Swim Lessons for Kids: 5 Key Benefits that May Surprise You

Enrolling your children in summer day camp means they will have access to quality programming, including swimming. Some day camps offer a swimming lessons for kids through their swim school, which is a great way to see your child become more familiar with the water and remain safe when swimming during the summer months. Swim lessons offers many benefits, not just swim safety but other pros as well. Learn more about the key benefits below.

Making Friends

When your child enrolls in swimming lessons, they will be placed with children their own age and ability. Even if your child is shy, the pool seems to get kids breaking out of their shell. Your child will have the opportunity to make new friends which can lead to better self-confidence as well as a happier child.

Learn Leadership Skills

By taking swimming lessons, your child may realize they have a knack for swimming. Over time, your child may show interest in pursuing leadership avenues within swimming. Once they reach the preteen stage, children can become certified in CPR as well as lifeguarding. This can lead to even greater water safety training as well as the ability to hold an employment position within summer day camps or other facilities.

Continued Enrollment

When you have kids, it is important to stay on schedule. By pre-registering for swimming classes each year, your child will be able to continue to learn new skills in water safety while staying on the same schedule. At Zodiac Swim School, registration can take place every season, with parents having the ability to register for the entire year. The benefit of this is that your schedule stays the same and children who attend Zodiac Day Camp enjoy a seamless transition with their lesson into the Summer which can be very helpful when you have multiple children in the household.

Improved Health

For your child to stay in shape and healthy, they need to be active. With today’s society focused on electronics and technology, it can be difficult to keep kids moving and on the go. With swimming lessons, your child is exercising but also having fun. To them, its play time rather than exercise. By having your child attend regular classes, you are providing them with an outlet to exercise which helps promote improved health.


Another key benefit to swimming lessons is the happiness of your child. There are so many ways that your child can be happy when taking lessons. From making new friends to learning a new skill, you will begin to see your child’s face light up when they talk about swimming lessons. Help your child be happy and find joy in the water by signing up for swimming lessons today!

At Zodiac Swim School and Zodiac Day Camp, we offer quality swimming lessons so your child can have fun and be safe in the water. By contacting our office, you can learn about our swimming lesson programs and find an option for your child based on age and skill level.


Choosing A Day Camp That Offers Active Activities And The Importance Of Physical Literacy


Kids have a ton of energy. Any parent will agree that kids have energy for days and need to be able to stay active in order to release the energy they possess. A great way for kids to stay busy, especially during the summer months, is with a day camp. Day camps come in a variety of subjects from swimming to gymnastics and more. Children can register for such camps and be active, spending their energy, all the while becoming more physical literate.

The Importance of Physical Literacy
Physical literacy is very important but for most parents, this is an unfamiliar term. Physical literacy is a term used to describe the ability to master the necessary movement skills as well as sports skills. Being able to master such movements allows a child to interpret the scenery around them and make decisions appropriately. For example, children do not automatically know how to catch a ball. This is a physical skill that is learned. Once learned, a child can easily adapt to a situation in which they might be in danger. If a ball were to fly at them all of a sudden during school hours, the child would automatically reach to catch the ball, avoiding injury.

It is important to be physically fit and know how to move the body correctly. With day camps that feature sports and activities, children can learn sports movements and be better equipped for everyday life, not to mention have fun in the process!

Choosing a Day Camp
To keep your child busy and happy, choose a day camp that your child will enjoy. Swimming school for kids is a great example. With toddler swimming lessons, a small child is able to enjoy the water and learn physical skills. The child will be taught how to tread water, float and a host of other physical activities associated with swimming. The child will feel comfortable in the water and have fun enjoying the activity with other children.

While your child will see this as a fun outing, you can see the physical literacy benefits. You can rest assured that your child knows how to swim and will be safe in the water. They will be able to naturally react in a given situation based on the skills they learn from toddler swimming lessons.

This is just one example of day camps that your child can enjoy. Learn what is offered in your area to keep your child active and learn life skills along the way. Be sure to choose a camp that will work around your busy schedule as well as be a subject of interest to your child. Discuss camp options with your kids to see what they might be interested in. Make the choice of camp a family event to let everyone be involved in the decision making process to make the camp experience even more fun. To learn more about children’s day camps and activities, contact Zodiac Day Camp today.

5 Ways To Make Swimming Lessons For Kids Fun


Toddler swimming lessons can be a tricky business, but a very important and rewarding one. Toddlers and children need to be entertained in any learning environment, as they naturally learn by playing. When children enjoy what they are learning, they are more likely to participate, more willing to learn, and catch on more quickly due to their high interest level. Not to mention, when they’re having fun, you are too! Swimming lessons for kids plays a very important role, as they will learn the basic skills to reduce their risk of drowning. But no one said it couldn’t be fun! Take a look at five ways to make swimming lessons fun for kids and try using some of them in your next lesson.

Land to water
Part of keeping things interesting for toddler swimming lessons is to think outside of the box. A great way to do that is to utilize the land as well as the water. By letting the children do warm exercises on land, or incorporating drills throughout the lesson, the children will respond well to the change of environments. This can keep things interesting and entertaining for toddlers during swimming lessons.
Incorporate Sports
Incorporating sports into swimming lessons for kids helps them to enjoy the lessons all the more. Typically, all kids enjoy sports and all kids enjoy swimming, so why not combine the two and make for a great way to engage children in their swim lessons?! Incorporating sports into swimming lessons can allow for breaks in between skills, or the sports can be used to teach the skills themselves. It’s all about finding a creative way to incorporate the sport. For example, you could use basketball in a swim lesson by having the children swim from one end of the pool to the other, shoot a basket, and then swim back. At the end of the activity, calculate the baskets to see who won! Not only are the kids practicing their strokes, but they are having fun as well.

Use a variety of fun toys

All kids love toys, right? Of course they do! Using different toys in your swimming lessons is a great way to mix things up and get children to engage more. These toys could include different types of flotation devices, snorkels, flippers, and diving sticks. Not only will the children enjoy playing with a variety of toys, these toys also aid in specific skills that are essential to swimming techniques.

Play Games
Piggybacking on the incorporation of sports, playing games during swimming lessons can also help make the lessons fun for children. Swimming school for kids can get monotonous, and playing games can break up that monotony. Kids who are bored become unengaged, and are less likely to properly learn the techniques. Incorporating games that also teach the techniques for swimming is a great way to make swimming school fun for kids.

Underwater fun
Perhaps the most fun aspect for toddlers and children during swimming lessons is the skill of swimming underwater, or simply being underwater. Once this skill is successfully demonstrated by the child, you can incorporate fun activities with the underwater skill. And going along with the incorporation of sports and games, children learn by playing and underwater activities go right along with that theme. Underwater activities can include diving sticks, underwater laps racing, etc. The more creative, the better!

Zodiac Kids offers the best toddler swimming lessons to engage your child and make learning how to swim fun!

Summer Day Camps: Why Go To Camp?

summer camp

Children are like bursts of energy that are sometimes very difficult to contain. And sometimes, in your own busy schedule you tend to forget spending quality time with your child, especially during summer holidays when your child has nothing but time to spend. What better way could there be to give him his experience of a life-time without the feeling of guilt that you didn’t do enough?

Kids are innocent souls who have yet to see the world with their own eyes and understand it. Imagine a place where you could get your kid to experience all those events that would otherwise be difficult in a daily routine – a place where he gets to explore on his own and explore new things.

Day camps that run summer camp programs are ideal places for such occasions where you can safely send your child and know for sure that he will certainly return with a bag full of wisdom and will be proud of that.

So, what do day camps have to offer?

Summer getaway: Summer programs for kids give them the opportunity to utilize their never ending energy. Before they get bored of sitting at home while you get busy in your own routine, send them to a day camp where they have their own stories to make.

Life-changing experience: Not every child is the same and every parent knows that. Some are smart while some are shy, some are active while some are studious. So, when you send your child to a day camp, they meet a lot of other kids and gets a completely different experience that they can cherish for a life-time. Things they would learn in a day camp will prove to be the building blocks of their character when entering adulthood.

Change in environment: Being a parent you will have a good idea about how easily kids get bored and how easily they get distracted. Constantly living in the same environment and following the same routine becomes very boring for kids. And at this prime age where they ought to have fun and explore the world, day camps provide the very opportunity that is needed.

Making new friends: Day camps have kids coming in from all over the place which provides a change of scenario for your child, and he gets the opportunity of making new friends and learning new things that he will not get the opportunity to learn in the mundane of home-to-school-and-back routine. Making friends from different backgrounds gives a new outlook to your child.

Activities: Kids love nothing better than playing around and exploring new places. Summer camp activities are designed keeping this very idea in mind. In day camps, they get to play around and engage in activities that make them learn a thing or two, all under the supervision of trained professionals. It boosts your child’s confidence. So, it is a win-win for your child as well as you, because you will know that your child is safe.

Build self-esteem: Summer camp programs are designed for all kids whether they are highly active or extremely shy. It provides the opportunity to your child to build his self-esteem and observe his surroundings. A learning experience builds your child’s decision making ability and you will see a great change in your kid.

So, after all this when your child returns home, they have not only made a new set of friends but is  proud because they found new courage to self-assess and explore new skills. A day camp certainly will leave a lasting impression on your child.

If you are in a dilemma of providing the best summer for your kid but don’t know how, then send your child to a day camp and watch him grow. Zodiac Day Camps has so many options to choose from. Visit zodiackids.ca for more details.

The Dangers Of Swimming Everyone Should be Aware Of

danger of swimming

Summer is just around the corner and many folks–especially kids–are itching to get out of the house or the classroom to go swimming. Many parents are thinking about the best swimming programs for kids. While swimming is a fun activity that improves wellness and physical fitness, there are some dangers that parents should be aware of. Signing up for swimming programs will help to lessen the danger for children as they how to properly swim and respect the water. Please think closely about the following:

Dry drowning

We often think that drowning occurs when someone is physically in the water. Dramatic movies and TV shows add to that assumption. However, there is an equally treacherous and much less well-known situation called “dry drowning” or “secondary drowning.” It can occur a significant amount of time after a person has left the pool or the beach. A swimmer usually breathes water into his or her lungs. As the fluid builds up, it can cause respiratory problems. The most common symptom is difficulty breathing. While this condition often clears up on its own, it can cause death if untreated.

Dry drowning can happen to anyone, but it commonly occurs in children because of their lack of experience in the water. Enrolling children in swimming programs is one way to reduce the chance of this happening. In addition, keeping an eye on kids in the bathtub and other shallow pools of water is a good idea as well.

Pool Hazards

While swimming programs for kids may teach children the basics of maneuvering around a pool with skill, not all focus on the hazards that may be found in and around the pool itself. Slippery floors and ladders could cause falls resulting in head injuries. It’s important that everyone knows that while pools are a fun place to hang out, it is important to be cautious for the sake of the other swimmers. Walking and entering the pool slowly can go a long way to improve safety.

Another particularly dangerous hazard is the pool drain. The suction caused by the device can be so strong that a person can be pulled under the water and unable to return to the surface. This is much more common in children than in adults. Lifeguards at public pools are usually trained to recognize this event, but it’s still important to keep an eye on your child. If you have a pool at home, make sure that children cannot access it unsupervised.

Disease Outbreaks

There is a commonly held, but incorrect belief that “chlorine kills everything.” As a result, pools are sometimes seen as the cleanest place around. Unfortunately, chlorine cannot kill off every single pathogen that ends up in the water, and the pool’s filtration system may not get rid of it quickly enough.

It’s possible to be infected by E. coli by spending time in pools that are not cleaned as much as they should. To prevent you are anyone from your family getting sick in a pool:

  • Avoid drinking pool water
  • Shower before and after swimming
  • Do not urinate in a pool, and report anyone who does to a lifeguard

In addition, consider attending or enrolling your children in swimming programs at pools that supplement chlorine with other disinfectants.


When kids are having fun, they’re reluctant to admit that they’re tired. Sometimes swimming seems less physically demanding than running or cycling, but it is a sport and sometimes you need to take a break. Swimmers who are too tired can become sloppy and lose their form. This puts them at risk for drowning. Swimmers should always have someone else watching them who can recommend when it’s time to take a break.

Despite the warnings above, swimming is a safe and fun activity. Just keep these points in mind and have a great summer!

For more information on swimming lessons for children, contact Zodiac Kids. Options are offered for children of all ages to become better swimmers.

The Benefits of Adventure Sports

Swimming School For Kids

Being involved in sports is a fun way for many children to get the quality of exercise needed for keeping growing bodies healthy. We all know that exercise is good for us, and that taking part in sports can be a great overall experience for many kids.

However, there is a new trend in sports for the young and old alike: adventure sports, also known as extreme sports! There are many different types of adventure sports; rock climbing, white water rafting, mountain climbing, parkour, BMX biking, or any other sport that may be considered risky and gives an adrenaline rush. When kids take up adventure sports, they may join a day camp or a swimming school for kids, a club, or any other type of sports related organization. So if adventure sports might be risky, why should children take part in them? Believe it or not, taking risks is part of the benefits of being involved in adventure sports. There are a lot of other benefits as well.

Some of the benefits of being involved in an adventure sport include inspiring confidence, self-discipline, and character building. In a world filled with negativity, a positive environment that helps to keep children healthy while inspiring confidence is something worth looking into. Not only is confidence an important trait, learning self-discipline is an extremely useful trait for kids that seems to be lacking in our modern world. Self-discipline also helps to build self-awareness, which can lead to a child better learning their limitations in their chosen sport. Self-discipline can also lead to better behavior overall.

While participating in adventure sports can help build a child’s self-esteem and confidence, it can also help a child learn that there are times we all fail. Starting off in a sport, it is expected to have some difficulties, maybe even some failures. Learning how to cope with failure from a younger age can make hard times easier to manage at all stages in life.

One of the biggest benefits of being involved in an adventure sport is getting over fears. This occurs by the inherent risks involved in some of the more extreme adventure sports. These risks will naturally cause some fears, but if a child decides to do the sport anyways, they can overcome these fears. Being taken out of one’s comfort zone can go a long way in getting over fears, and building character.

There are many types of places that children can go to take part in the benefits of adventure sports. This includes school clubs, church organizations, and kids’ summer camps. Joining an organization can have some benefits as well. One of the most profound benefits for joining something like a swimming school for kids is learning team building skills, social skills, and the bonds they can form with other children interested in the same adventure sports. The bonds formed in these camps can last a lifetime, giving children the opportunity to make forever friends.  Toddler swimming lessons, team building and social skills are something that is looked at greatly in the future lives of children; by schools and workplaces. These skills can help them grow as an individual, sprouting from little leaves to giant trees.

Between solid emotional and mental skill building to being physically active, adventure sports has benefits that can help any child grow into a well-rounded person. Can these skills be harnessed through less risky sport activities? The answer would be yes, to a degree, they can; but where is the risk, and the adventure? Part of what makes adventure sports exciting to younger people are the risks involved, and being able to test their own physical and mental endurance. After all, adventure is in the name of this genre of sports, and children are natural adventurers by heart.

Gain access to swimming programs for all age levels at Zodiac Swim Schools.