Benefits of Adult and Tot Swim Classes

Swimming programs today offer lessons for children of all ages, even infants. It is becoming more and more common for parents to sign up their infants for swimming lessons in order to introduce their child to the water.  Swimming classes which the parents are involved in can lead to a better success rate for the infant to learn how to swim. Read on to learn the many benefits of adult and tot swimming classes.

Experienced Instructor

To begin, any infant swimming class you sign up for, you will find that the instructor is experienced in infant education. The instructor will have the knowledge and experience to provide quality training for your infant as well as for yourself. You will learn techniques that you can apply to help your child learn to swim.

Fun and Entertaining Environment

Tot swimming classes can be compared to mommy and me or daddy and me classes as the child will be learning how to swim through games, songs and playtime. The instructor will show you how to use these techniques in order to make your toddler comfortable in the water. By playing games, your infant will associate the water with fun. Song helps children to associate certain movements with particular songs which helps to build repetition with movements to learn swimming techniques.

Water Safety

Swimming classes will help you and your child feel more comfortable about being in or around the water. Your child will start to develop the building blocks of learning how to swim.

Pre-school Swim Classes

Parent and Tot classes are a great way to prepare your child for pre-school swim classes. Once your child starts these classes, you can continue on with each stage of learning as they grow. Your child will continue to learn new skills as well as working on their current skills to becoming a strong swimmer.

When you become a parent, begin to look into such classes for your children. Swimming classes are offered for children as young as 3 months. Introducing them to the water at an early age will help prepare your child for safe swim practices.

At Zodiac Swim School, we offer quality swimming programs for all ages. We teach and encourage proper technique as well as water safe so that your children can be successful swimmers in the future. Contact our office today to see what classes we have available for your needs.

Learning Empathy through Dance Class

Having empathy means to have the ability to understand and share in the feelings of another. Many people cannot show empathy until they have experienced something for themselves. Children can find it hard to be empathic towards others as they do not understand what a friend may be going through. Recent studies over the past few years have shown that children are more capable of learning empathy by taking part in dance classes.

It is important for children to be able to learn empathy to be able to relate to others. Empathic people are able to be better leaders as well as be more successful in the workforce by learning how to build quality relationships.

With dance classes, children learn how to share and work with others. By taking part in similar movements, children learn how to empathize with others. During dance, children are able to experience cognitive benefits. Dance has been shown to improve acceptance, cooperation and collaboration among children.

In dance classes, children will meet new people of differing backgrounds as well as various cultures. It is helpful to the child to meet new people, becoming more accepting of those who they may not interact with on a daily basis. Children learn how to work with each other as they learn dance movements. Whether children are dancing in a group setting or with a partner, they must work together to reach a common goal.

This helps to work towards collaboration with others. Children are able to work together, gaining skills that are quite useful in life, from relationships with others to entering the workforce. As an adult, your child will be more accepting of others, be willing and able to collaborate and work together to reach goals, in work and personal life. Such skills will allow your child to build a solid foundation for a successful adulthood.

More research is needed to fully understand the connection between dance and emotional intelligence. In the meantime, parents can use summer camp for kids as a way to provide dance classes for their children. With dance class, the child will learn how to work with others, develop quality social skills and exercise.

At Zodiac Day Camp, children will have access to summer programs that feature dance and other creative outlets. Your child can enroll in the Creative Kidz section to take part in a variety of fun activities including dance classes. Dance creates a positive environment where children can develop their creativity, focusing on self-expression and self-achievement.

Children will see a boost in their self-confidence along with enjoying themselves with kids their own age. The dance classes focus on movements, rhythm, and imagination, freedom of expression, music, fitness and fun!

Give your child access to such classes along with much more to enjoy by contacting Zodiac Day Camp. Programs are offered for children in age ranges of 6 ½ to 12 ½ with dance included for fun and skill-building. Find out more about classes today by contacting Zodiac.

Benefits of Trampoline Sports for Kids


Children of any age typically enjoy using the trampoline for recreational purposes. While trampolines are usually associated with a casual day outside on a nice Sunday afternoon, others also utilize this device for improving their sports performance.

The trampoline itself is a sports device initially used for performances. Athletes and acrobats train regularly using trampolines, and they develop the necessary strength and muscle memory through constant practice. With trampoline use, the child can experience better fitness and body awareness, along with good cardiovascular health and higher spirits.

Trampoline sports in day camps are usually good options for a child to try out when they need some kind of physical activity. Better fitness also means that they will be able to reduce their chances for health risks associated with obesity and being overweight. Children with access to exercise equipment will be able to enjoy better lifestyles without having to worry about health problems caused by lack of movement.

Aside from weight loss, there are more benefits that trampoline use can provide for the child. A trampoline utilizes the entire body for movement, and this means that overall body strength is improved when a person is using the device. With a trampoline, you can strengthen your core muscles better without adding unnecessary stress on other joints and bones on your body. Using a trampoline for exercise is also gentler on thigh, core and leg muscles, as they don’t need to exert as much effort as when they are carrying your weight. This means that there are less chances for bone diseases and muscle injuries.

Jumping on the trampoline also requires a certain amount of strength, agility, balance, and posture. Continually using the trampoline for long periods of time would lead the child to develop better abilities in these departments, and they will be able to enjoy the benefits of having better posture and agility in everyday life. The physical exertion needed also requires for a person to breathe properly, so they learn to exercise their lungs and have better respiratory functions by playing with the trampoline.

It is also considered as a good cardiovascular workout by many fitness professionals and athletes. Studies have shown that jumping on the trampoline provides better workout and cardio results than running, jumping and most sports on foot. This kind of exercise has also shown to provide the child with a better mood and a nicer disposition, since they have used energy on a fun activity.

Trampolines have been used to help patients recovering from illnesses and injuries. Since childhood is a delicate stage, playing with the trampoline can assist those with depressive tendencies or going through any emotional difficulties. The trampoline requires a person’s full focus without them realizing that they have used up their energy. For overactive kids, it is a good distraction and a way to burn off some energy while providing a fun experience.
Being airborne is a great feeling and jumping is already considered a good exercise on its own. When a child is outdoors at day camps with their trampoline sessions, they will also get some much-needed vitamin D.


The Camp Experience: Lessons in Growing Up

Children's Camps

Children can learn valuable lessons in day camps and with the right day camp, your child’s camp experience will surely be fun and worthwhile.

The kinds of activities your kids will engage in depends on the camp they are enrolled in. For example, a science camp would focus on activities that are exploratory such as dissecting animals, completing science projects, and going on outings at science museums or fairs. A swimming school on the other hand will help children learn how to swim and instill in them discipline that they can use in their everyday life. Some day camps in Toronto offer swimming programs for kids. The valuable swimming lessons and skills that they will learn in swim schools will prepare and mold them to be better and responsible adults later.

Day camps always offer some kind of outdoor activity. Whether is sports such as baseball, football, dodgeball, cooperative games and fun water games. This is one of the best things about attending day camps. Kids can burn their energy, learn, and have fun, all at the same time.

Teamwork is a lesson that is also taught at most day camps for kids. The camp staff usually divides the campers into groups and ask them to work on a difficult project. Through this, children are able to understand what it means to work together in a respectful manner and how to achieve a common goal.

Sometimes, during day camp activities, children get inspired to pursue certain occupations after guest speakers talk with them about their careers. For instance, if a neurosurgeon visits a career-based day camp and discusses the most fascinating aspects of his career, some kids might entertain the idea of getting into the medical profession.

For kids, going to day camps also helps them make new friends and it allows them to enjoy new experiences outside the classroom and home. Day camps are also great for home schooled children because it gives them the chance to possibly meet other kids in the same situation.

At day camps, children also showcase their skills during events such as show and tell and talent shows. It gives them the chance to act silly and share their talents to others. Such day camp activities also help boost confidence in children.

Visits to venues around town are a part of summer camps. Your child might visit places such as sporting events, zoo, park, religious services, hospitals or free activities for kids at community centers. This lets kids learn about the cities they live in.

For boys in particular who are known for their infectious energy levels,  camp is an excellent option to avoid them running all over your house all summer long. It creates a different outlet for them by enrolling them in a sports-themed  camp. Your boys can spend hours running, jumping and throwing balls in a day camp.

Day camps are wonderful places where your children can socialize and expand their horizons. These camps provide lessons that will stay with your children for years to come and this enriches their intellectual development.

Before choosing a camp, research the reputation, activities and staff. Also talk to those who have attended the camp you’re interested in. First hand information from those who have already been to a specific summer camp will be very helpful for you. Also check online if  the summer camp has a website.

Zodiac Day Camps offer a wide array of activities and specialized courses, all geared towards a child’s physical, mental, and social development. For more information, click here.


Some Leading Causes for Child Obesity


“Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years.”   That’s according to the CDC.  The question is, why has child obesity become such an issue and why does it continue to increase? The main causes of obesity are quite similar in both adults and children.  Most of these causes are related to behavior and genetics.  Behavior includes dietary patterns, physical activity and use of medication, among other things.

Obesity is often linked to lack of exercise.  Specialists recommend that children have at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day, as seen on the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.  For a number of reasons children haven’t been getting enough exercise.  One of these reasons is safety.  Many communities don’t have access to safe places for kids to play at, like parks, day camps, and swimming programs, for example.

With today’s access to internet, video games, smartphones and tablets, kids are not stimulated to go outside and play as they were years ago.  According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, only one in three children are physically active on a daily basis.  Research also shows that children spend seven and half hours a day in front of a screen.

Having a good diet is also very important, as everyone probably knows by now.  A good diet should emphasize whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, low-fat and fat-free dairy products.  Also, one should drink around half a gallon of water every day.  So here is the problem:  in the U.S., even in schools, it’s very easy to have access to unhealthy food, such as french fries.  Some even have vending machines that sell soda, chips and cookies among others.

Another issue concerning diet is to find healthy food which is affordable.  In some cases, people just don’t have access to these foods due to their location or some people don’t have access due to financial reasons which reduces access to appropriate food products.  

The availability of high-energy-dense foods and sugar sweetened drinks is alarming and makes staying healthy even more difficult.  Consumption of high energy dense foods, or simply junk food, plays a big role in obesity and is often consumed with sugar sweetened drinks, like soda, which just makes things worse.

Not only is physical access to junk food a problem, but financial access may be an even bigger problem.  You can get a burger, fries and soda with unlimited refills for under $10 but if you wanted to choose the healthier option of a salad you are looking at the same cost if not a bit more.

Things get even worse when you join these issues – lack of physical activity and dietary problems, and they usually go hand in hand.  Eating healthy is very important and so is physical activity like swimming and outdoor play.  It is necessary to stimulate children to do some type of physical activity every day in order to improve statistics and consequently, society as a whole.  Better policies at schools, establishing more summer day camps and swimming schools, reduction of targeted advertisement of fast food and more stimuli to physical activities are some of things that can help better today’s problem with child obesity.

Zodiac swim schools offers a variety of swimming programs for kids. Their swimming programs are geared towards nurturing a child’s mind and body. For more information, click here.

The Social Impact of a Child’s Addiction to Gadgets



Within the last decade, technology has become a primary part of everyone’s life. Not only in the communication sphere, but the rapid digital revolution has completely changed the educational and learning scenario.

However, one cannot deny the adverse impact of technology especially with our young people. Even children from 2-5 years of age are getting exposure to digital gadgets. Kids are spending vast amounts of time playing around video-games, watching TV and surfing devices. Texting, chatting and spending times in social media have taken up their recreational times. Children are alarmingly withdrawing from outdoor games and physical activities as they prefer to spend that time around a computer. The decline of social interaction is making them incapable of face-to-face communication, and also creates an emotional distance with friends and parents.

Addiction towards gadgets is giving rise to problems like sleeplessness, lack of concentration, anxiety and mood disorders. Continuous usage of gadgets and internet are snatching away the thinking capacity of a child. The inter-connectivity between childhood and imagination is a thing of the past now.

Nowadays, every dot of information is available in the internet and kids are left with little to imagine and fantasize. Continuous access to gadgets is eroding a child’s normal quest and curiosity and they are no longer seeking an elderly person’s guidance and knowledge. It can also be said that gadgets are eroding the inter-personal skills of a child and often they are irritated with the presence of another person during their time of surfing the gadgets. Another disadvantage is that digital gadgets are deterring the kids to indulge into their creative and artistic pursuits.

Though it is widely admitted fact that technical devices are meant for keeping closer connectivity among people, irrespective of geographical barriers, in reality it often brings about apathy among people and the worst sufferer are the kids.

One of the worst impact, the kids are facing as a result of technology addiction is Cyber bullying. Harassment, humiliation, threats have entered into the virtual world also. Infact sending degrading messages, pictures and videos have become simple, quick and immediate by means of the 24*7 online access.

The emotional and physical consequences of bullying on children are horrific; their self confidence and self esteem get lowered down. Many kids end up emotionally and psychologically distressed and some kids are even turning to fatal tendencies. Depression, anger, fears, shame are just a few of the many outcomes of cyber bullying and experiencing bullying in childhood proves to be a huge evil in course of a child’s normal growth potentiality.  

Therefore, it is needless to say that unregulated use of technology and gadgets by children can really take a toll on their mental and physical well-being. Parents must be aware of these problems and should try to keep their children away from the gadgets during their play days as much as possible. Taking them to summer day camps or a swimming school for kids will help divert their attention away from gadgets and the internet, enhance their skills, and make them more productive and responsible individuals.

In day camps, children will learn so many things while having fun at the same time. In a swimming school for kids, they will not only have fun but they will also acquire swimming skills that will help boost their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Science Camp: It’s All About Discovery

science camp

It is hard to find opportunities for students to keep learning after school has ended. It is ideal for parents to find something to keep children interested in academic topics during the summer season. You typically find kids stuck inside the house after school is over and summer has started.

It is the parent’s job to find a way for these children to keep learning past the classroom. They need a safe, supervised space for growth and knowledge away from the walls of the house. They need to be able to utilize and improve their capabilities alongside peers who are at the same level. An excellent option is day camps as they provide a variety of themes and educational topics that make learning fun!

Children are naturally interested in previously unknown concepts and ideas that provide positive results. This is why it is recommended for them to be exposed to different activities while they are young. One option for this is by going to a science camp. Science day camps and workshops provide good opportunities for kids to learn new ideas using planned activities with children of the same age. Children fare better when they are introduced to the wonders of science at a young age.

Children discover a new sense of wonder regarding scientific methods that were once just words on a textbook. They also learn how to interact and cooperate with other children in their classes. They will create new memories and friendships with like-minded people who will be able to provide assistance and support should they ever plan to continue pursuing education in the scientific field.

They will also be able to take charge of events, and bring home a better version of themselves, one who has more confidence, self-assurance, and self-esteem. Having to communicate and do activities with their peers allows them to develop social skills that will assist them later in life.

It is always best to prepare children with these life skills, as they will eventually encounter similar unfamiliar situations in high school and college. This is also a good kind of encouragement for the child it introduces an idea of what life as a scientist or scientific researcher would be like.

Summer day camps offer a safe and healthy environment for activity. Each project will be done under the careful supervision of a trained professional. The location will have been fixed and arranged to provide the optimal setting for learning. These play and learn areas support creativity and discipline at the same time.

Children can try out the same scientific experiments that have inspired advancements which have brought human technology to the modern era. They will be able to learn more than what is taught in the limits of a textbook. They will also receive a physical application to concepts that they have once only read about and have a better appreciation about things that they have learned in school.

There are different kinds of science day camps and workshops for a child to try out. They can learn about the construction of different substances and technologies or be familiarized with the items being used within a laboratory. They could be introduced to astronomy, biology, psychology, programming and much more. When choosing a summer camp for your child to try out, pick one that covers topics you would like them to learn. You can check out Toronto day camps with several options for learning here:

Up and Down the Trampoline!


Playing with a trampoline is always an unforgettable experience for a child. Even adults also enjoy using trampolines. It is a fun and enjoyable game for the child to play, and they gain a healthy workout with just a few hours of playing. It’s a fun exercise that provides fitness benefits and doesn’t have to be forced onto the child. The child also gets adequate fitness experience without realizing that they are restricted to a specific area. This means that the parent will be able to watch without having to move around much.

Trampolines are objects that allow the person to bounce indefinitely or until they get tired. These usually consist of some strong fabric commonly held by a steel frame. They can be of different sizes and shapes, but the most common one is usually round. Skilled trampoline sportsmen can reach more than three times their height when jumping on a trampoline. You can find commercially available trampolines in parks, in houses, in indoor facilities, and also in outdoor day camps.

For children aiming to perform better in their sport, the ideal recreational activity would be playing with the trampoline. Gymnasts use the trampoline to practise various acrobatic movements required for performances and competitions. Even basketball athletes learn how to jump better and higher with muscles utilized by this sport. Trampolining is always a good way to exercise muscles required for various athletic abilities, because they will be able to utilize muscles for jumping without putting as much stress on their bones as when the athlete does jumps or runs on the floor.

If parents would like to help their child improve their abilities and reach their dreams in athletics, giving time to practise jumps on the trampoline is one of the best ways to help. Learning to do somersaults is easier when you get to practise on the trampoline. Even difficult flips and movements get easier when you get used to being airborne. Performers achieve better physical awareness and muscle memory once they gain access to a trampoline. Trainers and coaches always recommend putting the athlete in different environments like workshops and day camps that use the same muscular abilities so that they will have room for variation in their movements when it is time for a game or performance.

However, over the years, the incidences of trampoline accidents are rising. Using one leaves the person open to possible injuries and dangerous falls. When using a trampoline, it is always best recommended that the person is accompanied by a spotter or a trained individual. If a parent wants their child to train with a trampoline, they should always make sure that there is sufficient guidance and support. Attempting dangerous movements unsupported is a major cause for most trampoline injuries. It is ideal to always think of the child’s safety when trying out any physical activity.

It is also better for the child to enjoy the trampoline when they are accompanied by other kids their age. Parents can look for parks and outdoor areas with options for shared play, but these usually have minimal supervision and would require for the parent to stay and watch over their child. A better option would be to go to trampoline classes or day camps with people who know their way around the equipment.

If you would like to provide access to a trampoline for your child on the outdoors, try out Toronto Day Camps. These day camps have professionals experienced in teaching and guiding kids when using a trampoline. You can check one of them out here:

Horseback Riding for Kids with Equestrian Love

Horseback riding for kids

It is always recommended for parents to provide their children various new experiences with which to learn life skills. With horseback riding kids can receive sufficient physical and mental activity for one session, along with an invaluable memory of having interacted with an intelligent animal.

Horses have been mankind’s helpers for as long as we can remember. We originally domesticated these herbivores for the purpose of carrying huge loads when travelling. Use of horses was more widespread back then, when they were our only means of transportation. Now that we have machines being used for vehicular purposes, horseback riding has been delegated to being a sporting activity for fun and leisure.

Children are typically drawn to the idea of riding a horse. It is something that they always see on shows being effortlessly done by skilled riders. Young kids imagine the typical horse taking them to the sunset. They eventually go through a phase when they request for their own pony to take in as a pet or to ride with outside. At this point, parents should consider a few factors before giving in to the child and taking on this responsibility.

Equestrians typically hone their skills for competitive races. For children starting out with horseback riding, a well-trained guide is needed. Assessment lessons are typically required before starting as there are physical and mental requirements when learning how to handle an equine. If the child does pass, riding a horse can become an enjoyable learning experience for any little boy or girl.

We typically see horses in big races which requires a lot of training and hard work. Handling a horse requires muscles for balance, agility and flexibility. You need to be able to stay upright for long periods of time and also have coordination and overall body awareness for controlling and reining your horse when it is needed. This means that the rider or the rider’s parents should expect a certain level of muscle soreness after the end of any training session.

Full-sized adults end up burning enough calories equivalent to a long walk. You also need to be aware of your horse’s movements while you are riding.

Horseback riding isn’t only about the riding aspect. Before you start with a pony, the child should understand that horses have the potential to hurt them if they are not careful. Young riders should learn how to approach and handle a horse, with soothing calmness and respect. Riding isn’t immediately something a person does. The child has to learn various other aspects of the activity before starting out on the field.

Horseback riding provide children a number of benefits such as:

  • It teaches children to respect animals.
  • Children receive sufficient physical activity and exercise to build muscle and gain strength.
  • Learn to follow directions and gain skills in coordination, timing and balance.
  • Gain awareness of their animal companion’s emotional and physical cues.
  • Create a bond of mutual trust and respect.

While it is typically used for leisure and entertainment, we also see owners who use it for therapeutic purposes. People have claimed that after riding a horse, they have felt more independent, more confident and more self-aware. Horses have assisted patients recovering from surgery, disabled people, and those suffering from mental illnesses. These kinds of therapy can also assist children who need a companion in times of stress or hardship.

Equine movement provides many benefits for children who are interested in learning how to ride. A safe learning environment and a capable trainer is all a parent needs to start their child on an unforgettable experience.

Zodiac, a day camp for kids in Toronto offers horseback riding for your little ones. You can check out more here:

Swimming for Fitness: What To Know

Fitness is important to have a better, healthier and longer life. In fact, many of us are becoming more and more conscious of our lifestyle nowadays and continuously look for activities that would complement our goal of living a healthier life.

There are many facets to fitness and the most important ones would be diet and exercise. Many people struggle with both areas because of the effort they have to exert to achieve their fitness goals. Some have a hard time dieting while others find working out burdensome and thus, fail with their health goals.

Like in all other areas of your life, you have to enjoy something for you to sustain it. When it comes to exercise, not all physical activities are created equal. To be successful with your fitness goal, you have to choose an exercise that works your body hard but at the same time, can be immensely enjoyable.

Guess what this can be? We are talking about swimming.

There are so many benefits of swimming, and unlike on-land sports, you can swim everyday without getting an injury. More than that, swimming is the best option if you want to do a workout without the hassle of sweating. An easy swim burns about 500 calories per hour. Aside from its great fat-burning benefits, swimming also relaxes your body as you work out. Water is a relaxing element for the human body and since swimming is literally body propulsion in water, the joints calm down while your muscles work.

Swimming has been considered the best workout regimen for people who aim for fun, fitness and good health. It is indeed one of the best daily exercises for people who want to develop their muscles as well as enhance their balance. Unlike other sports, swimming develops the whole body and strengthens muscular strength and flexibility.

There are many swimming programs offered almost everywhere. Swimming programs aim to guide people who either have knowledge in swimming already or those who are just starting to learn how to swim.

The swimming programs are consist of adult swimming lessons that are categorized depending on each person’s capabilities. There are categories aimed for beginners, while there are also ones aimed to help swimmers who are eager to commit to a long-term fitness regimen and would want to enter into competitive swimming.

There are a lot of things you learn in these swimming programs. For beginners, they teach floatation, basic swimming strokes, and breathing techniques. For those who are a bit further into swimming, there are lessons that can teach you how to perfect your strokes and breathing, as well as find a better technique that suits your needs. Moreover, there are also advanced programs that caters to professional swimmers  to help them to commit to swimming drills and workouts. Through these kinds of swimming programs, they are disciplined and trained for whatever purpose they aim for.

Anyone who knows how to swim can try out this exercise and gradually build up their bodies but enrolling yourself in swimming programs will help you master your skills faster and inculcate the discipline dee into your system. Zodiac offers swimming programs which test each person’s capabilities as well as align them with their fitness goals. Aspiring swimmers, either for recreation or sports, can take up these adult swimming lessons to further improve their swimming skills.

So if you are looking for an activity that would help you stay fit and provide you enjoyment at the same time, why not try swimming? Go check out the different swimming programs at Zodiac and be one step close to your road to fitness.