Life Lessons learned at summer camp

For many, summer day camp is something that is a family tradition and enjoyed each and every year. Summer camp provides kids with an outlet for activity but also life lessons. From learning how to make friends to new skills, children can learn lessons that they take with them for the rest of their life. Read on to find out what life-lessons children acquire from summer camp.

Making Friends

For many children, summer day camp is a time when they learn how to make new friends. Most children do not know the other kids at summer camp. They must learn how to interact with kids their own age who they are not familiar with. Being in groups and taking part in activities at summer day camp will help your child to learn how to make friends and be open with others. This is a life lesson that carries on well into adulthood for making friends in the workplace.

Gaining Self-Confidence

Children can be quite shy and have a hard time learning how to build self-confidence. Children can be scared to try new things or take part in group activities. At summer day camp, kids begin to learn how to build self-confidence. Your child can quickly move out from under their shell and start to develop a strong sense of self-worth and self-confidence. They will be encouraged by camp counselors and their peers which helps them to have an overall good sense of self that is carried on into adulthood.

Working Well with Others

Children who have no siblings can have a hard time learning how to work well with others. At camp, children are put in groups with other kids and have to learn how to work together to reach a common goal. Children who attend summer camp quickly learn how to get along with others, learning how to work out differences and get along. Summer camp exposes an only child to how group activities work and how sharing and working together can be beneficial. These can be hard qualities to teach a child on your own and summer camp provides such experiences.

Future Goals

Because summer camp is a fun experience, many young children look forward to being a camp counselor as they get older. From a young age, summer camp can lead children in the right direction, towards leadership and an interest in helping others. Children who attend Zodiac Day Camp programs have the opportunity to take part in CIT programs which is a counselor in training option. Kids learn basic leadership skills and how to work with children, with employment opportunities offered in the future.

Overall, summer camp offers kids a great outlet for entertainment as well as the ability to learn life lessons. Help your child to develop into a quality adult by exposing them to everything summer day camp has to offer. At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer quality camp options for all age groups and activity levels.

It’s your responsibility: Backyard Pool Safety

Backyard swimming pools are a great way for homeowners to enjoy the hot summer months. With a swimming pool, you can host pool parties or simply just spend time with family and friends. However, with owning a backyard swimming pool comes great responsibility. Homeowners need to practice backyard pool safety at all times, ensuring everyone stays safe and that children are supervised at all times. It is recommended that children take part in private swimming lessons so that they can be ready to enjoy the water, understanding every aspect of water safety.

Hours of summer fun can be enjoyed with a backyard swimming pool with proper safety. A swimming pool or hot tub requires great responsibility and anyone enjoying the pool must understand the rules of the house as well as basic water safety to ensure everyone is safe and secure when in the water. Drownings take place within the home, particularly involving young children who have access to the pool without a gate in place. By following simple safety protocols, children as well as adults can stay safe when visiting your home.

Tips for Keeping Your Backyard Pool Safe

  • To begin with backyard pool safety, you will need to have a fence in place that has as self-closing gate. This will ensure the gate stays close and the area is restricted. You will want to check local laws to see what requirements are in regards to fencing and a swimming pool within your property.
  • Pool rules must be established. This can be making sure everyone swims with a partner, children have adult supervision at all times, no glass around the pool, no running, etc.
  • Do not allow diving. Most backyard pools are not deep enough for diving to be safe. Ensure no one is diving in the swimming pool.
  • Have safety items in place nearby such as throwing assists, first aid kid and telephone in case of emergency.
  • Create a plan of action so that everyone at the pool knows what to do in case of an emergency. This can include safety equipment, procedures during an emergency and an emergency signal.
  • Do not allow the use of alcohol or drugs near the pool. This can only increase the chances of an accident or even death.
  • When a portable pool is used, empty the water when not in use.
  • When an above ground pool is used, be sure to remove any steps or the ladder when the pool is not in use to avoid access by small children.
  • Hot tub temperatures need to be regulated and infants, toddlers and pregnant women should not enter the water.

Overall, it is important to follow these tips and never leave a child unattended, even for a few seconds. Accidents happen all the time and it is best to always supervise rather than leave children alone.

At Zodiac Swim School, water safety classes are readily available including swimming lessons for children. Contact us today to find out how you can enroll your child in a quality swimming program.

Learn more about what Zodiac Day Camp has to offer you and your family

If you are looking for Toronto summer camps, then look no further than Zodiac Day Camp. For years, this camp has provided quality summer camp programs for children in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Kids of all ages can take part in specialty programs as well as day camps for certain age groups or activities. From tiny tots to teens, Zodiac Day Camp offers a long list of camp options to keep your kids busy throughout the year.

Each summer, Zodiac Day Camp offers specialized summer day camp programs for kids of all ages. Children will experience a professionally-run day camp with exciting programs and activities. Only the best equipment and supplies are used within the state of the art facilities located at the Leo Baeck Day School, South Campus, adjacent Cedervale Park and nearby Forest Hill C.I. Pool.

Children will get to enjoy singing, dress-up days and additional themed programming for a ton of fun. Children can take part in indoor and outdoor activities, making new friends and learning new skills they can continue to use into adulthood.

Camp Tamarack

One exciting option offered is Camp Tamarack. This overnight camp option takes place in Muskoka on a private lake. Campers are introduced to the great facilities of Tamarack with multi-faceted programming with fun and spirited excitement that can only be experienced at summer camp. To introduce your child to the summer camp experience, Zodiac Day Camp offers the Taste of Tamarack weekends. 6 to 11-year-old campers can take part in an introductory overnight camp and then decide to come back for longer sessions.

Summer Day Camp

For day camp options, Zodiac Day Camp covers the board from offering swimming lessons to sports and the arts. Children ages 2.0 to 4 and 4 to 6.5 can take part in the Kid-Vantage program for specialized activities or children ages 2.5 to 4 can enjoy half or three-quarter day fun within the Zodiac Day Care program. Specialty camp options are also on offer so you can find something for your child to enjoy based on their age group as well as favourite activities.

The Leadership Experience and Development program is offered for teens via Zodiac Day Camp along with the Counsellor-in-Training program. Teens can learn advanced leadership skills to carry on into their high school career, even earning eventual employment at one of our camp programs.

Overall, Zodiac Day Camp offers a wealth of programming for children of all ages. Your child can easily find something to enjoy during the summer months to stay busy and active. Once enrolled, your child will be able to make new friends and learn a variety of new skills by taking part in group and individual activities. Contact our office today to find out more about what camp options are open to your child and how to enroll. You will be happy to see your child thrive and learning new things while enjoying new activities this summer.

Enjoy summer activities while you can as it soon will be over

Every year, summer seems to come and go with the drop of a hat. Summer is only a few weeks long then kids are back to school and homework. The summer months are supposed to be a fun time, with activities on the schedule and time with friends. However, parents quickly learn that summer can go by pretty fast and they tend to neglect to schedule fun outings or summer camp and soon enough summer is over. Take time to find out what options are offered to you so that your child can enjoy summer camp programs, fun time with friends and new experiences while summer is in session.

Stay Active with Swim Camp

One of the most fun activities to look forward to in the summer months is swimming. Swimming is a cool activity that feels great and is most enjoyed during the hot summer months. One option for your child is to enroll in swim school. Children can take part in swimming lessons with kids their own age and be able to enhance their swimming skills. At Zodiac Swim School, the low-ratio programming means your child will be able to learn in a small group. The private swim school offers a host of swimming lesson options for all ages and skill levels. Your child can return year after year to hone their skills and learn how to stay safe in the water.

Day Camp

Summer day camp programs are another example as to how your child can stay active this summer. Children need activities and things to do on a regular basis to stay busy. With summer camp, your child has something new to look forward to each day. For a few hours a day, your child can have fun taking part in various sports, arts & crafts, music and more.

Children of all ages can attend day camp, with several options offered at Zodiac Day Camp. The Kid-Vantage Program is one example of what you can expect for summer camp. With this program, campers ages 2 -4 can enjoy a half-day Adult & Tot program  and campers ages 4 – 6.5 can enjoy a full day program. Children will have access to specialty programs with swimming fun and outdoor sports on the agenda. Your child will have a great time as they spend time away from home, making new friends and enjoying fun activities.

For older kids, Zodiac Day Camp offers specialty programs as well. From L.E.A.D. to C.I.T there are programs to provide your teen with learning opportunities that include leadership skills. Children often attend the day camp and move on to the leadership programs as they grow older.

At Zodiac Day Camp, there is a wealth of opportunity available for your child. Find out how your youngster or teen can stay busy this summer by becoming involved in a variety of program options. You will find that your child thrives by having the option to enjoy fun activities all summer long!

Unplugging this summer and why this is so beneficial to our children

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Today’s kids are very tech savvy. It seems almost everything we do these days requires some type of technical knowledge and our children are paying the price. From a young age, children learn how to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and can have a hard time unplugging. Many kids spend their summers online instead of enjoying the outdoors or taking part in activities. The summer months should be spent taking part in fun activities such as summer camp programs, exercise, time with friends, etc.

Tech Dependency

Many studies have shown that children have become dependent on tech devices. As children are using mobile devices more and more they find that being without a device takes them outside of their comfort zone. Children need to learn how to figure things out for themselves and be more independent. Having a mobile device for constant entertainment is not helpful to the process of becoming more independent.

It is best that children have a phone-free time frame in which they can explore things, spend time with friends or take part in an activity. Children need to learn how to focus on what they are doing and become immersed in the environment around them rather than a screen.

A great way to cut back on screen-time in the summer months is to have your child attend summer camp. There are summer camps that offer overnight stays as well as day camps. A day camp is a great option for younger children as they only go a few hours each day, spending time with children their own age and enjoying activities like sports and arts & crafts.

The time spent at camp is ideal for being off the screen and doing something active. Children can learn many skills just by taking part in camp activities. Children learn how to interact with others, having real conversations, instead of simply looking at a screen for their entertainment. Children can have more fun by taking part in daily activities instead of mindlessly looking at the mobile screen and watching entertainment that does not stimulate the mind.

Technology is Addictive

Time and time again, it has been proven that technology is addictive. Children need a break in order to be productive adults. It is a great idea to come up with outdoor trips that you can take with your child or planned activities in order to find something to do that doesn’t involve technology. Children need to learn how to disconnect from the internet and focus on the real world, interacting with others and being fully immersed in their environment.

At Zodiac Day Camp, children have the ability to attend several summer camps in order to have less screen time and more real-life experiences. Help your child to make friends and stay active by enrolling them today in one of our many camp options this summer. Learn more by contacting Zodiac Day Camp to find a camp based on the age group and interests of your child.

Why campers become day camp leaders?

Summer day camps are a great way for children to stay active and have fun when school is no longer in session. Many children during the summer months look for something to keep them busy and to take part in scheduled activities like they do at school. With summer day camp programs, children have the ability to not only have fun and take part in sports, arts & crafts and more, they can also learn great skills such as independence, self-confidence, and leadership.

Summer camp programs hire individuals who enjoy working with children but also those who wish to inspire. Many children grow up to become camp counselors themselves due to the experience they had with their own counselors. Camps such as those offered at Zodiac Day Camp provide a way for children to become knowledgeable camp counselors. From a young age, children can observe their counselors and learn lifelong lessons that can be used into adulthood. They can then provide what they learn to others by becoming camp counselors themselves.

The Advantage of Leadership Camp

Leadership camp is a great example as to how children can learn from camp counselors to enhance their natural skills as well as work on areas in which they need improving such as self-esteem or independence. Counselors provide assistance during camp to encourage children to become leaders at camp as well as within their community. Peer support is also helpful to encourage children to do more while at camp.

Team activities such as sports or arts and crafts help to cultivate a number of leadership skills. Children learn by taking on problem-solving tasks and by receiving constructive feedback from their counselors. Once camp is over, you may find that your child wants to continue to attend each year and work on becoming a counselor as they get older.

L.E.A.D. & CIT

The L.E.A.D & CIT programs are an advanced leadership program provided for campers ages 12.5 to 15.5 by Zodiac Day Camp. Children who take part in this camp will be able to participate in several workshops and training sessions with a Leadership Coordinator as well as experts in particular areas such as effective discipline, quality programming, teaching techniques and more.

Children will have the ability to apprentice as well as take part in specialty areas and activities within camp groups to gain experience as a counselor before becoming a counsellor. This is a great opportunity for young people to start out and learn the ropes before taking part in employment opportunities within Zodiac Day Camp. The full seven-week program helps teens to gain the right amount of experience in order to be a quality counselor in the future.

At Zodiac Day Camp, children often decide to move on to the leadership programs to become camp counselors.  They have had such an enjoyable time as a camper they want to assist others. It is interesting to watch as children evolve into their teenage years and decide to use their own experience to help others. If you have children in the right age range for camp counseling leadership camp programs offered by Zodiac Day Camp, contact our office today to learn more about the programs as well as how to enroll.