Introducing The Idea of Day Camp to Your Child

Introducing The Idea of Day Camp to Your Child

Nowadays, more and more people are concerned that their child is going to be spending their entire life glued to a monitor. In some sense, they are probably right. Children today tend to spend more time either watching TV, sitting in front of a computer or playing some videogame with their friends. But it is not only their fault. After all, many were raised and taught to be afraid of the outside world. And the concept of day camps may not be as popular or as familiar as it once was.

If you have ever been camping as a child then you probably already know about all the fun, amazing memories, and valuable sets of skills that you got from that experience. So here are good ways to introduce your children to that idea as well.

Start small or start being interesting!

You can either start when your child is too young to think that day camps are not cool enough for them. However if they have already been mislead to think that they are not going to have fun there, then you may need to be a little more creative in your approach and show them what they are missing out.

Even if you look locally, there are plenty of Toronto day camps to be found now, with more activities available than ever before.  If you thought they were amazing once, just check out what they have to offer now.

No matter what your child thinks is cool, you are bound to find an activity that will intrigue them. Anything from learning how to dance, rock climbing, to basic rocket science and robotics is an option. Too bad, the same things were not available when we were young.

Anyways, once you find something to pique their interest, it is only a matter of keeping them that way and encouraging further anticipation.

All the more reasons to go outside

Parents don’t have to go far to look for day camps for kids. With such a variety of camps close to Toronto, you are bound to find that some of their friends are interested in going as well. With the help of the internet and technology, you can easily browse through a number of day camp options online. It will even be less daunting for you to know more about each day camp and the programs and activities that they have to offer. You can make your kids choose the programs and activities that they want to do for the entire summer.

Once you find their interest, you can help them by finding the best program among the day camps in Toronto and then by helping them pack and prepare for their summer day camp.

All in all, day camps for kids tend to look for more and more activities, facilities and anything possible to attract more children. They do their best to accommodate the needs of today’s generation as well. They now make things even easier for parents who want only the best for their children.

Should your children feel unsure about going to any of the day camps for kids, then you can always just start by taking them camping with you. If they have fun with you, then they will more likely be interested in the idea of attending day camps. Also, show them all the programs and activities of the day camp that you are eyeing for and let them choose what interests them the most. If you search for online, you will see all that they have to offer in their website. You can even register online as well for your convenience. If you let your children see the list of programs and activities being offered at Zodiac, they will surely have a choice in no time.

By showing them all the things that they can do and learn at day camps they will surely be interested in one or two optios. Also, if they feel that you are excited about the idea, then they will definitely feel the same way. That is the main point after all.

So relax, take your time and talk about the amazing things about day camps and guide them gently in making choices. They are not going to regret whatever choice they make with your guidance, for sure!

How Day Camps Can Be A Positive Influence in Youth Development

How Day Camps Can Be A Positive Influence in Youth Development

Children are now growing up too fast. Gone are the days when kids are just strolling around the neighbourhood riding bicycles, enjoying and having fun with nothing to worry about. The youth of today have so much information to digest every year, with schools focusing less on free time and physical activity. Academic prowess is now valued more by parents, as they think that if their children excel in academics, they are already assured of a good future.

However, socialization and freedom should still be a big part of a child’s life. Children need to be able to experience being able to move their bodies outside of the classroom. Unfortunately, we now live in a world where every kind of entertainment has been handed to us without us even moving a single step from the couch.

With that said, children should be given the space and opportunity to grow emotionally without their devices hindering them. Day camps and workshops provide that options for kids, teenagers and adults. When kids are given an activity that requires their full attention, they won’t have the time to look at their mobile phones and use other gadgets. They will be able to learn how to cooperate and get along with new people who are sharing the same activity with them. When the children enter the camp area, they will be given a clean slate, free of the restrictions of social class or reputation. They will be able to make new friends.

Day camps also allow children to physically move around their bodies. Activities done while camping will allow them to exercise different muscles than the ones they always use. As such, they will be able to lose weight and refresh their minds from the constant flow of information that they are receiving from their textbooks and screens. These kids will be doing things with new people in a new area, and it can be healing to not have to think about the usual stresses and problems of life that is left behind in the home or school. They will be able to clear their heads and do tasks under different conditions than those that they are familiar with.

Moreover, children who experience different conditions in the outdoors are stronger and more resilient than those who are restricted to knowledge within the walls of a house or a classroom. They are able to survive different conditions, and they will feel better about themselves for having accomplished that. These kids will gain a new feeling of wonder and appreciation for what they can discover out in the world. This gives a type of intrinsic motivation for further learning.

Creating new relationships with different kinds of people from different backgrounds also allows them to affirm their sense of self. They will know who they are and where they stand in life. They will be able to identify which people they can trust and which people to avoid. They will also gain self-confidence, due to the fact that they will have noticed their own progress.

Finally, day camps provide a safe and secure area for children to move around. They will be given activities that allow room for growth, but will also have enough limitations for them to be away from danger. They will be supervised by a capable instructor who has experience in handling groups of kids in a stable environment.

Children should always have options for different experiences in life. You can check out one of the day camps in Toronto that offer activities for kids of different ages here:

Art As Stress Therapy: Different Kinds Of Art Your Child Can Enjoy

Art As Stress Therapy: Different Kinds Of Art Your Child Can Enjoy

Art as a form of stress therapy has been used by people for many years. For one, it provides a distraction which typically is one of the best ways to temporarily relieve stress. It also creates a calming ‘flow’ that allows you to slip into a meditative state of mind. This results in a lowering of blood pressure, an ease in muscle tension and an overall clearer mind. It is very important that children are engaged especially in art activities which will allow them this mental clarity as they are less equipped to process stress in a healthy way at their very young age. Whether at home, in school or at day camps, here are some great artistic activities that your children can enjoy.

Creative drawing is an emotionally calming and expressive activity for children. Several child psychologists have utilized the concept of drawing to help children address stressful emotions and experiences in a healthy way. Here are a few options you can engage in with your children or encourage them to do on their own under your guidance.  Be mindful that any disturbing images created by a child may be an indication of a troubling situation.

  • Leaf Drawings – For leaf drawings you’re going to need a few items. Pressed leaves, metallic markers and a mop sponge. Spread the leaves on the table and use the metallic marker to draw images and scenes of things that bring them happiness. After, use your mop sponge to brighten up your masterpiece.
  • Do it yourself wallpaper –  For this wall paper, you’ll need a blank piece of wide paper around the length of your childs’ bedroom wall, easy to remove scotch tape, and drawing/decorating material. The instructions are simple, just lay the paper on a table or against the wall and allow their imaginations to work.
  • Sun catchers – This is such a great, beautiful, and easy artistic activity for children. Not only are the beautiful colours of the beads uplifting for the spirit but at the end of this project, you’ll have an ornament that captures the beauty of the morning and gives you a reason to get up early and watch the sun. What could be more relaxing than that?
  • Melted sun catchers – For this project, you’re going to need colorful and translucent beads… a lot of them. Also some baking pans and a toaster oven. Simply lay the beads in whatever desired pattern inside of the pans and then ‘cook’ them in the oven toaster outside until they have melted into a smooth flat surface. After cooling, drill a hole at the top, run kite string through them and hang up to catch the gorgeous rays.

Puppet shows are also great for relieving stress because they operate as an effective outlet. It is a way for the children to present stories/situations that have been difficult for them to handle and allows an informed adult to guide them in finding solutions to their issues.

  • Puppet show – What you’ll need are socks, decoration items for eyes, noses, mouths and hair. Encourage the children to come up with their own story lines for different topics like school, friends and home. It allows them to freely express themselves under the guise of a puppet persona.

These are just a few ideas that can keep the mental health of your children in check and balanced. It is important to ensure that they maintain this equilibrium not only at home, during the school term but also during school breaks. Day camps for children can be a useful option during those long breaks as it continues to build the young one’s mental capacity, provides a meaningful break to enjoy what they love doing and prepares them for the upcoming school year.

There are some day camps for your children where they are sure to be exposed to  artistic activities. However, if you’re looking for one of the best day camps in Toronto, then be suer to check out Zodiac Day Camp.  Zodiac day camps have a list of great projects for kids that are sure to keep them feeling stress free and rejuvenated. If you’re interested in more information, click the link for more details

A Rite of Passage: How Camp is Life Changing

A Rite of Passage: How Camp is Life Changing

Every young child goes through different stages of maturity. They learn new experiences and encounter different people when they enter school. They also find out how to do new tasks and activities within the classroom. They meet new people when they go to neighbourhood events and special occasions. However, learning should not just be limited to those experiences.

A great way for children to experience personal development is by sending them to day camps. Outdoor camps offer a new social setting where any child can belong. These areas are usually safe and supervised, and optimized for the child’s well-being. The children will have instructors and trained professionals who know how to handle children in any kind of situation. They will also know what to do when there is an emergency.

In a day camp, the child will be able to carve out new identities and responsibilities for themselves without the restrictions of judgement from peers who already know who they are. They will receive a clean blank slate to identify themselves with.

Camping also offers a good way of creating new social bonds with people of different ages. They will feel a mutual connection with children of their age sharing the same activity. They will also learn to relate with people of different backgrounds and personalities. They will have the chance to be close and identify with a respected older person who has their best interests at heart. They will be able to receive support and guidance when it is necessary.

Finishing camp also provides a feeling of accomplishment where the child would know that they have reached their goals and learned new things from different people. They have survived various scenarios without help from their parents or existing friends. These accomplishments will give the child enough confidence to fall back on when they encounter other difficult situations in the future.

Being given different tasks and activities also makes the children more responsible. They will know what is expected of them, and they will finish their task when it is needed. Being able to contribute to their community will allow them to value themselves and other better. They will be more competent when it comes to finishing what is required for a certain goal. They will also know how to be self-reliant.

Children who go through various experiences in camp will gain a sense of wonder about what is out there in the world. They will be more creative, imaginative and original with their art. They will also be more passionate about learning, because they will appreciate the fact that new knowledge is something that can be put to practical use. These children grow up to be better problem solvers, as they know how to view situations differently to find a solution.

Lastly, camping allows children to exercise and move around freely without any restrictions. They will have enough time to exercise their limbs and strengthen their muscles for various kinds of activities. This ensures that they will get used to having a healthy lifestyle. The child and his or her parents will be able to enjoy life with fewer worries about health problems brought by inactivity and obesity.

All of these things produce a sort of metamorphosis for each child who goes to an outdoor camp. New experiences and relationships would certainly make anybody’s life fuller. They will also undergo internal changes, mentally and emotionally. All these will help your child mature and become a successful person in the future.

You can check out one of the good day camps in Toronto here: They offer various classes for kids of different ages.

How Day Camps Can Help Teach Children Community Building

It’s a fact of life that children nowadays are inundated with various forms of technology that occupy their time and attention. As such, they have fewer opportunities for exploring the outdoor world and making social connections in their neighbourhood. They choose to stay indoors, only making new friends online or at school and usually won’t participate in community building activities with other children outside of school.

We see this scenario more and more often these days. Children shut out their families and neighbourhood communities, and avoid social situations in favour of spending an afternoon at home alone. They have fewer opportunities to create and develop relationships with various groups around them which creates problems with emotional and social growth, for many reasons.

Creating relationships is one of the distinct human abilities that have taken us to where we are today. We are superior to other animals because we have the ability to communicate and work alongside each other on a different level. We are able to create systems and do tasks that affix our presence. It is a natural human instinct to belong to a social community, and we can never completely get rid of the social constructions that we are born with. These communities define our identity, our support systems and our lifestyles. Even technology that children have surrounded themselves with could never have been created without the help of a community.

It is more practical for a child to affiliate themselves with the members of the community and its activities. Knowing how to deal with social tasks would also assist them later in life, when they have to be able to socialize in business and personal settings on their own. They will have to know how to develop these skills eventually to be successful in life, so it is always better to start educating them early in a safe and supervised setting.

Being a part of a community also creates a sense of belonging for any child and knowing their role in whatever setting they step into. They know which people can be trusted and will be able to identify those who belong in their personal community, and react to them accordingly.

Day camps allow children to create social connections in a new setting without the limitations of their background. They are given shared activities that they participate in with children around their own age. By sharing memories it creates a social connection and children will be able to draw upon these experiences when they step into new communities as they continue to grow.

Forming new social groups allows children to be more open-minded towards other people and accept those from different backgrounds. They will learn to not judge by appearances, but by actions and effort. They will be able to learn and grow alongside their peers, and create more valued memories as they continue. Someday, this will also help them in the workplace and the outside world when they step out on their own.

A home provides stability and comfort for a growing child however, it is also better if we introduce the outside world to them. One of the best ways for them to do that is by sharing learning experiences with others their age in day camps. You can try out one of many Toronto day camps for kids here:

How Day Camps Can Help Your Child Develop Confidence

Spending time away at day camps can be a great way for your child to develop a sense of independence and confidence. It is a safe environment where children can explore their identities and begin a journey of finding themselves and it may allow them to take risk in a controlled social setting without constantly being under the watchful eye of a parent. There are even instances of shy children becoming more sociable and interactive as the nonjudgmental setting of good day camps afford them the freedom of opening up to new experiences, new friendships and personal accomplishments. As a parent, if you are wondering how a day camp can help your child develop confidence, here are a few illustrations of how this may occur.

Choosing the right camp – Firstly, in building the confidence of your child picking the right camp is extremely important. Choosing the right camp immediately places your child in a setting where they will have things in common with their peers. Having things in common is a great starting point for developing new relationships and it will give your child more confidence in approaching other children with whom there is already a shared interest.

Breaking through comfort zones – Day camps offer your child the opportunity to try new things that they may not have been exposed to previously. The exposure to these new and sometimes challenging activities is what fosters the development of new skills and talents. Some camps offer packages that teach extremely important life skills such as first aid and babysitting. Performances of plays are also stimulating events where a child undertakes the personality of another character and performs in front of a live audience. These new activities usually break through any comfort zones and results in the development of more self-assurance and self-trust after having completed them. At Zodiac, one of the best Toronto day camps, there are numerous skills waiting to be passed on to your children. Some of the activities range from horseback riding, to cooking to sporting events.

The finding of ones self – Day camps for children also allow the child to find a balance in themselves. That is, having to juggle responsibilities and the different things happening during their stay at camp. This new accountability to self helps children feel in control of their lives and this self-efficacy can travel home as easily as a special art project or the know-how of making a favourite dish on their own.

New friendships – Children are able to develop lasting relationships with people who are outside of their immediate or even extended family. With the advances and advantages of technology, maintaining contact with these new friends have becomes easier by the exchanging of email addresses or Facebook contacts. This will help children who don’t feel comfortable around their peers in their own neighborhood to have a peer support system.

Academics – In a balanced day camp, they are able to find an appropriate place for academics within their schedule which can be both a fun and educational experience. Keeping the brain academically stimulated undoubtedly gives children at these day camps an advantage over the rest when they return to school. This is definitely a way to keep your child ready and confident in their abilities when they do transition back to a formal educational setting.

These are few ways in which a day camp can increase the confidence of your child. If you are looking for a good day camp in Toronto, as previously mentioned, Zodiac Day Camp offers several challenging and skilled  activities. For more information, please click the link.