to tow and carry an individual, defense methods and how to manage a more challenging rescue that can include a conscious or unconscious victim.

The first course in this process is Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid-CPR with B. This course also teaches general knowledge of first aid. This training is beneficial for your teen in everyday scenarios as they learn how to deal with emergency situations without panicking or confusion. On top of learning the safety measures, your child will also learn endurance and stroke efficiency for swimming which is a great way to exercise and stay fit.

With this class, children will need to be 13 years of age or older or be 12 and have completed the Bronze Star training.

Leadership Development

Once your child completes the first level of training, they can move on to the next level which is Bronze Cross & Standard First Aid-CPR with C. As your child continues with training, they will begin to develop strong leadership skills. The skills your child will learn can carry over into their school life as well as employment in their adult years. Children learn how to give direction and manage multiple people including victims and bystanders  which is a strong confidence builder that is helpful in the future as an adult.

With this course, students will be learning the next level of training for the lifesaving chain. This puts your child one step closer to being certified as an instructor and/or lifeguard. The Bronze Cross class will build upon the training of the Bronze Medallion class. More advanced and complex lifesaving skills are taught in this program as well as additional First Aid training.

These are just a few of the class options for lifesaving  courses which opens up other opportunities to being an assistant instructor, instructor, and lifeguard.

At Zodiac Swim School, we offer training options for those who wish to learn First Aid as well as lifesaving swim techniques. Contact our office today to see if your child qualifies and begin them on the path to higher learning in the subject of swim and water safety.


Swimming Safety Tips You Should Remind your Child

Parents enroll their children in swimming classes in order for the child to learn the basics when it comes to water safety. Children are taught basic swimming movements and water safety during swimming lessons in Toronto. However, it’s also recommended that parents provide constant tips so their child remembers how to stay safe in the water. Below are a few swimming safety tips to share with your child.

No Running

Every swimming pool has rules and regulations that are the same no matter where you go. One such rule is no running. Always remind your child never to run when going to the pool, for fun or lessons. Children can easily slip and fall, hitting their head and getting hurt or worse, falling into the water unexpectedly. Always remind your child to walk when in or around water.

Avoid Horseplay

When enjoying the water, kids want to have fun. Remind your child that while they can have fun with their friends in the water, they should avoid any horseplay (pushing into or underwater, wrestling in the water etc). Your child or their friends can easily become hurt and a dangerous situation can ensue when in the water. Remind kids not to horseplay so that everyone remains safe.

Avoid Exhaustion

It is also important to remind your child to avoid exhaustion. If they become tired, it is best to stay in the shallow end of the pool where they can touch. If the child becomes too tired, they can be in danger in the deep end and have difficulty making it to the side. Remind your child to take a break and avoid the deep water if they feel they are too tired to swim.

Talk to Small Children

If you have small children who have taken part in swimming lessons, they will be safer in the water. However, you must still remind the child that they must not swim without an adult present. Remind your child of the dangers of the water and that they are not allowed to go swimming unless you or another adult are on-site to watch while they swim. Let them know your rules so they will know how to act when swimming during lessons or for fun.

Safety Tip for Parents

While the tips above are great for parents to share with their children, it is also important that parents heed advice as well. Parents should be trained in CPR and First Aid so if an accident were to occur, they would be able to provide assistance. Accidents occur all the time in and around the swimming pool. Being prepared means you can help your child or someone else’s if an accident takes place.

At Zodiac Swim School, we want your child to be prepared with proper water safety and swimming techniques. We offer a variety of classes for kids of all ages. Sign your child up today so they can learn how to become the best swimmer they can be.

It’s Not Just a Sport: Facts about Swimming You Didn’t Know

The sport of swimming is one that is not only fun but also a safety measure. Swimming programs are offered for children of all ages to learn how to swim and effectively stay safe in the water. However, swimming is not just a sport and not only about water safety. There are many interesting facts about swimming that parents and kids will benefit from knowing. Check out a few of these interesting facts below.

Every Major Muscle in the Body is Used

When you swim, every major muscle in the body is used. Core abdominals, lower back, shoulder, forearm, hamstrings, upper back, glutes and more are used when swimming. Because of this, swimming is one of the healthier options for exercise. Thousands of calories can be burned during a single swimming session due to muscle use.

Oldest Stroke is the Breaststroke

During swimming lessons, your child will learn the many different techniques for swimming, including the breaststroke. Did you know that the breaststroke is actually the oldest swimming stroke? The technique was created at the same time as competitive swimming in 1830 in Britain.

An Olympic Sport

Swimming is a popular Olympic sport that fans enjoy watching and swimmers enjoy participating in. Swimming was added to the Olympics in 1896 exclusive to men until 1912 when women were allowed to compete.

Swimming is the Most Popular in California

Swimming is a popular pastime in California and the state has the most swimming pools in the world. The state is home to more than 3,000,000 swimming pools. If you were to move to the state, you would most likely be purchasing a home that contains a pool!

Burn More Calories

If you are using swimming as a form of exercise, you can burn more calories in one hour than you can with other forms of exercise such as biking or walking. Swimming in a vigorous manner can result in burning as many as 650 calories or more based on your age and weight.

Build Heart and Lung Strength

Swimming on a regular basis helps to build heart and lung strength. This means that if you enjoy swimming, you can have fun and also have a healthy heart and lungs at the same time!

These are just a few fun facts about swimming. The exercise is not only healthy for you but fun to do with family and friends. Be sure to swim frequently to enjoy the many benefits of the sport.

At Zodiac Swim School, we want to help every child learn how to swim.  Enroll your child today in one of our many swimming programs to help them learn water safety and new swimming skills.

Is your child a little shy? 5 Day camp ideas that may help with confidence.

It is not uncommon for children to be shy. For parents, it can be difficult to learn how to help your child overcome shyness and make new friends. Kids summer camps are a great way to introduce your child to new activities, helping them make new friends in the process. Checkout a few ideas below to help your child defeat shyness.

Talk About Camp Beforehand

Once you enroll your child in summer camp, be sure to talk to your child about what will happen during camp. Many times, children become even shyer when introduced to new situations. Take your child to camp before it starts and let them see where they will be going and explain what activities are being offered. Introducing your child to camp will help him or her be more prepared for what is to come. Being comfortable with camp is a great way to begin  building confidence.

Alert Camp Counselors

It is also a good idea to alert camp counselors of your child’s shyness. This way, the counselor can help your child to come out of their shell by facilitating conversations with them and other campers in the group.. The counselor can help your child make friends as well as place them in situations where they are comfortable but also able to gain more confidence in the process.

Choose a Favorite Activity

When considering a day camp for enrollment, think about activities that your child enjoys. Does your child like to go swimming? If so, consider a camp that includes swimming on the schedule. With arts & crafts, sports, imaginative play and more, your child will have plenty to do. Help them by enrolling in a camp that offers activities that they enjoy so they will feel comfortable and gain confidence along the way as they get to know the daily schedule of camp.

Enrollment Size

It is important to consider the enrollment size of day camp based on your child’s age group. For shy kids, it can be beneficial to have a smaller group size so that your child can get to know each kid and feel more comfortable when taking part in activities. Find a camp that offers a smaller enrollment size so your child does not feel overwhelmed being surrounded by a large group of children during camp.

Stay Positive

Once camp begins, be sure to stay positive and help your child see the benefits of camp. For shy kids, they may feel anxious going to camp. Each day after camp ends, talk to your child and find out what they liked about their day. If they had an issue during the day, talk it out and try to come up with a way they could have been less shy or more interactive with the other children. By keeping a positive attitude, your child will be able to gain confidence and enjoy the summer camp experience.

To learn more about summer day camps, contact our office at Zodiac Day Camp. We provide several program options for kids of all ages to enjoy.

What qualities should you look for in a Private Swim School

Private swim school is an option that your child has to learn how to swim in a quality setting. Swimming lessons take place in a controlled environment, where your child will be able to pick up skills needed to stay safe in the water as well as excel in the sport of swimming. When searching for a facility to enroll your child in lessons, it is important to look for certain qualities. Below are a few examples of what to look for when searching for a private swim school.

Warm Temperatures

To begin, you want to find a facility that offers warm temperatures. Your child can take swimming lessons during the fall and winter months, as well as spring and summer. You want the water to be temperature controlled to meet the season in which they are taking lessons. The comfort level is important to your child paying attention and learning rather than being uncomfortable in the water.

Reputable Program

It is also important to choose a program that has a solid reputation. Look for reviews online for facilities in your area or ask family and friends if they can recommend a private swim school. Do your research and you will be able to choose a quality facility where your child is guaranteed to learn and have a good experience doing so.


It is also important to consider the scheduling of lessons. Ask the administrative team when lessons are available and make sure they fit around your schedule. You want your child to be able to take part in lessons without it conflicting with school or work. Without scheduling conflicts, your child will be able to attend every lesson and improve upon the skills learned during each session.

Smaller Classes

With private swim schools or private lesson classes are often smaller in size. Your child will not get lost in the shuffle as the instructor will not be bombarded with trying to teach several children how to swim at once. Find out how many kids will be in the class so that you can see to it that your child will receive individual attention for quality learning.

Aquatic Leadership Opportunities

On top of offering swimming lessons, private swim schools can also offer aquatic leadership opportunities. Your child will be able to learn how to swim and excel in the program, then move on to leadership learning as they age. Such skills as first aid along with life-saving techniques are included in class time. There are several stages of aquatic leadership classes and in the end, your child will be certified to act as a lifeguard. This provides an element of safety training for your child as they are in the water but also opportunity for employment or volunteer work as a lifeguard.

Zodiac Swim School provides swimming lessons to help your child learn to be safe in the water. Contact our office today to learn more about what types of programs we can provide for your child based on skill level as well as age.

Toronto Day Camp Activities your child would enjoy

Toronto day camp is a great way for parents in the city to offer activities for their children to enjoy. From the toddler age to preteen and beyond, day camps are on offer to keep your kids busy having fun as well as learning new skills. Read on to see what activities your child might enjoy during the summer or year round.


One of the most popular activities offered at day camp are a variety of sports. Camps can provide basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming and more. Kids enjoy trying new sports and learning new skills to excel in playing the game. Many camps offer a variety of sports so children have access to a nice variety and can determine which sport they enjoy best.

Arts & Crafts

Day camp in Toronto also provides a creative outlet for kids to enjoy arts & crafts. From painting to drawing and clay creation, arts & crafts allows your child to express themselves through art. You will have keepsakes to remember your child at a young age as they complete paintings, drawings, clay creations and more.

Creative Play

Allowing your child to use their imagination is key to fun and exploration. During Toronto day camp, your child will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy creative play. During day camp, there will be time for dress-up, singing, interactive play with others, theater and many more options for expanding the imagination. Your child will love being able to express themselves in a variety of ways and expanding their imaginative play in the process.

Science and Outdoor Adventure

Children are naturally curious and enjoy exploring and learning more. At day camp, children can learn science experiments, robotics, and discover how things work. There will be opportunities to go outside and explore the great outdoors including learning more about camping, even at a day camp! Your child will love what new things they can learn and discover.

When your child attends day camp at a young age, they will see the teens in action as camp counselors and instructors. As your younger child attends camp each year, they may show interest in becoming a camp counsellor or an instructor when they get older. Talk to your younger child about the teens and their role at camp so they can see the opportunities they can take advantage of when they are a few years older.

These are just a few examples of what day camp programs can provide your child. Speak to the camp administrative team to find out what options are available to your child, including half day camps and full day options.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer a wide range of camp options to help your child experience new activities, making friends and staying busy during the summer months or after school. Contact our office today to speak with our staff, learning more about programs and what is available to your child based on age as well as activities offered.

Building Future Leaders: How Day Camps actually develop Leadership skills

Attending day camp provides your child with an outlet for their energy as well as a chance to make new friends, learn new skills and just have fun. But what many parents do not know is that day camps actually help your child to develop leadership skills in a variety of ways. Read on to see how day camp is helping to build future leaders in our children.

Starting Early

From an early age, children are taught what it is like to be a leader. Your child will take part in group activities in which leadership skills are taught as well as be asked to assist counselors with simple tasks. Children are praised for a job well done which leads them to want to continue learning new skills and advancing leadership qualities.

Team activities

During day camp, children will take part in team activities such as baseball, soccer, swimming, dance and more. During these sports activities, children will be able to learn new skills and find which sports they excel in. Take for example swimming. If your child begins to excel in swimming, they can use what they have learned to help others, which helps to form leadership skills. Helping others to do better is an essential leadership skill that will help your child as they enter their teenage years and well into adulthood.

Leadership Camps

Many facilities, such as Zodiac Day Camp, offers day camps for kids that specialize in leadership training. Your child can take part in specialized leadership and development programs  to learn particular skills that can be used later on in life in positions such as a babysitter, camp counselor or lifeguard.

Babysitting courses and home alone courses help your child to be better equipped to handle such activities as looking after smaller children or staying home alone while you are at work. These classes are open to preteens and teenagers, helping them to build leadership skills to take charge.

Other advanced leadership courses  include First Aid classes and lifesaving courses. Your child will be able to take a class based on their skill level and then build upon their skills to be ready to become a camp counselor or lifeguard. These skills are useful to your child in many ways including water safety, first aid assistance and building leadership skills that can be used in the future.

From a young age, children can be introduced to summer day camps and learn skills and qualities that are beneficial to being a great leader. At a young age, children begin to learn how to work well with others and complete group tasks during activities. As the child attends summer camp each year, they are introduced to leadership activities and learn even more skills that will help them become productive adults in society, along with simply having fun!

At Zodiac Day Camp, we can provide your child with quality summer camp programs where they can make friends, learn new skills and have fun. Contact our office today to learn more about the programs we offer that will meet the needs of your child.

Interesting Facts about Day Camp Parents may not know

When signing your child up for summer day camp, you know that they will be enjoying a host of activities such as sports, swimming, crafts and more. While you may get the gist of what summer camp can provide, there is most likely a few things that you do not know. Below we have gathered a few interesting facts to help you see just how fun and exciting, as well as beneficial summer day camp can be.

Skills Learned are Beneficial in High School and Beyond

There are many things that kids will learn in camp, from participating in sports to arts & crafts. With each activity, children are gaining several skills. Leadership, self-confidence and more. Children are able to learn what activities are of interest to them, which can be continued throughout the year as an after school activity which may turn into a long term interest. Consider this. If your child gains an interest in swimming, they can add to their skill level while at summer day camp. Their skills can be used in later years to try out for a swim team which could even result in a swimming scholarship in college.

Camp Counselors

Many summer day camps train pre-teens and teenagers to be camp counselors. When your child is small, they will develop relationships with their counselors and may want to train when they get older. Being a counselor gives your child childcare experience, an opportunity to be a team player, a role model, and take on a leadership role, ,many qualities that schools and future employers look for.

Discounts on Registration

For many parents, they never considered that summer day camp is affordable and that discounts can exist. Look for summer camps that offer discounts for early signups or other means of cutting down on the cost of camp. You will find that registration takes place during a certain time period so you will need to meet this requirement in order to take advantage of the discount. When paired together with other discounts that may exist including, pay by cash or cheque, multi-session, or other loyalty discounts, the total savings can really pay off.

Lasting Friendships

You know that your kids will make friends during summer camp but attending year after year means they will have the opportunity to build friendships that last a lifetime. Your child will be able to enjoy playing with kids their own age who have similar interests and take part in the same activities. Watch your child increase their social skills and gain new friends as they enjoy going to summer camp.


At Zodiac Day Camp, we provide several options for summer day camp. We have programs for children of all ages starting in the toddler stage and ranging to the teenage years. We can offer your child activities for the summer months, keeping them busy and engaged. To learn more about our programs, contact our office today. We look forward to providing you and your child with fun and exciting activities this summer.

Summer Camp Activities that Help Build Your Child’s Confidence

During summer camp, children will take part in a variety of activities ranging from sports to arts & crafts. Kids will learn leadership skills, patience and how to get along well with others. Children will also be able to use the summer camp activities to build self-confidence, even if they do not realize they are doing so. Take a look at the activities below and see how your child can build confidence with such activities offered during summer day camp.


Many sports games are played during summer camp. From basketball to baseball and swimming, any sporting activity can help your child build confidence. As your child learns how to play a sport, they will find confidence in themselves through the skills they learn. From dribbling the basketball to learning how to float on their back in the swimming pool, such skills help to build your child’s self-confidence.

Arts & Crafts

Children who enjoy being creative will be able to open their mind to new possibilities when taking part in arts & crafts classes at summer camp. Children will be able to express themselves in a new way which can help them feel more confident in showcasing their feelings and ideas in art form.

Cooking Classes

Some summer camps offer cooking classes which can be beneficial in building self-confidence. Cooking classes allows your child to learn how to read recipes and create new cuisine. After your child finishes a recipe and tastes their work, they will feel more confident in cooking which helps to build an overall confidence.

Leadership Classes

For older children, leadership classes may be available via summer camp programs. Your child will be able to build self-confidence by taking part counsellor-in-training programs.  As your child works alongside others to learn safety measures and working with children your child will begin to build confidence in knowing they can react as needed.

During summer camp, your child will also be socializing with others. Often times, children gain confidence by learning from others. While your child will be able to be more confident by taking part in activities, they will also learn to feel confident by dealing with other children. Making friends and meeting new people can be cause for anxiety. As your child begins to meet others, they will build confidence with their people skills which is helpful as they grow older and become an adult.

Choose one of the many programs offered at Zodiac Day Camp to help your child build confidence in themselves. Through activities and making friends, your child will learn that they can do anything they put their mind to. Find out more about the many programs we offer by contacting our office today. We are excited to offer a variety of programs to assist you this summer!

Questions to Ask Before Enrolling Your Kids in Summer Day Camps

When the summer season arrives, parents must prepare for children to be restless and off routine. It is not uncommon for children to easily become restless once school ends as they are not having to attend class or take part in activities such as sports. Children can only be entertained by toys and television for so many hours and you want your kids to be healthy by staying active. One way to ensure your kids remain engaged and active is to enroll your child in  summer day camps. Summer camps in Toronto offer quality activities for your child to enjoy, with full day (or half day options for children under 4). Learn the right questions to ask before enrolling your child to ensure you know exactly what you are getting into.


One question to ask the camp is if any transportation is offered. Will you need your child to be picked up or dropped off back at home? You will need to find out if any form of transport is provided and how it works.

Extended Care Options

Many summer camps will offer extended hours for parents who work later hours. Find out what hours the summer camp operates and determine if the camp will meet your scheduling requirements. While some camps offer only early morning hours, others provide full days with extended hours for later pickup.


Like all children’s activities, summer day camp costs money. Find out if any discounts are available to you. Many times, camps will offer lower registration costs when you sign up early for the camp. Discounts may be offered for multi-session registrations. Be sure to ask if the summer camp offers any discounts you can take advantage of to save money on your child’s enrollment.

Registration Closure

Most summer day camps have a registration period. Only so many spots are open due to age restrictions or the number of counselors working the camp. You may also find the camps can only hold so many children due to facility size. It is important to register early whenever you can. Find out when the registration period closes. So that you can register your child in time.

If you cannot meet the registration timeline due to budget restrictions, check out what the camps payment policy is. Some summer camps will only require an upfront deposit with post-dated payment options to allow the registration to be more budget friendly.. Learn your options to ensure your child is able to enroll.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer a number of summer camp options for kids of all ages. We want to help you provide an outlet for fun for your child during the summer months. Contact our office today to find out about our many camp programs including Kid-Vantage, Zodiac Day Care,and Specialty Programs. Options are available for children as young as 2 years of age and a leadership program option for teens through 9th grade.