Bright Ideas: 5 Summer Day Camp Programs Your Creative Child Would Love


Summer camp for kids is a great way to keep your child busy during the months when school is not in session. Children become bored rather easily when they do not have the strict scheduling involved in school. With summer camp, children can take part in structured activities that range from arts and crafts to swimming and more. The day will be filled with fun and your child will be able to make new friends and have a great time in the process. Children who have a creative personality need to be stimulated. The programs below are just a few examples of how your child can find a creative outlet while out of school during the summer months.

Music, Karaoke, Drums and More
Children who enjoy music and singing will love a camp that offers them an opportunity to do just that. Music Camp gives campers an opportunity to try various musical instruments or take drumming classes where they can drum along and create their own beats with their fellow cabin mates. Karaoke allows them to sing along to their favorite tunes as well as create audio recordings so they can listen to their creation later on.

Fashion design
Many creative children are interested in designing clothing. Perhaps your child enjoys sewing or hand stitching. Taking a fashion design class during summer camp can allow your child to be even more creative and enjoy learning more about fashion. Girls and boys will both enjoy learning more about clothing and how certain items are created.

Science and Robotics
One of the more popular summer camp for kids options for kids includes science and robotics. With this category, children will have access to the latest technology and be able to learn various skills as well as get hands on experience taking part in experiments. Watch as your child is opened to a whole new world of possibility as they learn more about scientific concepts including magnetics, hair raising devices and robotics, including hands-on building. These activities are quite appealing to creative children and help to teach as well as allow your child to explore.

Children who are creative may also love to cook. By choosing a summer day camp that includes a culinary class, your child will be able to learn how to prepare meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children learn how to measure ingredients properly and how to add ingredients to a recipe. It is always fun to see just what your child can learn as they cook in camp and how they can apply these skills in your home. You may find your child wants to cook, giving you a break from supper time duties.

Be Adventurous
You may find that your creative child would like to take advantage of more than one category of creativity. If so, such programs as the Zodiaction Adventures at Zodiac Day Camp is the perfect solution. This option includes activities from several sections of programs including Creative Kids, Mega Sports and Explore & Discover. This means your child has the option to enjoy sports such as rock climbing and archery, learn more about science and robotics as well as enjoy culinary and music classes.

To find out about various options available for summer day camps, contact Zodiac Day Camp. Zodiac can provide you with a variety of activities for your child to enjoy while out of school for the summer.



5 Super Cool Summer Camp Ideas For Creative Kids


When you have a creative child, they will constantly want to be active. Their mind races constantly and they feel the need to do something, all the while using their imagination or brain power. When you have a creative kid, you want their summer to be filled with fun and excitement. Summer camp for kids is a great way to keep your child busy and having fun. Because your child is creative, you will want to gear a camp selection based on their interests as well as to cultivate their creativity. Below are a few super cool options that your kids are sure to be interested in.

Kids who enjoy making movies or playing with the latest gadgets would love a summer camp dedicated to technology. You will find day camps are offered that focus on the latest electronics from computer programming to robotics. Search for tech options involving summer camp for kids to find the right option for your child based on their interest.

Arts & Crafts
If you find that your child uses their imagination to create arts & crafts, then this is the camp type for them. From jewelry making to paper mache, there are many ways to involve your child in a summer day camp that features such activities. Think about what your child likes to do. Do they like to paint?? Perhaps they enjoy sewing? Whatever your child’s favorite craft is, find a summer day camp that provides such activities so they can enjoy their interest and also build on creative skills.

Cooling Fun
The summer is a hot time of year and what better way to enjoy summer camp then with a splash. Many summer camps offer swimming facilities where your child can learn how to swim or build on their swimming skills. Find a summer camp that features swimming as an activity and know that your child will be cool all summer long!

Sports Oriented
If your child enjoys sports, a camp that is centered on physical activity would be your best bet. Such summer camps can provide activities like basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, rock climbing and more to keep your child active and having fun. Think about the sports your child enjoys and find a camp that offers a nice selection.

Music and Dance
Many creative children enjoy activities that will allow them to move and express themselves. If this is your child, sign them up for a day camp that offers dance and music. Your child will have the opportunity to learn new skills, dance styles and routines, explore different types of music and musical instruments along with making friends with other children who have similar interests.

Overall, it is important to choose a summer camp that fits the personality of your child. Remember their interests and allow them to be involved in the selection process so that they are comfortable attending the camp during the summer months. Contact Zodiac Day Camp to find out what camps will be offered this summer and sign your child up for something they will enjoy!

How To Become A Lifeguard And What Steps Are Involved?


Becoming a lifeguard is a great option for teens after they learn to swim at a young age. Swimming lessons for kids help to build a solid foundation in which preteens and teenagers can build upon to learn life-saving skills that can be used in real life as well as employment opportunities as a lifeguard. There are several steps involved to becoming a lifeguard, with the beginning age being around 11 to start the process. Below is a short guide to help you learn the exact steps needed to help your child become certified and ready to become a lifeguard.

Bronze Star
The first level for learning how to become a lifeguard is Bronze Star. Children 11 years of age who have completed the Swim Kids10 program or equivalent are eligible. The Bronze Star level is a training program to prepare your child for Bronze Medallion training. In this section, you will learn how to problem-solve in groups as well as individually. Keeping a level head is important and this skill is taught as they learn how to handle an emergency. In this section, a 400 meter timed swim must be passed along with other skills and rescues.

Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid-CPR B
The next stage is to take part in the Bronze Medallion training. This course will provide your child with an understanding of the principles of lifesaving techniques as part of water rescue education. This includes judgement, fitness, knowledge and skill. Participants must be at least 13 years of age or 12 years of age and have completed Bronze Star training. As a rescuer, your child will learn how to tow and carry victims as well as defense methods and releases to be able to take part in challenging rescues where there is an increased risk of having a conscious or an unconscious victim. As a lifesaver, your child will learn how to develop proper stroke efficiency as well as have endurance with a timed swim.

Emergency first aid-CPR B must be taken in conjunction with Bronze Medallion and be completed by the end of the Bronze Medallion course. This course may be offered in conjunction with Bronze Medallion or each certification may run as a stand alone course so it is important to look closely before selecting a course. Emergency first aid with CPR B will provide candidates with knowledge and hands-on experience to respond to a first aid emergency which will help to increase the confidence level of the rescuer. By the end of this course, candidates will know how to recognize cardiovascular emergencies in an infant, child and adult as well as respond.

Bronze Cross
The next step is the Bronze Cross certification. This course will expand on fitness developed and rescue skills learned in Bronze Medallion with more in-depth rescues and longer fitness and timed swims. This course will include a practical examination at the end of the course to ensure candidates are able to use judgement skills and respond appropriately to various types of emergencies. .

Standard First Aid with CPR C
This course helps the individual learn how to respond during an emergency and builds upon the skills learned during emergency first aid.Participants will learn how to recognize various emergency situations involving respiratory emergencies, bone and joint injuries, as well as hot and cold emergencies including hypo and hyperthermia.

National Lifeguard
Once all of these steps have been completed, the National Lifeguard certification can take place. There are several areas that will be included in testing such as object recovery, underwater swim, sprint challenge, rescue drill, endurance challenge and approach and carry. To take this course, you must be 16 years of age and have passed Bronze Cross as well as have standard first aid-CPR C certification.

Contact Zodiac Swim School to help your child begin life guard training with all certification options available.

Swim Lessons For The Kids During Winter Break


During the school year, there are several breaks in which children are allowed to step away from school and enjoy time at home. During the winter season, a winter break is provided so children are able to avoid classwork and homework for a bit and simply enjoy their time at home. Winter break is nice time off from school but children can quickly become bored at home after being on a routine at school. To keep busy, consider swimming lessons in the winter for kids to have fun and stay active. Swimming lessons are readily available and your child is sure to be excited to swim when they normally would not be able to!

Classes Available
Swimming lessons are available year-round in indoor swimming facilities though many parents only enroll their children during the summer or spring months. This means you will easily be able to find classes available for your child and the class size should be quite small. With a smaller class, your child will be able to learn at their own pace as well as find a nice new group to make friends. The instructor is able to provide more one-on-one time when the class size is small, which will provide your child with the attention they deserve in order to properly learn swimming techniques.

Discounted Price
Because the swimming lessons offered in the winter months are often condensed due to Holiday and March Breaks on either side of the season, the winter is often a cheaper time to swim. This can be a huge benefit for families who prefer shorter sessions to give their child a bit of a break before the next lesson set.

Keeping Your Child Busy
Once your child is out of school for winter break, you will find they quickly become bored. Your child may whine or want you to constantly play with them because they have nothing to do. If you are busy yourself this can become inconvenient. Keep your child busy by enrolling them in swimming lessons. They will expend their energy and have fun, also making new friends during classes. By exercising, they will be tired and sleep well each night, ready for the next day of lessons.

Maintaining Swimming Skills
Children who take swimming lessons in the summer months and stop in winter, often need refresher courses the next summer in order to regain lost skills. By having your child take swimming lessons during winter break, they maintain what they have learned and are able to effectively handle themselves in the water. You can rest easy knowing your child will be able to swim and be safe as they enjoy water activities during the summer months.

Swimming lessons are all about safety. You want your child to learn everything they need to know so that they will not be at risk of drowning in a swimming pool or open body of water. Enroll your child this winter in swimming lessons so that they can learn the necessary skills to be safe while enjoying the water. Contact Zodiac Swim School today to learn more about the swimming lessons available for your child and sign them up today.

The Benefits Of Choosing Private Swim School



Every parent wants their child to be safe and sound in everything that they do. One of the biggest dangers to children is drowning. Children who have not learned proper water safety are at risk any time they go in or near the water. This is why swimming lessons are so important. Private swim schools provide swimming lessons so children learn the proper skills for swimming and are safe in the water. Of course, swimming lessons can be taken anywhere but with a private swim school, you have added benefits. Learn the many benefits your child will gain by enrolling in a private swim school below.

Highly Trained Instructors
To begin, when you enroll your child in private swimming lessons at a private swim school, they will have access to highly trained instructors. Each instructor has the top certifications in swimming as well as water safety to ensure your child is able to learn the valuable skills needed to master swimming as well as be safe in the water. Your child will learn from the best and be able to enjoy swimming with friends as well as learn how to handle situations that can arise while swimming in various bodies of water.

Lower Ratio Classes
Because private swim facilities are not public, the classes will be much smaller. By having your child take lessons in a smaller class, they will receive more one-on-one time from the instructor. This means your child will either have the ability to learn at a faster pace or be able to ask more questions and have more attention from the instructor when they have trouble learning certain swimming skills.

Warmer Facilities
A private swim school provides a temperature regulated environment so you and your child are comfortable at all times. The temperature is set so that you can swim during the summer or winter months, basically whenever you like. Allow your child to take swimming lessons year-round to be able to stay on top of their skills and build on what they have learned.

More Equipment
Swimming lessons often require equipment to help the child learn certain techniques. A private school is not publicly funded so they will have access to more equipment than a standard public facility. The funding allows for your child to have access to the best equipment and learn proper water safety with ease.

One-on-One Instruction
If your child excels in swimming or is having difficulty mastering certain skills, you may have the option to receive one-on-one training via an instructor. Your child can be coached on their technique and instructor will be able to tailor the lesson to your child’s individual needs.

Overall, your child can certainly benefit from the facilities as well as training offered at a private swim school. Consider enrolling your child in swimming lessons today so they can be safe in the water at all times. Contact Zodiac Swim School today to learn more about the swimming lessons offered at the private facility.

Is Your Child Ready For Day Camp?


Summer camp for kids is a time when they can make new friends and life-long memories. Summer camps are provided in all shapes and sizes from day camp to weeks away from home. As a parent, you know that your child will love going to a day camp to enjoy swimming lessons or arts and crafts. But how do you know when your child is ready to be away from home? Below are a few tips to help you determine if your child is ready to spend a few hours or perhaps a few days away.

Age Limit
Most day camps in the summer are offered for children who are potty-trained to teens. Camps are usually available for preschool age, primary school, middle school and high school with particular ages grouped together. Camps can be small in size or quite large depending on where you send your child. It is important to consider the age of your child and if they would benefit from the time spent at camp.

Has your child spent time away from home?
When considering summer camp for kids, it is necessary to consider the amount of time your child has spent away from home. If your child is school age, then they have spent hours away from you each day. This means they should not have a hard time enjoying summer camp for half a day or a full day. However, if your child is younger and not yet started full-day kindergarten, perhaps in the 2 to 4-year-old range, they may have more difficulty, especially if they have not spent any time away from home. Younger children do better when starting out at camps that are just half days to give them time to adjust being away from home.

Do you find that your child is bored at home during the summer months? If so, then you will find this is the perfect opportunity to introduce summer camp. With activities to enjoy, your child will enjoy the day staying busy and making new friends. Talk to your child about options for summer camp such as what type of activities they might like to try. Allowing your child to be involved in the decision-making process will help them feel more comfortable as well as excited about attending summer camp.

Your Child Asks to Go
Perhaps your child has friends who attend summer day camps and they have shown interest in going. This is a sure-fire sign that your child is ready to attend camp. Talk to them at length about what camp would offer and learn about their interests. Talk to the parents of your child’s friends to find out where they go to camp and see if your child can sign up.

Overall, summer camp provides a wonderful experience for children. Enroll your child this summer in a new day camp so they can see for themselves how fun it can be to stay active and make new friends. To find out more about various day camps, contact Zodiac Day Camp. Camps are offered for children of all ages to stay busy during the boring summer months.

Looking For A Fun Winter Activity? Find Out Why Swimming Lessons Are A Good Option.


The winter months can easily become boring if you are a child. If you are a parent, you have learned very quickly just how much your child needs to be entertained once they are no longer able to go outdoors and relieve pent-up energy. During the winter months, it is essential to find quality activities for your child to enjoy so he or she can have fun and not become frustrated or upset due to boredom. One option for winter activities is swimming lessons. While this may not be the first activity you would think of, there are many benefits to enjoying the pool in the winter months. For a child to learn to swim in winter, it can be a fun and exciting experience. Learn just how fun below!

Exciting Because It’s Odd
To begin, the option to learn to swim in winter may seem odd to your child but this makes it more exciting. Imagine swimming when it is 30 degrees or colder outside! Children often find it very exciting to swim when the temperatures outside are less than pleasant. Indoor swimming facilities provide temperature controlled areas so your child is comfortable as they enjoy the water, making swimming lessons fun!

Lower Price for Lessons
Often times, taking swimming lessons in the winter months means a lower registration cost or fees. As lesson schedules often follow school holidays, winter will always be a shorter session than during the Fall or Spring. This means the lesson set is often shorter, lowering the price, which is a great benefit for you.

Smaller Class Size
In the summer months, swimming lesson classes often fill up during every available spot. In the winter months, the focus for many families, is not on swimming, so classes may be smaller. This means your child may have more one-on-one time with the instructor as well as have less distractions since the class will have fewer students. Your child will also be more likely to make friends as smaller groups tend to become closer a lot faster than larger groups where children often pair off.

Ready for the Summer
Children who take swimming lessons in the summer months but take off for the winter often forget their technique or what they have learned. For your child to stay on top of their swimming skills and be ready for summer water safety, it is recommended that the child continue with such lessons during the winter so that they are able to maintain skill and be ready for safe swimming when the warmer temperatures arrive.

Overall, it is important for your child to learn how to swim no matter what the season. Sign your child up today for winter swimming lessons by contacting Zodiac Swim School. Find lessons for your child no matter their age to begin the path to learning the skills needed to be safe in the water. Contact Zodiac today to see how your child can get started with swimming lessons this winter.

Why Is It Important To Be First Aid Certified?


First aid certification is provided by various recognized agencies including the Lifesaving Society to assist individuals in learning how to prepare and respond to emergencies in an appropriatemanner. Such certifications can be obtained by young teens as well as adults on a variety of basic first aid skills including learning how to treat heat and cold injuries, bone and joint injury, burns, spinal injuries and more.

Teenagers can take part in first aid classes as well as other useful classes including lifeguarding and water safety, babysitting and home alone courses. Teens can learn valuable life skills as well as leadership skills that will serve them well later on in life. For teens, it can be beneficial to learn such skills as first aid to be able to help friends in emergency situations as well as be a responsible caregiver when babysitting or caring for smaller children.

Everyone knows that adults can benefit from first aid classes. First aid certified adults have the ability to use such certifications on the job site as well as in everyday life. Lifeguards are first aid certified to be able to respond to an emergencyas well as watch over swimmers in the pool. Medical professionals as well as child caregivers are certified in first aid to be able to respond when incidents occur. Adults who have such certifications can assist when health problems occur among people they know or strangers.

First Aid Classes
To become first aid certified, a teen or adult will have to take a first aid class. A knowledgeable and certified instructor will lead the class and the courses will combine lecture as well as hands-on skills. The traditional classroom setting helps both teens and adults learn how to perform first aid as well as have the ability to ask questions and learn the latest techniques involved.

The first aid classes will have general program elements which will help you to learn how to handle acute injury and illness, with training provided on a number of real-life scenarios. You will learn how to respond during a health emergency including how to interact with emergency medical services and the principles of triage. You will learn how to perform CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation on adults as well as infants, in some classes.

Basic first aid techniques are included in training to help you assist with bandaging of wounds on the head, chest, shoulder, arm, leg and other areas. You will learn how to place a splint on the arm, elbow, fingers, femur, lower leg and other areas of the body.
To be able to become first aid certified, contact Zodiac Swim School today. Options are available for adults as well as teens who wish to learn varying levels of first aid. Find the right program for you to become certified be it for safety or for employment purposes. Consider enrolling your teens in babysitting courses to learn how to care for children when you have younger kids in the home.

7 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A Summer Day Camp


Summer day camp is an option for children who need an activity to keep them busy once school has ended. There are so many summer day camp options to choose from that it can be difficult for parents to know which camp to choose. Mistakes can be made which can leave you spending too much money, your child miserable and make it difficult getting your child to camp. Read on below to discover more of what to look for and what to avoid when trying to choose a summer day camp for your child.

Keep Interests in Mind
The first mistake that a parent can make when it comes to summer day camp is keeping the child’s interests in mind. If your child enjoys swimming, then a swim camp would be a great option. Think about the interests of your child to make the right decision. Never sign your child up for camp with an activity they will not enjoy.

The Price of Camp
You must also consider the price of camp. Different day camps will have a different price point. You want to be able to afford the camp cost. Find out how much camp will cost on a weekly or monthly basis. Be sure this is a price point you can afford so your child can go for the duration.

Time Frame of Camp
The time frame in which the camp will take place should also be considered. Sometimes parents sign kids up for day camp and then realize that they must scramble to find transportation for their child due to work conflicts. Be sure to know the pick-up and drop-off times and if they offer extended hours if needed.

Age Group
The age group of the day camp should also be considered. You want to enroll your child in a camp that includes children of their age group. You want your child to be able to make new friends and have an enjoyable experience, which will easily be done when they are surrounded by children their own age.

Pushing Your Child
Remember to not push your child to enjoy camp. Sometimes kids do not enjoy particular activities. If you find that your child is having a difficult time at camp, even after giving it a go, consider another option. You may need to enroll your child in a different camp to find the right activity they enjoy.

Not Listening to Your Child
Be sure to listen to what your child says after camp. Are they enjoying themselves? Is everything alright, such as getting along with other children? If a problem exists, address it so that your child can have an enjoyable experience at day camp.

Negative Comments
Avoid making negative comments about camp. You may not like certain aspects of the camp or counselors while your child is perfectly happy. You may also miss your child while they are away. Voicing your opinion in a negative manner can result in your child having a negative experience at camp. Talk positively about camp so your child will be ready to enjoy the experience.

To learn more about day camp options, contact Zodiac Day Camp. Offering a wide range of camps, Zodiac can provide your child with the best activities during the summer months.

Children’s Private & Semi-Private Lessons In Winter


Most parents believe that swimming lessons are offered only during the summer months. However, this is not the case. One of the more popular times for swimming lessons is in the winter. Swimming programs for kids in winter provide an outlet for exercise as well as help promote swimming skills. Children are easily bored during the winter months, unable to expend energy with athletic activities. With swimming lessons, a child has the ability to exercise as well as learn a valuable skill.

Parents will find that not only are swimming programs for kids in winter available, but there are varying types of lessons, both offering unique benefits. Below are examples of swimming lesson types and how your child will be able to benefit from such lessons.

Private Swimming Lessons

One option for your child is to enroll in a private swimming lesson. This will be one on one instruction from a certified instructor where they only work with your child. This lesson type can be beneficial if your child has trouble learning in groups, such as with paying attention or needing that individual attention. The instructor will work with your child at their pace to teach them the basic skills of swimming. Lessons of this type can help your child to become a strong swimmer in little time as they can go as fast or as slow with the class as needed to master skills.

Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Another option for your child to learn how to swim is with semi-private lessons. This type of lesson will be a smaller class but still involve others. Many times, children will learn better when they are able to watch other children learning a skill. Children can also feel the need to excel when they are in a group of their peers. With this lesson type, children are taught the same skill and move on to master new ones once everyone has been able to develop the right techniques for swimming.

Overall, you will have to evaluate which option will be best for your child. Think about how your child is able to learn and which lesson type might benefit them the most. You can try one lesson type at first and if you feel your child is not developing swimming skills as best they could, then try a different class type. You know your child and will be able to determine which swimming lesson will be of the most benefit.

When you decide to enroll your child in swimming lessons, be sure to explain to your child what to expect and how much fun it will be. Speaking positively about the lessons will ensure that your child will be happy to go to class and have fun while learning how to swim.

To find out more about private and semi-private swimming lessons, contact Zodiac Swim School. Children can easily learn basic swimming skills or build upon what they have learned in previous lessons by taking classes during the winter months. Contact Zodiac today to learn more about the many swimming classes available.