Why Parents Love Summer Day Camp at Zodiac

Learn more about Zodiac Day Camp and why parents approve! Zodiac Day Camp offers a plethora of activity so your kids stay active and fit.

Parents love sending their children to day camp for a variety of reasons. Parents enjoy seeing their child have fun and learning new activities as well as making friends. At summer day camp, children of all ages have the ability to attend programs and enjoy the many benefits that only camp can provide. Below is a little inside info from parents who have loved seeing their children thrive and grow after spending time at Zodiac Day Camp.

Staying Active

When asking parents what they like most about Zodiac Day Camps, many talk about the way their children are able to stay active. When kids are out of school, they want to spend time on tablets or mobile phones or watch television. With day camp, kids have a fun alternative where they can stay active and keep their body moving. From basketball and soccer to swimming, Zodiac Day Camp offers a plethora of activity so your kids stay active and fit.

Making Friends

Parents have also talked with our counselors about how their kids are making friends at camp. Zodiac offers day camp programs for a variety of age groups. Many parents find it hard to provide an outlet for friendships for their kids except with day camp. At camp, kids are able to meet other children their own age and begin to develop relationships. Through group activity and playtime, children are able to meet other kids and develop friendships that can last a lifetime. Most campers look forward to the next day of camp so they can see their new friends!

Sense of Happiness

Many children are often shy to engage with others or initiate play. Parents find it difficult to watch as their kids seem unhappy or unable to interact with others. At day camp, children are quickly drawn out of their shell as they take part in activities such as arts & crafts or sports with other kids. Sometimes, it takes placing the child in a camp environment for creativity and personality to shine through.


Parents have also reported that their children gain a strong sense of self-confidence at camp. Kids are able to meet goals or learn new skills which give them the confidence to try new things. At day camp, kids are introduced to new activities and new experiences. Once they see how fun and exciting it can be to try something new, they are more willing to try new things with parents or in other scenarios after gaining self-confidence.

These are just a few of the benefits that parents have seen with children attending day camp. Consider enrolling your child in day camp today to allow them to make new friends, try new activities and just have fun. Zodiac Day Camp offers a wealth of programming for kids ranging in toddler ages to preteens. You can easily find a program for your child to enjoy during the summer months. Contact them today to learn more about the programs available and how your child can enroll.


Just keep swimming!

A Rescue Swimmer School candidate performs a body sweep to check for entanglements or injury in the pool at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Swimming programs are a perfect way to keep your child active year round. With technology and electronics so prevalent these days, it can be difficult to keep kids moving and staying fit. With swimming classes, most kids never feel that they are actually exercising but instead having fun. By enrolling your child early in swim classes, they have the ability to learn the proper technique from a qualified instructor which helps to ensure the safety as well as health of your child.

Why Qualified Instructors are Important

It is essential to have a qualified instructor teaching your child how to swim. A qualified instructor has the know-how to ensure your child learns the proper technique for strokes in the water as well as floating, kicks, etc. Your child will be learning from the best which means they will pick up good habits when it comes to swimming. This is important. A child needs to learn the right way to swim in order to fully exercise every muscle of the body.

When you choose a qualified instructor, you are ensuring that your child will learn the right way to swim as well as water safety. An instructor knows how to teach your child the correct way to stay safe in the water which protects their health and well-being.

Quality Exercise

With swimming classes, your child will be taking part in quality exercise. The heart, lungs, brain and most muscles of the body are worked during swim classes. The full-body workout helps kids to stay trim and fit. The children enjoy being in the water and having fun. By learning new swimming techniques, children are able to exercise muscles of the body that they would not normally be exercising. This promotes overall good health. The heart and lungs are strengthened as they are worked during swimming as the sport is considered a cardio workout.

Over time, your child will progress and be able to swim laps around the pool, dive and maybe even compete in competitions. Swimming is not only a healthy sport and promotes water safety, it also can be a way for your child to stay active for many years, even into adulthood. Many schools offer swim teams where children compete against others for medals or trophies. By learning how to swim at a young age, you are setting up your child for an option of competitive sport for many years to come, if they choose so.

Overall, your child can use swimming lessons as a way to exercise and stay active. Children are able to enjoy their time in the water and you feel more comfortable knowing that your child will be healthy in the long run and safe as they enjoy the swimming pool.

At Zodiac Swim School, we offer swimming lessons and programs for children of all ages. Contact our office today to see what programs we have available for your child based on age and skill level. Sign up and see how your child can learn quickly from a qualified instructor today.

Explore the “Taste of Tamarack” and the experience of an overnight summer camp

Summer camps for kids is a great way to ensure your children are staying active once school is over for the year. After school ends, children look for something to do and to stay active. With summer camp, you can enroll your child in full day or half day programs or even consider an overnight option. For children ages 7 to 12, Zodiac Day Camp provides Camp Tamarack, an overnight summer camp where kids take part in fun summer camp activities, water sports and more.

What is Camp Tamarack?

Camp Tamarack is an overnight camp owned by the Directors/Owners of Zodiac Day Camp located in Ontario along a private lake in Muskoka. Last summer, the camp hosted campers and families of Zodiac Day Camp and now look forward to having campers move up to becoming full fledged campers of Tamarack. A multi-faceted program has been created and promotes camp spirit, friendships and having fun. Campers of the 7 to 12 year old range have the ability to stay for 1 week or 2 weeks,  3 weeks, 4 weeks or 7 weeks. Younger campers or those who are inexperienced in overnight stays also have options so they too can be introduced into camp life.

Acorn Program

This program is for kids ages 7 to 12 who wish to participate in the full camp experience. Choose a time frame for your child to attend, from one week to fifteen days. You have the option to extend the stay of your child when choosing a shorter time frame. You may find that your child is not ready to come back home just yet once they experience camp.

Mini Acorn Program

There is also another version of the above program, known as the Mini Acorn Program. Campers who are ages 6 to 11 this year can register for the mini program for this summer. This is a weekend opportunity to give campers a ‘Taste of Tamarack’. The three day, two night opportunity is reasonably priced and can help introduce your child to summer camp.

The mini weekend sessions are planned for this August so there is still plenty of time to enroll your child. During the weekend, your child will have access to the same wonderful facilities as if they were a full fledged camper. The caring and committed staff members are ready to assist your child in adjusting to camp life as well as providing a wonderful overall experience.

Children will have quality accommodations, food provided, fun programs to take part in and receive a Camp Tamarack shirt once camp is over. Your child will have the chance to  make new friends and have fond memories of camp during this weekend experience.

Find out more about camp and what Zodiac Day Camp and Camp Tamarack offers during the summer months by visiting our website or contacting our camp office. We are happy to help you learn more about our many camp options, treating your child to the wonderful experience known as summer camp!

Is your child a little shy? 5 Day camp ideas that may help with confidence.

It is not uncommon for children to be shy. For parents, it can be difficult to learn how to help your child overcome shyness and make new friends. Kids summer camps are a great way to introduce your child to new activities, helping them make new friends in the process. Checkout a few ideas below to help your child defeat shyness.

Talk About Camp Beforehand

Once you enroll your child in summer camp, be sure to talk to your child about what will happen during camp. Many times, children become even shyer when introduced to new situations. Take your child to camp before it starts and let them see where they will be going and explain what activities are being offered. Introducing your child to camp will help him or her be more prepared for what is to come. Being comfortable with camp is a great way to begin  building confidence.

Alert Camp Counselors

It is also a good idea to alert camp counselors of your child’s shyness. This way, the counselor can help your child to come out of their shell by facilitating conversations with them and other campers in the group.. The counselor can help your child make friends as well as place them in situations where they are comfortable but also able to gain more confidence in the process.

Choose a Favorite Activity

When considering a day camp for enrollment, think about activities that your child enjoys. Does your child like to go swimming? If so, consider a camp that includes swimming on the schedule. With arts & crafts, sports, imaginative play and more, your child will have plenty to do. Help them by enrolling in a camp that offers activities that they enjoy so they will feel comfortable and gain confidence along the way as they get to know the daily schedule of camp.

Enrollment Size

It is important to consider the enrollment size of day camp based on your child’s age group. For shy kids, it can be beneficial to have a smaller group size so that your child can get to know each kid and feel more comfortable when taking part in activities. Find a camp that offers a smaller enrollment size so your child does not feel overwhelmed being surrounded by a large group of children during camp.

Stay Positive

Once camp begins, be sure to stay positive and help your child see the benefits of camp. For shy kids, they may feel anxious going to camp. Each day after camp ends, talk to your child and find out what they liked about their day. If they had an issue during the day, talk it out and try to come up with a way they could have been less shy or more interactive with the other children. By keeping a positive attitude, your child will be able to gain confidence and enjoy the summer camp experience.

To learn more about summer day camps, contact our office at Zodiac Day Camp. We provide several program options for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Bright Ideas: 5 Summer Day Camp Programs Your Creative Child Would Love


Summer camp for kids is a great way to keep your child busy during the months when school is not in session. Children become bored rather easily when they do not have the strict scheduling involved in school. With summer camp, children can take part in structured activities that range from arts and crafts to swimming and more. The day will be filled with fun and your child will be able to make new friends and have a great time in the process. Children who have a creative personality need to be stimulated. The programs below are just a few examples of how your child can find a creative outlet while out of school during the summer months.

Music, Karaoke, Drums and More
Children who enjoy music and singing will love a camp that offers them an opportunity to do just that. Music Camp gives campers an opportunity to try various musical instruments or take drumming classes where they can drum along and create their own beats with their fellow cabin mates. Karaoke allows them to sing along to their favorite tunes as well as create audio recordings so they can listen to their creation later on.

Fashion design
Many creative children are interested in designing clothing. Perhaps your child enjoys sewing or hand stitching. Taking a fashion design class during summer camp can allow your child to be even more creative and enjoy learning more about fashion. Girls and boys will both enjoy learning more about clothing and how certain items are created.

Science and Robotics
One of the more popular summer camp for kids options for kids includes science and robotics. With this category, children will have access to the latest technology and be able to learn various skills as well as get hands on experience taking part in experiments. Watch as your child is opened to a whole new world of possibility as they learn more about scientific concepts including magnetics, hair raising devices and robotics, including hands-on building. These activities are quite appealing to creative children and help to teach as well as allow your child to explore.

Children who are creative may also love to cook. By choosing a summer day camp that includes a culinary class, your child will be able to learn how to prepare meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children learn how to measure ingredients properly and how to add ingredients to a recipe. It is always fun to see just what your child can learn as they cook in camp and how they can apply these skills in your home. You may find your child wants to cook, giving you a break from supper time duties.

Be Adventurous
You may find that your creative child would like to take advantage of more than one category of creativity. If so, such programs as the Zodiaction Adventures at Zodiac Day Camp is the perfect solution. This option includes activities from several sections of programs including Creative Kids, Mega Sports and Explore & Discover. This means your child has the option to enjoy sports such as rock climbing and archery, learn more about science and robotics as well as enjoy culinary and music classes.

To find out about various options available for summer day camps, contact Zodiac Day Camp. Zodiac can provide you with a variety of activities for your child to enjoy while out of school for the summer.


5 Super Cool Summer Camp Ideas For Creative Kids


When you have a creative child, they will constantly want to be active. Their mind races constantly and they feel the need to do something, all the while using their imagination or brain power. When you have a creative kid, you want their summer to be filled with fun and excitement. Summer camp for kids is a great way to keep your child busy and having fun. Because your child is creative, you will want to gear a camp selection based on their interests as well as to cultivate their creativity. Below are a few super cool options that your kids are sure to be interested in.

Kids who enjoy making movies or playing with the latest gadgets would love a summer camp dedicated to technology. You will find day camps are offered that focus on the latest electronics from computer programming to robotics. Search for tech options involving summer camp for kids to find the right option for your child based on their interest.

Arts & Crafts
If you find that your child uses their imagination to create arts & crafts, then this is the camp type for them. From jewelry making to paper mache, there are many ways to involve your child in a summer day camp that features such activities. Think about what your child likes to do. Do they like to paint?? Perhaps they enjoy sewing? Whatever your child’s favorite craft is, find a summer day camp that provides such activities so they can enjoy their interest and also build on creative skills.

Cooling Fun
The summer is a hot time of year and what better way to enjoy summer camp then with a splash. Many summer camps offer swimming facilities where your child can learn how to swim or build on their swimming skills. Find a summer camp that features swimming as an activity and know that your child will be cool all summer long!

Sports Oriented
If your child enjoys sports, a camp that is centered on physical activity would be your best bet. Such summer camps can provide activities like basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, rock climbing and more to keep your child active and having fun. Think about the sports your child enjoys and find a camp that offers a nice selection.

Music and Dance
Many creative children enjoy activities that will allow them to move and express themselves. If this is your child, sign them up for a day camp that offers dance and music. Your child will have the opportunity to learn new skills, dance styles and routines, explore different types of music and musical instruments along with making friends with other children who have similar interests.

Overall, it is important to choose a summer camp that fits the personality of your child. Remember their interests and allow them to be involved in the selection process so that they are comfortable attending the camp during the summer months. Contact Zodiac Day Camp to find out what camps will be offered this summer and sign your child up for something they will enjoy!

How To Become A Lifeguard And What Steps Are Involved?


Becoming a lifeguard is a great option for teens after they learn to swim at a young age. Swimming lessons for kids help to build a solid foundation in which preteens and teenagers can build upon to learn life-saving skills that can be used in real life as well as employment opportunities as a lifeguard. There are several steps involved to becoming a lifeguard, with the beginning age being around 11 to start the process. Below is a short guide to help you learn the exact steps needed to help your child become certified and ready to become a lifeguard.

Bronze Star
The first level for learning how to become a lifeguard is Bronze Star. Children 11 years of age who have completed the Swim Kids10 program or equivalent are eligible. The Bronze Star level is a training program to prepare your child for Bronze Medallion training. In this section, you will learn how to problem-solve in groups as well as individually. Keeping a level head is important and this skill is taught as they learn how to handle an emergency. In this section, a 400 meter timed swim must be passed along with other skills and rescues.

Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid-CPR B
The next stage is to take part in the Bronze Medallion training. This course will provide your child with an understanding of the principles of lifesaving techniques as part of water rescue education. This includes judgement, fitness, knowledge and skill. Participants must be at least 13 years of age or 12 years of age and have completed Bronze Star training. As a rescuer, your child will learn how to tow and carry victims as well as defense methods and releases to be able to take part in challenging rescues where there is an increased risk of having a conscious or an unconscious victim. As a lifesaver, your child will learn how to develop proper stroke efficiency as well as have endurance with a timed swim.

Emergency first aid-CPR B must be taken in conjunction with Bronze Medallion and be completed by the end of the Bronze Medallion course. This course may be offered in conjunction with Bronze Medallion or each certification may run as a stand alone course so it is important to look closely before selecting a course. Emergency first aid with CPR B will provide candidates with knowledge and hands-on experience to respond to a first aid emergency which will help to increase the confidence level of the rescuer. By the end of this course, candidates will know how to recognize cardiovascular emergencies in an infant, child and adult as well as respond.

Bronze Cross
The next step is the Bronze Cross certification. This course will expand on fitness developed and rescue skills learned in Bronze Medallion with more in-depth rescues and longer fitness and timed swims. This course will include a practical examination at the end of the course to ensure candidates are able to use judgement skills and respond appropriately to various types of emergencies. .

Standard First Aid with CPR C
This course helps the individual learn how to respond during an emergency and builds upon the skills learned during emergency first aid.Participants will learn how to recognize various emergency situations involving respiratory emergencies, bone and joint injuries, as well as hot and cold emergencies including hypo and hyperthermia.

National Lifeguard
Once all of these steps have been completed, the National Lifeguard certification can take place. There are several areas that will be included in testing such as object recovery, underwater swim, sprint challenge, rescue drill, endurance challenge and approach and carry. To take this course, you must be 16 years of age and have passed Bronze Cross as well as have standard first aid-CPR C certification.

Contact Zodiac Swim School to help your child begin life guard training with all certification options available.

Swim Lessons For The Kids During Winter Break


During the school year, there are several breaks in which children are allowed to step away from school and enjoy time at home. During the winter season, a winter break is provided so children are able to avoid classwork and homework for a bit and simply enjoy their time at home. Winter break is nice time off from school but children can quickly become bored at home after being on a routine at school. To keep busy, consider swimming lessons in the winter for kids to have fun and stay active. Swimming lessons are readily available and your child is sure to be excited to swim when they normally would not be able to!

Classes Available
Swimming lessons are available year-round in indoor swimming facilities though many parents only enroll their children during the summer or spring months. This means you will easily be able to find classes available for your child and the class size should be quite small. With a smaller class, your child will be able to learn at their own pace as well as find a nice new group to make friends. The instructor is able to provide more one-on-one time when the class size is small, which will provide your child with the attention they deserve in order to properly learn swimming techniques.

Discounted Price
Because the swimming lessons offered in the winter months are often condensed due to Holiday and March Breaks on either side of the season, the winter is often a cheaper time to swim. This can be a huge benefit for families who prefer shorter sessions to give their child a bit of a break before the next lesson set.

Keeping Your Child Busy
Once your child is out of school for winter break, you will find they quickly become bored. Your child may whine or want you to constantly play with them because they have nothing to do. If you are busy yourself this can become inconvenient. Keep your child busy by enrolling them in swimming lessons. They will expend their energy and have fun, also making new friends during classes. By exercising, they will be tired and sleep well each night, ready for the next day of lessons.

Maintaining Swimming Skills
Children who take swimming lessons in the summer months and stop in winter, often need refresher courses the next summer in order to regain lost skills. By having your child take swimming lessons during winter break, they maintain what they have learned and are able to effectively handle themselves in the water. You can rest easy knowing your child will be able to swim and be safe as they enjoy water activities during the summer months.

Swimming lessons are all about safety. You want your child to learn everything they need to know so that they will not be at risk of drowning in a swimming pool or open body of water. Enroll your child this winter in swimming lessons so that they can learn the necessary skills to be safe while enjoying the water. Contact Zodiac Swim School today to learn more about the swimming lessons available for your child and sign them up today.