The Essence of Swimming Lessons for Kids

Swimming lessons for kids can teach them water safety, swimming skills, and others. But there are certain things that need to be considered during classes.

Often times you’ll hear about how swimming lessons for kids are essential in order to teach them water safety and swimming skills. While there is truth in that, it needs to be said that young children always need to be supervised around water. This goes especially for toddlers. Many parents with toddlers have a habit of going to the beach or pool and letting their kids play in shallow water. In doing so, they may forget that the dangers of water lurk always and everywhere. Toddlers love to explore, which is why there is a chance they will go off into deeper water without catching their parents’ eye.

Swimming Lessons: A Good Start, But By No Means A Substitute For Supervision

Swimming lessons for children are a good way to start off their water training. They instruct kids in feeling comfortable in and around water. However, keep in mind that kids that are accustomed to water are more likely to seek it out, even (and especially) when their parents aren’t looking. More to the point, parents are typically convinced that a handful of classes are enough to let their guard down. When it comes to toddlers, in particular, swim lessons usually focus on teaching the kids how to get their faces wet and some basic skills. It is critical that parents NEVER take their eyes off of their kids, even when they’re in shallow water. Swim lessons are a good start, but there is no substitute for adult supervision.

The Pros

The benefits of swimming lessons for kids:

They make kids feel comfortable tackling water
They teach both basic and advanced swimming techniques
They are highly beneficial for children

Then, What Do I Do?

Always remember when your toddler is playing in shallow water at the beach or pool, keep in mind that the safest way is to always be within arms’ reach of them. At the same time, in order to maximise protection, make sure your kids are wearing proper fitting Personal Flotation Devices, and especially infant PFDs if they weigh under 30lbs. If you are In need of reliable infant PFDs, check out Zodiac Swim School store to purchase their award winning infant lifejacket. What you want to stay away from are inflatables, which get punctured easily and deflate with added weight. Ultimately, you want to make sure to keep your eyes on your kids AT ALL TIMES while they’re both in and around water.

Bottom line, swimming lessons are good for kids and have many benefits. However, they require children to be mature enough to use them in the right way. The greatest number of toddler and child drownings take place because parents get distracted. This happens when they’re applying sunscreen, eating, talking to other parents, reading a book, talking on their phone and the like. The best way to keep them safe is to be in the pool alongside them and keep them within arms’ reach for the duration of the water adventure. Check out all the swimming lesson options at Zodiac Swim School and register your child today!

How Sending Kids to Summer Camps can be Beneficial to Parents.

As a parent, bear in mind that you can also gain benefits by sending your kids to day camps. Continue reading and find out what they are.

Summer typically means day camps for kids and parents alike. If you happen to be a first timer sending your kid away to summer camp, there is a chance you will notice a heightened sense of anxiety. All sorts of questions and thoughts are likely running through your mind. What if there is an emergency? Are you sure the camp will address your child’s individual needs accordingly? How do you know if they will be okay? But, don’t worry as all of this is quite normal.

In order to avoid turning into a model parent for how not to act when your child is at a kids’ day camp, there are several things you can try. The following tips serve to help both you and your kids get the most out of their camp experience:

  • Make sure to communicate with your kids in the appropriate manner while they’re at camp;
  • Let your kids go and allow them to gain new skills and experiences;
  • Understand that camp will provide them with unique opportunities.

Appropriate Communication Is Crucial At Day Camps For Kids

Many children’s day camps have rules in place for campers communicating with their parents. Following these rules and limiting their communication with their children is the mark of parents who trust their kids and have confidence in them. On the other hand, over-communicating with your child throughout the week sends the wrong message. It tells the kids that they need more attention and that they’re unlike other campers. As a result, these kids are unable to bond with their peers and self-soothe feelings of homesick and stress. Camp counselors are trained to reduce stress in children in a healthy way. That is why learning this is very beneficial to both parents and their children.

Allow Your Kids To Gain New Experiences On Their Own At Day Camps For Kids

One of the greatest benefits of camps is the opportunity your child has to return home from camp feeling more self-assured and accomplished. The way you can help them is to reassure them before they leave for camp. Remind them of other times when they were feeling anxious and insecure and still performed well. Let them know you’ll be there for them, but that it is important for them to grow on their own. Again, this is an important lesson for both children and their parents.

Day Camps For Kids Provide Them With Opportunities Parents Often Aren’t Able To

Sending kids off to summer camp means they’ll need to rely on and communicate with other campers. This is important, as it means they’ll need to grow and form relationships with kids outside their usual circle of the neighbourhood or school friends. Overall, camps are a new environment for them, where they will need to work with others in order to succeed and thrive in different activities. Additionally, not only are kids taught independence and communication skills in summer camp, but they also learn discipline. Following the rules in a consistent way is essential for overcoming many life challenges, which is another benefit of camps.

On the other hand, parents often think they know best. But, many parents are happy to see their kids return home from camp with a new sense of self-discipline and hard work. If they stay home, children miss out on all the important life lessons taught at camp, including ones impossible to learn at home.

Bottom line, there is much to be gained from sending kids off to day camps for kids in the summer. That goes for both campers and their parents. And if finding the ideal camp for your young ones is a priority for this season, remember that Zodiac Day Camp provides over a dozen interesting programs and offers multiple early registration discounts. Register now to take advantage of this and give your kids a summer to remember.

Give The Gift Of Kids Summer Camp This Holiday Season

Want to be creative this holiday season? How about a kids summer camp stay as a gift? Read on for the details.

The holiday season is upon us and that means it’s time to celebrate the holiday spirit. Traditionally, you’ll buy presents for your loved ones, friends and family. That includes children, and the best possible present for most children are either toys and/or candy. However, kids today have more toys than ever. Instead, if you’re trying to be creative and surprise the youth in your family with an unusual and useful gift, think about summer camp.

Why Are Kids Summer Camp Stays A Good Gift?

Children’s summer camps are places where they are able to not only relax in a new, positive and supportive environment but also develop many skills. Camps have been around forever, and offer countless benefits for both children and their parents. The thing is, because of their popularity, they are at times very expensive. This makes it tricky for parents to send their children off to summer camp adventures, especially if they have more than one child. That is exactly where you come in.

What Are Your Options?

Well, a number of different summer camps for kids offer significant early registration discounts. This means that those parents (and benefactors, such as yourself) who do their research ahead of the season are able to make significant savings. Zodiac Day Camp is one example of such a camp, as it offers multiple early registration discounts. By taking advantage of most or all of them, your gift will not only be a unique experience for the little ones, but also a wise investment.

Just some of the discounts you’ll be able to take advantage of with Zodiac include:

  • Early registration discounts
  • Early payment discounts
  • Multi-session discount
  • Pay by cheque/cash discount
  • Loyalty discounts (discounts for registering at Camp Tamarack or for swimming lessons with Zodiac Swim School)

So, Which Kids Summer Camp Should You Go For?

With over 15 different program options and 7 sessions spanning across July and August of 2018, it is clear that gifting the young ones in your family with a Zodiac summer camp adventure is the right way to go. Giving children the gift of unique experiences and lifelong memories is a holiday present equally, if not more valuable than video games and toys.

If you have young ones in your family, you likely know that there are limitless options of summer camps to choose from. However, Zodiac offers not only day camp adventures, but also swim school classes and many other valuable life lessons at several different locations. Give the gift of Zodiac summer camp this holiday season and sleep well knowing that you have given a useful, practical and noble gift to the children of your family and friends.


The Difference Between Traditional Summer Camps to Overnight Stays

Traditional kids summer camps are different from overnight stays. Find out what makes them unique by reading on.

Between parents talking on the sidelines at little league, news and emails, it can be a real challenge to sift through the barrage of information regarding different types of camps. Often enough, it is tricky to see the difference between fact and fiction. It’s no secret that summer camps for kids are a beneficial experience that has many upsides. However, how do you make the decision between day camps and overnight stays? Which should you opt for? Well, the following examples are some myths you’d be wise to debunk before making your decision.

  • Overnight camps are reserved only for the rich
  • My child will be better off at a specialty camp rather than a traditional overnight camp
  • An overnight camp experience of one week is the best way to ease into such a stay

There Are Different Kids Summer Camps With Overnight Stays

In reality, you should have no trouble finding a good summer camp for kids that offers overnight stays at a reasonable cost. There are many options available that can fit into any budget. The best part is, this is where it really pays to think and plan ahead. In other words, many camps offer not only financial aid, but also early enrollment discounts. For example, Zodiac Day Camp offers multiple early registration discounts. You’re able to save significant funds by registering more than one child for any of the programs they offer. Zodiac also offers an easy registration process that saves time, making it ideal for your kids’ summer adventures.

Specialty Summer Camps Are Better Than Traditional Camps

Not necessarily. And here’s why: specialty sports camps focus on teaching children technical skills. On the other hand, traditional summer camps are designed to teach children independence, physical activity, environmental care and other valuable life lessons. Children typically attend these specific camps to hone their skills for one sport, as opposed to traditional camps that focus on being part of a community. There are pros and cons to both options, however you know your child best and whether its a sports camp for your child’s first overnight stay or a traditional camp it is always a good idea to attend with a friend. That may help break the ice of being away from home for the first time.  

It’s Enough That The First Overnight Camp Experience Lasts A Week

In order to feel successful about a particular kids summer camp experience, children need a chance to feel homesick. Additionally, they also need to learn to go through the feeling of nostalgia with individual coping mechanisms and the help of counselors. For some children one week is barely enough time for them to find their way around the camp, let alone successfully cope with missing their home and parents. There are several options that overnight camps offer that range from 7 – 14 night stays. It again depends on your child but it’s great to give them ample opportunities to become immersed in the daily routine of the new and safe place, build strong friendships and feel good about doing something completely on their own.

Camps provide children with an all-important life lesson most don’t acquire at home from an early age: independence. However, many parents are overprotective and set their children up for failure even before they manage to go off to camp. Many believe they aren’t even able to afford camps. If that’s your concern, rest assured that Zodiac Day Camp not only offers multiple early registration discounts that preserve the family budget but is also an adventure in which your children will thrive and unleash their inner selves to the fullest. Register early and take advantage of the opportunity.

A Simple Checklist To Choose The Right Summer Camp For Your Child

Introducing The Idea of Day Camp to Your Child

Curious to learn if the Zodiac Day Camp is the right kids summer camp for your young one? Review this checklist to find out.

Since there are countless camp options to choose from and a myriad of different things to consider, making the right choice when it comes to a kids summer camp can be a daunting task. At the end of the day, every parent wants their child to have a positive experience in their camp of choice. That is why ensuring you make the right selection can be easily done with a bit of careful, advanced preparation.

Where To Start Your Search For The Perfect Kids Summer Camp

If you’re looking for a summer camp for kids near Ontario, you’d best start off your search by consulting the Ontario Camps Association website. This is a good place to start for two specific reasons: one is that the website offers ample resources and information that can help parents make the right decision when choosing a camp. The other is that the Zodiac Day Camp boasts an official accreditation by the OCA, meaning it is an ideal candidate to start off your search.

Once you obtain some initial information about Ontario camps, it’s time to turn to your little camper-to-be and have a short chat with them.

  • Engage in conversation with your child and try to learn why they’re interested in camp, what their goals are and what they are looking for overall from a camp experience.
  • Similarly, don’t lose sight of your family’s priorities. What ideals, goals, and mission do you hope the camp will impart on your youngster? What activities are important to you and your child? Are you looking for an overnight or day camp?

Which Questions Should You Ask?

Following this conversation, you’ll want to contact the offices of several camps you’re interested in. In doing so, ask about fees, availability, starting dates, session lengths and the like. Make sure to speak with either a member of the senior/management staff or the camp director. Ask some or all of the following questions:

  • Do you offer swimming programs?
  • Is it free swim vs. instructional swim?
  • What is your swim instructor-to-child ratio?
  • How do you manage safety at the pool?
  • What is the philosophy of your camp?
  • How many of your campers return each year?
  • What is the campers-to-staff ratio?
  • What is your background in camping?
  • How will my child get to and from your camp?
  • How old are the counselor/group leaders?
  • Are there any provisions for special needs campers?

Follow Up Research

It is also a good idea to ask the kids summer camp to send you program outlines, brochures or literature. Ensure that the registration/cancellation procedures are clearly defined, and also that you have all the necessary application forms. Check if the camp has a website. If they do, look for information on:

  • Program and activity options;
  • Accreditation status;
  • Role and expectation of parents;
  • Camp fees and extra charges;
  • Supervision;
  • Facilities and equipment;
  • Staff and camp director qualifications/experience;
  • Accident and emergency procedures;
  • Health and safety procedures and personnel.

Ultimately, you’ll be armed with a lot of information, at which point you’ll want to revisit your child’s goals and your family’s priorities. If your choice falls on Zodiac Day Camp, not only will it be the right choice, but you can also expect regular and ongoing contact. Rest assured that not only will your child thrive at Zodiac Day Camp, but that you’ll also be very pleased by the expertise and creativity of Zodiac’s staff.

Summer Day Camp: The Perfect Setting for Positive Youth Development

How Day Camps Can Be A Positive Influence in Youth Development

What is it about summer day camps that make them the perfect activity for kids? Find out by reading on.

If you were to ask most people, they’d probably say that summer day camps are nothing more than fun and games. But, camp directors have for decades been saying that day camps are places for acquiring and nurturing essential life skills in a safe and encouraging environment. Indeed, a 2010 study found that summer camp fosters leadership, environmental awareness, healthy living, independence, self-confidence, emotional intelligence and many other skills that are helpful in adulthood. So, what is it about summer day camps that gives youth such a boost? It’s the following:

Social Skills

Learning how to interact with others in a positive way is one of the most valuable lessons children learn in summer day camp. If you were to ask most camp alumni, they’ll likely tell you that some of their most valuable lessons on how to get along with others, as well as some of their most meaningful friendships, go way back to summer camp.


Allowing children to face challenges and take risks in a supportive and supervised environment helps build their self-esteem, resiliency, and independence. This is important as many parents today are overprotective of their children. Simply put, thanks to 24-hour news highlighting crimes in their communities, parents are unwilling to let their children out of their sight. That is exactly where summer day camp comes in, giving kids freedom and helping them build independent personalities in a safe environment.

Communication Skills

A huge component of the summer day camp experience is the fact that camps are designed to direct children towards one another. In doing so, they are encouraged to spend time and work together, which causes them to communicate in the process. Since another significant part of the camp experience is unstructured play and various fun activities, summer day camp is the ideal environment for children to hone their communication skills and learn how to adapt to different situations while being part of a team. Communication is vital throughout a person’s life, and it pays to practice it from an early age; something that’s definitely done at summer camp.

Team Building

Children at camp are widely encouraged to go outside their comfort zone through activities such as wilderness activities, musical and dramatic performances and high ropes courses. All of these activities, apart from being fun, have another thing in common: they serve as team-building exercises. By participating in such activities, children learn how to establish team hierarchy, assign different responsibilities to each member and have responsibility for each assignment. They also learn how to choose and be leaders, which is an all-important skill in adulthood.

Active Lifestyle

According to Statistics Canada, there is a national epidemic of inactivity and obesity in the country. That comes as no surprise, given that smartphones, social media, and video games are all vying for a young person’s attention. That’s exactly where summer day camp comes in. Disguised as fun and games, physical activity in day camps allows youth to adopt a healthy lifestyle without even realizing it. Many camps not only ban the use of electronics but also enact a daily routine that involves spending lots of time outdoors, eating regular meals, getting lots of physical exercise and waking up early.

Bottom line, day camps indeed are the perfect setting for positive youth development. One example is Zodiac Day Camp and Day Care, which promotes not only a healthy lifestyle but also one that teaches priceless life skills that shape the lives of children as they grow up into hard-working, mature adults. Contact Zodiac today for early registration and ensure your children have both a childhood and a future they truly deserve.

How to Become a Zodiac Swim School Instructor

Do you want to become a Zodiac Swim School instructor? Read on and find out how to become certified and licensed.

Learning to swim is something many people overcome early on in life, as children. However, children sometimes struggle with finding the correct and safest way of handling themselves in the water. Needless to say, the situation becomes more complicated as one gets older. In both instances, a professional swim school instructor is often needed in order to help overcome the challenge of water. However, becoming certified has typically been a long and costly journey. Well, not anymore.

At Zodiac Swim School, you’re able to enroll in a Lifesaving Society Program that trains and certifies candidates to become licensed swim school instructors.  The course is designed to prepare candidates to not only teach swimming but also evaluate basic swim strokes and related skills. During training, they are taught numerous stroke development drills and correction techniques, as well as proven teaching methods.

Candidates are also required to participate in both water and classroom sessions. They are trained to develop skills in administration, communication, leadership, evaluation, planning, and class management. Needless to say, in order to complete the course successfully, candidates need to have 100% attendance. When it comes to swim school instructors in general, they are an essential element in the development of their trainees. That is why this program at the Zodiac Swim School focuses on the effectiveness and competency of each candidate.

The prerequisites for applicants include:

  • Being 16 years of age (by the end of the course)
  • Bronze Cross certification (which does not need to be current)

All Swim Instructor candidates are evaluated and certified by the Swim Instructor Trainer. Upon obtaining the certifications, the Lifesaving Society deems them to be “current” for the duration of 24 months from the date of certification. Candidates who successfully complete the program are issued a Certification card. The course length is 20 hours stand-alone, though that length is doubled if combined with a Lifesaving Instructor course.

Those applying for this program with the goal of becoming certified swim school instructors need to also obtain The Canadian Lifesaving Manual, as it is required material that accompanies classroom and water sessions. If a candidate is unable to obtain the manual before classes begin, it is available for purchase from Zodiac at the time of registration.

The course will be held at Zodiac facilities at Havergal College on the following upcoming dates:

  • January 21, 28 / February 4, 11, 2018
  • April 8-29, 2018

If you have a passion for water and are eager to help others learn how to find their way around it as well as you, then becoming a swimming instructor is not only an interesting career but a noble one as well. Zodiac Swim School is already home to reputable swimming programs designed to cater to all swimmer levels, and now it also provides candidates the opportunity to learn how to pass on their knowledge in a certified and proven way.

Attending Swimming Lessons This Winter Has More Benefits Than You Think!

Swimming lessons can be beneficial to your kids in more ways than one. Continue reading and find out what they are.

Families typically spend time in the water during summer months. This makes perfect sense, as the outside temperatures often mean being in the water is a good way to escape the heat. Also, while in the water, kids find themselves in a new environment that is equally beneficial to their health. However, many parents are quick to pull their children out of water as winter comes. This is not the best course of action, as winter swim lessons are equally healthy and beneficial for kids.

The following are just several of the many benefits of winter swim lessons for children:

  • Swimming in winter can help kids with cabin fever
  • Winter swimming helps keep kids active during the cold season
  • Swim lessons in winter complement swimming in the summer, which provides continuity

Curing Cabin Fever With Winter Swimming Lessons

During the long winter months, it’s quite common for both adults and children to become restless. Only so many hours of entertainment are available from indoor activities like video games and reading. Soon enough, children begin to feel the urge to actively play, jump and run around. During swim lessons, however, kids are able to burn off all that excess energy that gets built up. Additionally, they also get to go out, interact with their instructors and see their friends. All in all, winter swim lessons are not only beneficial for kids in the long run, but they also give the entire family a reason to go out and stay active!

Staying Active During The Cold Season With Swimming Lessons

It is widely recommended that both adults and children spend at least 60 minutes daily performing various types of physical activities. However, parents often find themselves struggling to keep their kids active. This goes especially for winter months when fewer hours of daylight and colder outside temperatures limit outdoor playtime. As a result, families, and children, in particular, lead more sedentary lifestyles in the winter. One solution is weekly swimming lessons. They guarantee that children are going to remain physically active on a weekly basis. Swimming is an excellent exercise for kids because it carries a low risk of injury and works most of the body’s major muscle groups at the same time.

Winter Swimming Lessons Provide Continuity

It’s common knowledge that summer swimming classes help build strong water safety and swimming skills kids often require. However, when the summer ends and parents pull their kids out of the water for the winter, it creates a gap. By the time kids get back in the water next summer, it takes some getting used to in order to get back to the skills they honed last year. That’s where winter swim lessons come in. They provide continuity so that children are able to better retain their water skills. Eventually, with such a year-round approach, children are able to move on to mastering more advanced skills faster. Basically, the more they learn and practice in winter and spring, the more confident and safer they feel in the water during summer.

Overall, swimming is an activity that does wonders for both the body and mind. But, as with any activity, it requires continuity in order to allow someone to truly excel at it. Without a doubt, Zodiac Swim School is the absolute best choice for both your kids’ swim lessons and your own.  Zodiac is home to swim training programs that cater to all levels of swimmers and teach different styles and techniques of swimming and water safety. Contact Zodiac Swim School today, winter is coming and you’d be wise to book early!

3 Health Benefits For Kids Who Attend Summer Day Camp

Summer camps for kids deliver a myriad of benefits. Read three of the most notable ones by reading the rest of this article.

Many parents worry about what their children do in the summer. When the final school bell rings, the daily schedule of your child opens up for as long as 2 months. That is a wonderful opportunity to make sure they spend their free time in an active and productive way. That’s exactly why a summer camp for kids is ideal for combining learning with fun and play. If that’s what you’re thinking about, then rest assured Zodiac Day Camp has everything your child needs to stay physically active and learn many new things this summer.

The reason why summer camps are growing in popularity, especially nowadays, is mainly because of the predominant lifestyle many Canadians lead. According to some studies, children are spending more than 6 hours a day with technology. As a result, active playtime takes a back seat to screen time. So, how do you battle this, especially during summer break? Well, Zodiac Day Camp for kids offers the perfect combination of learning, playing and physical activities for kids of all ages. Here are the top 3 health benefits for kids who attend summer day camps:

  1. Making Friends – First and foremost, kids at summer camp are able to make better friends in a natural way because they are free from the social expectations often experienced at school. They are able to relax and act more naturally around other kids. Besides, they are also encouraged to build and strengthen new relationships outside of their normal circle of school and neighbourhood friends. Often enough, lifelong relationships are born from friendships made at summer camp.
  2. Practising Independence – Learning independence is one of the most difficult lessons in life. What better way to go about learning such a lesson than being away from home and out of one’s comfort zone? Summer camps for kids are designed to give children opportunities to become more independent in a safe environment by making their own decisions. Developing self-confidence, making choices and creating relationships are all activities that take place under the watchful eyes of camp counselors. Most importantly, learning self-confidence from an early age is an important lesson that often leads to success later in life.

  3. Introducing Outdoor Play – Outdoor play is a hugely underrated factor in growing up these days. Because of the misuse of modern technology, almost one-third of children throughout Canada today are overweight. This is caused by a decrease in physical and outdoor activity, unhealthy eating habits, an increase in technology use and a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. Again, summer day camps for kids are the ideal solution, they ensure children are getting more than the required amount of physical activity every day. Additionally, other benefits include a healthy diet, socializing and spending time in a stimulating environment.

Overall, sending kids off to summer day camp does wonders for them in more ways than one. In addition to their physical well-being, it also nurtures their young minds and stimulates their creativity in new ways. That is exactly what makes Zodiac Day Camp a great place for your children to experience the adventures of growing up and learning things on their own. With a wide variety of activities to choose from, multiple discounts and knowledge of so many amazing benefits, rest assured Zodiac Day Camp is THE place for your kids this summer.

How Registering Early for Summer Day Camps Helps with the Family Budget

Registering early for summer day camps can have a positive impact on family budget. Find out how by reading on.

Summer day camp is ideal for giving kids the opportunity to explore a different side of themselves while surrounded by their peers. However, as is often the situation, summer day camps can at times pose a significant expense for the family budget. It is even more troublesome if you have two or more children and are thinking about sending them away at the same time. Luckily, Zodiac Day Camp offers a great way to get the most for each child.

November is a great month to take advantage of several early registration and early payment discounts at Zodiac Day Camp. Additionally, there are also multi-session, pay-by-cheque/cash, and loyalty discounts on offer at Zodiac. What this means for both your little ones and your family budget is that you’re able to provide a fun and lasting experience to your kids while at the same time saving quite a bit of money.

How is all this possible? Zodiac Day Camp and Day Care is the kind of summer day camp that is well aware of how challenging it can be to budget finances and allow children to have an awesome childhood at the same time. That’s why parents are able to save significantly by taking advantage of multiple discounts at the same time or consecutively. As a result, you’ll not only have a win at parenting but will also be able to redirect some funds towards other family requirements.

To make the process as easy and straightforward as possible, Zodiac Day Camp has made sure to organize the registration into several simple steps:


  • Basic overview of information in the 2018 Program & Information Guide

    The 2018 Program & Information Guide contains a brief overview and highlight of all the important information regarding locations, cost, activities and the like. It represents the first step in the registration process.


  • Completing the application

    You’ll need to complete The Convenient Online Camper Application. Here you’ll be required to determine things like whether and to what extent you qualify for any of the multiple discounts on offer by Zodiac Day Camp, as well as whether you’ll participate in the catered camp lunch program and if you’d like optional bus transportation.


  • Selection of the desired payment option

    Step number three involves opting for one of the four payment options, each of which varies in amount and is due at different times (11/30/2017, 03/15/2018, 04/15/2018, 05/15/2018).


  • Placing a deposit (if applicable)

    If applicable, step number four requires entering your MasterCard or Visa information on the Camper Application Form or sending in a cheque for the purpose of placing a deposit. Note that the deposit will be considered a partial payment toward the total camp fee.


  • Balancing of payment

    The second-to-last step pertains to the total fees payable (after deducting any deposits you might have paid previously). Remember that there is a pay by cheque/cash discount that can be applied in this step.
  • Submitting the application along with return materials

    This is the final step, in which you need to submit the Camper Application along with the full payment for the selected activities, times and dates of the summer day camp stay. In this step, you’ll also need to submit a copy of the birth certificate and a current picture for each camper.


This is how simple the process is. Think about it: the entire registration process can be done from the safety and comfort of your home, with several clicks of the mouse or taps on a tablet screen. There is no need to leave your home, spend time stuck in traffic or wake up early in order to rush to stand in a line. Instead, you can register your kid(s) for an amazing summer day camp adventure in a matter of minutes. The best part is, when choosing Zodiac Day Camp, you qualify for multiple discounts if you register early. It doesn’t get much better than that!