Why is First Aid Training Important

first aid training

We are living in a world where no one is completely safe. We cannot deny the fact that at some point in our lives we have been involved in situations that have called for our immediate actions. Accidents, food poisoning, electrocution, terror activities, choking, heart attacks just to name a few of them, are some possibilities that may happen at any time and therefore call for our preparedness. Having the knowledge of the course of action to take at these times can save a dying man or prevent a worse condition that was deemed to happen, such as paralysis. It’s therefore important to teach kids at a tender age these skills for their own benefits and also to help others. Kids are most prone to emergencies as their immune system is less developed as compared to adults.

Reasons for first aid training

  • Every second counts– It would take less than six minutes for someone bleeding seriously to lose consciousness and die. Also some deep cuts, if not treated or cleaned earlier, may lead to infection. Therefore the earlier the pre- treatment is administered, the better. After all, the basis of first aid is prevention of the worst.
  • Makes people feel more secure– There is the aspect of believing you are safe when you know that someone is looking after you. Maybe that’s why we are more comfortable in our homes as compared to when we are outside. The same case applies to first aid skills. You will feel safer knowing that in case of any accident, there is someone around you who can come to your aid.
  • As a job requirement– There are certain jobs where first aid training is a strict requirement. These jobs may include kids summer camps where kids go for holiday vacations. There are a lot of childrens activities that go on in these camps, and truth be told, you can’t prevent kids from jumping all over the place; after all ‘that’s why they are on vacation’. The kids might hurt themselves and may require urgent attention from a qualified personnel.
  • Disaster– When a natural calamity such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes strike, it’s not possible to access medical attention quickly. Therefore, it’s up to those who are better off to help those badly hit by administering urgent attention like bandaging their wounds to stop bleeding or natural resuscitation to help them keep on breathing as they await medical assistance.
  • Helps to reduce pain– Not every injury requires a person to visit a health center. Some cuts which are not deep can be treated at home or temporarily before official treatment.

After having seen the importance of first aid training, it is also vital to ensure that all buildings or premises including our homes are well equipped with the first aid kits. The essentials of a first aid kit include adhesive bandages, gauze rolls, sterile gauze pads, elastic bandages for wrapping wrist, knee and elbow, sterile cotton balls, and of course latex and non-latex gloves.

In every workplace it’s key to have one or more trained first- aider; depending on the size of the premises. For instance, in day camps for kids you expect a large influx of kids and therefore one first- aider may not be enough. You may require to hire more than one depending on the size of population.

Finally, it’s of utmost importance for each and every one to embrace first aid training as an asset to use in the future as we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us.  


5 Tips to Show Children Swimming is Fun

swimming kids

Kids will enjoy swimming more if you build their confidence and help them overcome any fear of water that they may have. It isn’t always easy to teach a child that water is fun especially when it is their first experience but the best place to start is finding a suitable swimming program that will incorporate as many fun activities as possible. As you read on, you will find insights on fun activities to incorporate into your swimming program to allow little ones to enjoy their time in the water.

Here are 5 simple tips to help introduce your child to Swimming.

  1. Safety measures
  • Teach children about safety measures in their early stages of swimming. This will build their confidence and security.
  • Make sure that your child understands that they should always ask permission before going to swim if young always accompanied by an adult.
  • Be sure they wear lifejackets or safety devices in the water at all times.
  • Teach them to paddle both feet while holding onto the walls of the pool. This will help them if they find themselves deep in the water to prevent drowning.
  1. Easy games

Simple games will make swimming more fun for kids. Use water  toys to play different games with them such as:

  • Chase and play

Encourages kids to move about in the water. The game involves a child moving in the water and tagging another who then moves about to tag another in the proximity.


  • Talk to the fish

Involves blowing water bubbles and listening to pretend fish responses. This helps the children to control their breathing which is an essential step to swimming independently. Encourage your child to blow bubbles while his/her face is submerged in the water. When you do so yourself, you’ll need to come out of the water smiling as you don’t want to scare the kid.

  • A ride

While holding your child by their armpits and walking backwards in the water shout “motorboat go fast…go fast…slow…” This will develop their kicking strength in the water.

  1. Test the water
  • An effective and easy way to teach your child security in the water is by swimming with them. Actually you should be the first one to get into the water so that they can follow. When you are with them, you induce a sense of belonging and security and allowing them to swim freely and have fun.
  1. Splashing
  • Splashing is enjoyable for beginners especially little ones who just can’t help but spray everyone around them with water.  This is actually part of the learning experience by teaching them how to kick and move in the water.
  • You can also help by showing them how to float with his/her stomach on the pool water and head on your shoulder. In this position they can begin kicking and splashing giving them better balance in the water. In Toronto, swimming lessons for kids integrate these balancing and kicking aspects with safety measures.
  1. Taking a jump
  • First of all this should be done in the shallow end of the pool. It’s so important for your child to feel safe and trust that the teacher or parent will catch them. When they jump into the water and begin to kick it allows the process of staying above water and strengthening those swimming muscles.

Zodiac swim school in Toronto is one of the largest private swim schools in Canada.  It offers top-notch swimming lessons that will help develop aquatic skills and self- confidence to your children.   


The Dangers Of Swimming Everyone Should be Aware Of

danger of swimming

Summer is just around the corner and many folks–especially kids–are itching to get out of the house or the classroom to go swimming. Many parents are thinking about the best swimming programs for kids. While swimming is a fun activity that improves wellness and physical fitness, there are some dangers that parents should be aware of. Signing up for swimming programs will help to lessen the danger for children as they how to properly swim and respect the water. Please think closely about the following:

Dry drowning

We often think that drowning occurs when someone is physically in the water. Dramatic movies and TV shows add to that assumption. However, there is an equally treacherous and much less well-known situation called “dry drowning” or “secondary drowning.” It can occur a significant amount of time after a person has left the pool or the beach. A swimmer usually breathes water into his or her lungs. As the fluid builds up, it can cause respiratory problems. The most common symptom is difficulty breathing. While this condition often clears up on its own, it can cause death if untreated.

Dry drowning can happen to anyone, but it commonly occurs in children because of their lack of experience in the water. Enrolling children in swimming programs is one way to reduce the chance of this happening. In addition, keeping an eye on kids in the bathtub and other shallow pools of water is a good idea as well.

Pool Hazards

While swimming programs for kids may teach children the basics of maneuvering around a pool with skill, not all focus on the hazards that may be found in and around the pool itself. Slippery floors and ladders could cause falls resulting in head injuries. It’s important that everyone knows that while pools are a fun place to hang out, it is important to be cautious for the sake of the other swimmers. Walking and entering the pool slowly can go a long way to improve safety.

Another particularly dangerous hazard is the pool drain. The suction caused by the device can be so strong that a person can be pulled under the water and unable to return to the surface. This is much more common in children than in adults. Lifeguards at public pools are usually trained to recognize this event, but it’s still important to keep an eye on your child. If you have a pool at home, make sure that children cannot access it unsupervised.

Disease Outbreaks

There is a commonly held, but incorrect belief that “chlorine kills everything.” As a result, pools are sometimes seen as the cleanest place around. Unfortunately, chlorine cannot kill off every single pathogen that ends up in the water, and the pool’s filtration system may not get rid of it quickly enough.

It’s possible to be infected by E. coli by spending time in pools that are not cleaned as much as they should. To prevent you are anyone from your family getting sick in a pool:

  • Avoid drinking pool water
  • Shower before and after swimming
  • Do not urinate in a pool, and report anyone who does to a lifeguard

In addition, consider attending or enrolling your children in swimming programs at pools that supplement chlorine with other disinfectants.


When kids are having fun, they’re reluctant to admit that they’re tired. Sometimes swimming seems less physically demanding than running or cycling, but it is a sport and sometimes you need to take a break. Swimmers who are too tired can become sloppy and lose their form. This puts them at risk for drowning. Swimmers should always have someone else watching them who can recommend when it’s time to take a break.

Despite the warnings above, swimming is a safe and fun activity. Just keep these points in mind and have a great summer!

For more information on swimming lessons for children, contact Zodiac Kids. Options are offered for children of all ages to become better swimmers.

The Social Impact of a Child’s Addiction to Gadgets



Within the last decade, technology has become a primary part of everyone’s life. Not only in the communication sphere, but the rapid digital revolution has completely changed the educational and learning scenario.

However, one cannot deny the adverse impact of technology especially with our young people. Even children from 2-5 years of age are getting exposure to digital gadgets. Kids are spending vast amounts of time playing around video-games, watching TV and surfing devices. Texting, chatting and spending times in social media have taken up their recreational times. Children are alarmingly withdrawing from outdoor games and physical activities as they prefer to spend that time around a computer. The decline of social interaction is making them incapable of face-to-face communication, and also creates an emotional distance with friends and parents.

Addiction towards gadgets is giving rise to problems like sleeplessness, lack of concentration, anxiety and mood disorders. Continuous usage of gadgets and internet are snatching away the thinking capacity of a child. The inter-connectivity between childhood and imagination is a thing of the past now.

Nowadays, every dot of information is available in the internet and kids are left with little to imagine and fantasize. Continuous access to gadgets is eroding a child’s normal quest and curiosity and they are no longer seeking an elderly person’s guidance and knowledge. It can also be said that gadgets are eroding the inter-personal skills of a child and often they are irritated with the presence of another person during their time of surfing the gadgets. Another disadvantage is that digital gadgets are deterring the kids to indulge into their creative and artistic pursuits.

Though it is widely admitted fact that technical devices are meant for keeping closer connectivity among people, irrespective of geographical barriers, in reality it often brings about apathy among people and the worst sufferer are the kids.

One of the worst impact, the kids are facing as a result of technology addiction is Cyber bullying. Harassment, humiliation, threats have entered into the virtual world also. Infact sending degrading messages, pictures and videos have become simple, quick and immediate by means of the 24*7 online access.

The emotional and physical consequences of bullying on children are horrific; their self confidence and self esteem get lowered down. Many kids end up emotionally and psychologically distressed and some kids are even turning to fatal tendencies. Depression, anger, fears, shame are just a few of the many outcomes of cyber bullying and experiencing bullying in childhood proves to be a huge evil in course of a child’s normal growth potentiality.  

Therefore, it is needless to say that unregulated use of technology and gadgets by children can really take a toll on their mental and physical well-being. Parents must be aware of these problems and should try to keep their children away from the gadgets during their play days as much as possible. Taking them to summer day camps or a swimming school for kids will help divert their attention away from gadgets and the internet, enhance their skills, and make them more productive and responsible individuals.

In day camps, children will learn so many things while having fun at the same time. In a swimming school for kids, they will not only have fun but they will also acquire swimming skills that will help boost their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Are Swimming Lessons the Way to Go?


Swimming is an important life skill that everyone should have an opportunity to learn. Not only it is great for our health but it could one day save a life too. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise as it works every muscle group in the body without causing stress on bones and joints. There are so many benefits of learning to swim as it is not only enjoyable but one of the best recreational activities.

Here are some other amazing benefits of swimming lessons:

Swimming lessons provide the best platform for learning and exercise. A swimming workout is a great total body workout as it strengthens everything from the core to the legs and to the arms. Swimming is also a fantastic cardiovascular alternative to running. Basically, muscles have to work harder to perform aerobic activity with the water resistance making them more flexible, stronger and increase in length.

Swimming lessons are the best choice for an individual who wants to excel in swimming. These swimming classes instill a competitive streak in learners as they strive to achieve more and compete amongst their peers. This proves to be highly effective and make children more competitive in the academic environment.

Swimming lessons are generally held in groups of similar age and ability. Therefore, learners get a chance to mix with each other and it also creates a platform for other social skills. In each swimming lesson, the overall safety of the learner is of prime importance. It also help build up health and endurance as they learn to swim long distances, Moreover, kids can learn lifesaving skills like swimming with clothes on and swimming rescue and survival.

In swimming lessons, the swim coach always tries to maintain the students comfort level with them. When teaching one-on-one lessons, they try and customize the instruction keeping in mind the undisturbed focus of the learner. 

Swimming lessons also provide you with cleanliness and proper hygiene in the swimming pool.  It is recommended that you should opt for private swim lessons instead of learning from relatives or peers as they provide a better environment, safety, and involvement in other recreational activities.

When it comes to Toronto swimming lessons, one of the best places to go to is Zodiac Day Camp as they offer a variety of swimming programs and even private swimming lessons.

A Rite of Passage: How Camp is Life Changing

A Rite of Passage: How Camp is Life Changing

Every young child goes through different stages of maturity. They learn new experiences and encounter different people when they enter school. They also find out how to do new tasks and activities within the classroom. They meet new people when they go to neighbourhood events and special occasions. However, learning should not just be limited to those experiences.

A great way for children to experience personal development is by sending them to day camps. Outdoor camps offer a new social setting where any child can belong. These areas are usually safe and supervised, and optimized for the child’s well-being. The children will have instructors and trained professionals who know how to handle children in any kind of situation. They will also know what to do when there is an emergency.

In a day camp, the child will be able to carve out new identities and responsibilities for themselves without the restrictions of judgement from peers who already know who they are. They will receive a clean blank slate to identify themselves with.

Camping also offers a good way of creating new social bonds with people of different ages. They will feel a mutual connection with children of their age sharing the same activity. They will also learn to relate with people of different backgrounds and personalities. They will have the chance to be close and identify with a respected older person who has their best interests at heart. They will be able to receive support and guidance when it is necessary.

Finishing camp also provides a feeling of accomplishment where the child would know that they have reached their goals and learned new things from different people. They have survived various scenarios without help from their parents or existing friends. These accomplishments will give the child enough confidence to fall back on when they encounter other difficult situations in the future.

Being given different tasks and activities also makes the children more responsible. They will know what is expected of them, and they will finish their task when it is needed. Being able to contribute to their community will allow them to value themselves and other better. They will be more competent when it comes to finishing what is required for a certain goal. They will also know how to be self-reliant.

Children who go through various experiences in camp will gain a sense of wonder about what is out there in the world. They will be more creative, imaginative and original with their art. They will also be more passionate about learning, because they will appreciate the fact that new knowledge is something that can be put to practical use. These children grow up to be better problem solvers, as they know how to view situations differently to find a solution.

Lastly, camping allows children to exercise and move around freely without any restrictions. They will have enough time to exercise their limbs and strengthen their muscles for various kinds of activities. This ensures that they will get used to having a healthy lifestyle. The child and his or her parents will be able to enjoy life with fewer worries about health problems brought by inactivity and obesity.

All of these things produce a sort of metamorphosis for each child who goes to an outdoor camp. New experiences and relationships would certainly make anybody’s life fuller. They will also undergo internal changes, mentally and emotionally. All these will help your child mature and become a successful person in the future.

You can check out one of the good day camps in Toronto here: http://www.zodiackids.ca/. They offer various classes for kids of different ages.

How Day Camps Can Help Teach Children Community Building

It’s a fact of life that children nowadays are inundated with various forms of technology that occupy their time and attention. As such, they have fewer opportunities for exploring the outdoor world and making social connections in their neighbourhood. They choose to stay indoors, only making new friends online or at school and usually won’t participate in community building activities with other children outside of school.

We see this scenario more and more often these days. Children shut out their families and neighbourhood communities, and avoid social situations in favour of spending an afternoon at home alone. They have fewer opportunities to create and develop relationships with various groups around them which creates problems with emotional and social growth, for many reasons.

Creating relationships is one of the distinct human abilities that have taken us to where we are today. We are superior to other animals because we have the ability to communicate and work alongside each other on a different level. We are able to create systems and do tasks that affix our presence. It is a natural human instinct to belong to a social community, and we can never completely get rid of the social constructions that we are born with. These communities define our identity, our support systems and our lifestyles. Even technology that children have surrounded themselves with could never have been created without the help of a community.

It is more practical for a child to affiliate themselves with the members of the community and its activities. Knowing how to deal with social tasks would also assist them later in life, when they have to be able to socialize in business and personal settings on their own. They will have to know how to develop these skills eventually to be successful in life, so it is always better to start educating them early in a safe and supervised setting.

Being a part of a community also creates a sense of belonging for any child and knowing their role in whatever setting they step into. They know which people can be trusted and will be able to identify those who belong in their personal community, and react to them accordingly.

Day camps allow children to create social connections in a new setting without the limitations of their background. They are given shared activities that they participate in with children around their own age. By sharing memories it creates a social connection and children will be able to draw upon these experiences when they step into new communities as they continue to grow.

Forming new social groups allows children to be more open-minded towards other people and accept those from different backgrounds. They will learn to not judge by appearances, but by actions and effort. They will be able to learn and grow alongside their peers, and create more valued memories as they continue. Someday, this will also help them in the workplace and the outside world when they step out on their own.

A home provides stability and comfort for a growing child however, it is also better if we introduce the outside world to them. One of the best ways for them to do that is by sharing learning experiences with others their age in day camps. You can try out one of many Toronto day camps for kids here: http://www.zodiackids.ca/.

How Day Camps Can Help Your Child Develop Confidence

Spending time away at day camps can be a great way for your child to develop a sense of independence and confidence. It is a safe environment where children can explore their identities and begin a journey of finding themselves and it may allow them to take risk in a controlled social setting without constantly being under the watchful eye of a parent. There are even instances of shy children becoming more sociable and interactive as the nonjudgmental setting of good day camps afford them the freedom of opening up to new experiences, new friendships and personal accomplishments. As a parent, if you are wondering how a day camp can help your child develop confidence, here are a few illustrations of how this may occur.

Choosing the right camp – Firstly, in building the confidence of your child picking the right camp is extremely important. Choosing the right camp immediately places your child in a setting where they will have things in common with their peers. Having things in common is a great starting point for developing new relationships and it will give your child more confidence in approaching other children with whom there is already a shared interest.

Breaking through comfort zones – Day camps offer your child the opportunity to try new things that they may not have been exposed to previously. The exposure to these new and sometimes challenging activities is what fosters the development of new skills and talents. Some camps offer packages that teach extremely important life skills such as first aid and babysitting. Performances of plays are also stimulating events where a child undertakes the personality of another character and performs in front of a live audience. These new activities usually break through any comfort zones and results in the development of more self-assurance and self-trust after having completed them. At Zodiac, one of the best Toronto day camps, there are numerous skills waiting to be passed on to your children. Some of the activities range from horseback riding, to cooking to sporting events.

The finding of ones self – Day camps for children also allow the child to find a balance in themselves. That is, having to juggle responsibilities and the different things happening during their stay at camp. This new accountability to self helps children feel in control of their lives and this self-efficacy can travel home as easily as a special art project or the know-how of making a favourite dish on their own.

New friendships – Children are able to develop lasting relationships with people who are outside of their immediate or even extended family. With the advances and advantages of technology, maintaining contact with these new friends have becomes easier by the exchanging of email addresses or Facebook contacts. This will help children who don’t feel comfortable around their peers in their own neighborhood to have a peer support system.

Academics – In a balanced day camp, they are able to find an appropriate place for academics within their schedule which can be both a fun and educational experience. Keeping the brain academically stimulated undoubtedly gives children at these day camps an advantage over the rest when they return to school. This is definitely a way to keep your child ready and confident in their abilities when they do transition back to a formal educational setting.

These are few ways in which a day camp can increase the confidence of your child. If you are looking for a good day camp in Toronto, as previously mentioned, Zodiac Day Camp offers several challenging and skilled  activities. For more information, please click the link. http://www.zodiackids.ca/.