Winter Swimming Lesson Tips


Winter may not be the season when most parents feel their children should be learning how to swim but it is actually an excellent time to sign up for swimming programs. Facilities that offer swimming programs for winter will provide your child with a smaller class and more one-on-one time with the instructor. Your child will be able to start fresh and be ready for the summer swimming season or be able to carry on their lessons after starting during the summer or fall months.

The winter time is often thought of as a season when one should not get in the water. However, facilities today offer temperature controlled settings that make it easy for kids to enjoy swimming. The water is the perfect temperature and as long as you dress warmly when you arrive and head home, your child will remain comfortable. Below are a few tips to help you prepare for swimming programs for winter to maximize the potential for learning.

  • Sign up Early

When winter is near, swimming facilities will begin to promote their winter programs. Classes will be small but be sure to sign up early if you can. You may be able to save money on the lessons fee as you are an early sign-up for the program. It will also secure a spot for your child in the class.

  • Pump Up Your Child for Lessons

Your child will be excited to hear they get to go swimming in the winter time. Prepare your child for the lessons by talking about how fun it will be and how cool it is to swim when it is cold outside. Talking about the lessons will help your child be excited to learn how to swim or expand on their swimming skills.

  • Dress Warmly

Be sure that you dress warmly when heading to the swimming pool. Have your child wear their winter clothing and change into their bathing suit at the facility. When leaving, change out of the bathing suit and dry hair the best you can. Dress warmly when leaving so that your child is comfortable as the winter time temperatures can be a bit chilly.

  • Teach Your Child to Speak Up

Before the lessons begin, consider talking to your child about what they will be learning. From beginner strokes to the more advanced, it will help your child to know what they are getting into. It is also helpful to tell your child to speak up during the lesson. If they do not understand a technique, have them ask the instructor to help. It is important to teach your child that it is okay to ask for guidance or assistance when they do not understand something. This will ensure they are able to learn appropriately and be ready for swimming. You will rest easy knowing they will be safe while swimming during the summer months for fun.
To learn more about swimming programs for the winter months, contact Zodiac Swim School. The swimming lessons at Zodiac will prepare your child to be safe in the water while also have fun!

Just Keep Swimming! The Benefits Of Winter Swim Lessons



It has been estimated by the Red Cross that as many as 90% or more of families spend their time in the water during the summer months. When the weather is nice, it can be wonderful to visit the beach, swimming pools and lakes, spending time with family and friends. The summer months are the perfect time for children’s swimming lessons but the summer shouldn’t be the only time kids take part in swimming. By continuing your child’s swimming programs through the winter months, you can ensure that your child will be skilled in the water. Your child will be safe in the water and be able to maintain such skills year after year. Learn the many benefits of winter swimming below.

Building Skills to Stay Safe in the Water
When children continue to swim in the winter months, they are able to build skills that will help them stay safe during summer swimming. By taking formal swimming lessons, your child will be able to reduce the risk of drowning, knowing just what to do in any situation. Your child will have strong water safety skills as well as swimming skills that will not be forgotten if you were to take a break during the winter months. Year round lessons allows your child to retain the skills and be able to advance in swimming at a much faster rate.

Staying Active
With winter swimming lessons, your child will be staying active which means they stay healthy. Being physically active can help build muscle and endurance as well as build a healthy immune system. When the winter months arrive, many children are not as active as they were in the summer. Less daylight as well as colder temperatures means less time spent outdoors. When you take your child to swimming lessons, they are able to take part in a physical activity that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Swimming is also an activity that works the muscles of the body without a high risk of injury. This form of exercise is an excellent way for your child to stay fit without worrying about straining muscles or being too sore afterwards!

Relieving Cabin Fever
Winter is a time when children easily become restless because they cannot release pent up energy. Kids need to be able to move about and play. Swimming lessons allows your child to release their energy and let go of cabin fever. Kids will get moving and expend the energy that had built up after spending too much time indoors. Children can spend time with friends and teachers, move their muscles and just have fun. Children really enjoy swimming lessons as it gives the child a chance to have a good time with others their own age.

Overall, there are many benefits to expanding swimming lessons from the summer months into the winter season. To learn more about such swimming lessons for children of all ages, contact Zodiac Swim School. Enroll your child in a winter swimming program to expand their skills as well as provide them with an activity to enjoy during the cold season.

Want To Improve Your Swim This Winter? Here Are Some Workouts You Should Try.


The winter months can be a great time to improve your swimming technique. Most people hit the pools in the summer months so you can head indoors and take advantage of swimming lessons, learning how to improve your stroke as well as learning new techniques for swimming. Such swimming programs can be beneficial for the casual swimmer as well as those who want to be more competitive in such athletics as triathlons. Read on below to see what you can do to improve your swimming technique.

Swimming Lessons
You may feel that if you already know how to swim, then you cannot benefit from swimming lessons. However, this is not true. By learning proper techniques from professionals, you can improve your stroke and learn new techniques. You may find that just slight changes improve how well you swim, including distance swimming as well as endurance. Find programs to suit your needs by searching local swimming pools or facilities that offer adult lessons.

Stop Worrying About Distance
You may be planning your workouts in swimming around a distance. This is not the best idea. You may have a goal of reaching 2000 metres during your swim. You work hard to reach this distance. However, you end up swimming poorly after 1000 metres and have not received the full benefit of the swim. When it comes to your workouts, focus more on your form and technique. You want to move well with your strokes instead of worrying about covering a set distance. This way, you will have good technique and be working every muscle correctly.

Avoid the ‘No Plan’ Strategy
Is your swim workout strategy to have no plan? If you do not have a solid workout and just swim back and forth for as long as you, then you do not have a quality workout plan in place. You need a good swim workout in place to help you reach specific goals. To start, you need to focus on drills. If you do not know anything about drills then you need to start over with swimming lessons to educate yourself. Adding in additional swim equipment such as: pull buoys, hand paddles, and flutter boards is beneficial for working certain areas of the body and mixing up your workout.

Swim with Friends
It is also important to try and workout with others when you can. Having swimming buddies will keep you on a good swimming regimen and keep you busy. Find friends who have similar swimming workouts and meet as often as you can. By being competitive, you can get the most out of your workouts, upping your skill level.

By taking these points into consideration, you can increase your swimming ability. This can help your body by toning muscle and creating a healthier immune system. You will also be able to be more competitive in events such as triathlons if you choose to compete.

To find out more about swimming lessons for adults and how to up your game when it comes to swimming technique contact Zodiac Swim School. The swim programs at Zodiac not only help children but also adults to improve swimming skills and techniques.

Swimming Programs During Winter For Your Kids


The winter months might not seem like the best time to go swimming but it is actually a great time for children to be able to practice swimming skills to prepare for the summer months. Swimming clubs for children offer swimming lessons and facilities during the winter months to help children in a number of ways. Below are a few reasons as to why the winter months should be taken advantage of when it comes to teaching children to swim as well as honing their swimming skills.

Providing Safety During Summer Months
Swimming is an activity that every child enjoys during the summer months. When the temperatures reach the 90s, children enjoy swimming in local pools, neighbor’s swimming pools, etc. From pool parties to events, it is important for your child to remain safe. During the winter months, enroll your little one in children’s swim programs so that they can learn how to swim and be ready for the summer months of fun. You will be decreasing the risk of potential drowning by allowing your child to learn how to enjoy the water in a safe manner.

Continuing the Progression of Swimming Skills
If your child already knows how to swim, taking a break from swimming during the summer months can be detrimental to their abilities. Allow your child to continue programs during the winter months to be able to hone their skills and get better at learning various strokes and techniques. Young children, particularly those who are under the age of seven will be able to use long term skill retention as well as muscle memory to be able to hone skills and be able to retain what they have learned.

A Healthier Lifestyle
Another factor to consider with winter lessons in swimming is a healthier lifestyle. Children who enjoy regular swimming lessons will have a stronger immune system as well as body. Children will be able to avoid the flu and colds as well as other common winter diseases. Pools located at indoor facilities provide quality temperatures so your child will be comfortable as they enjoy the swimming lessons and remain healthy and comfortable.

Provide a Love for the Water
Many children can become afraid of the water or are already afraid. By scheduling regular swimming lessons, your child can learn to love the water. This will make for better family vacations and fun times during the summer months because your child will want to spend time in the water. With lessons, your child will be able to learn how to move through the water and have fun with others. Your child will be comfortable as they learn how to tread water, float on their back and learning other swimming techniques.

To be able to provide quality swimming lessons for your child, contact Zodiac Swim School. Zodiac offers swimming lessons for children of all ages to help your child be more comfortable in the water and prepared for summer fun.