Zodiac Swim School: Looking To Be A Lifeguard?

Improve your swimming skills by enrolling in swimming lessons. Zodiac Swim School is perfect for obtaining both.

Being a lifeguard isn’t just a summer job that involves sitting at a lifeguard tower and working on your tan while beach or pool goers fend for themselves in and out of the water. Being a lifeguard carries immense responsibility with it – after all, you will be guarding someone’s life. In order to gain experience in the water, it would be a good idea to enroll in swimming lessons to improve your skills as much as possible.

Zodiac Swim School is home to a number of different swimming programs, all of which offer not only expert knowledge of the water and how to conquer it, but also the techniques and methods necessary to act in emergency situations. Particularly situations in which another person’s life may depend on the assistance you provide them. Lifeguarding is not just a job for the summer; it is an ideal opportunity for teenagers and those who are naturally comfortable in and around the water to work towards certification and obtain expert training in order to truly know how to respond in various life-threatening situations.

If you’ve ever watched and enjoyed the 2017 remake of Baywatch (based on the popular 90’s TV show) and felt inspired to become someone who makes a difference in bodies of water, becoming a lifeguard is the perfect way to achieve that. You have the option of preparing for next summer by enrolling in one of Zodiac Swim School swimming programs and obtaining great knowledge and professional training worthy of Mitch Buchanan’s No.2.

For example, kids are now taking the Zodiac Learn To Swim Program, followed by the Lifesaving levels:

Bronze Medallion with Emergency First aid, Bronze Cross with Standard First Aid and the National Lifeguard. Join them and do your part in keeping beaches and pools across the country safe and accident-free. Lifeguards are trained to always be alert and aware of what is going on around them.  As difficult and challenging as lifeguard training is, it’s more than worth it. Saving a human life has no price tag.

Moreover, aspiring lifeguards should take note of the fact that the swimming programs at Zodiac Swim School are but a stepping stone on the road to truly making a difference; a significant stepping stone. However, if you’re going to learn something from the very basics, you might as well start at a place where those basics are taught thoroughly and expertly.

Benefits of Adult and Tot Swim Classes

Swimming programs today offer lessons for children of all ages, even infants. It is becoming more and more common for parents to sign up their infants for swimming lessons in order to introduce their child to the water.  Swimming classes which the parents are involved in can lead to a better success rate for the infant to learn how to swim. Read on to learn the many benefits of adult and tot swimming classes.

Experienced Instructor

To begin, any infant swimming class you sign up for, you will find that the instructor is experienced in infant education. The instructor will have the knowledge and experience to provide quality training for your infant as well as for yourself. You will learn techniques that you can apply to help your child learn to swim.

Fun and Entertaining Environment

Tot swimming classes can be compared to mommy and me or daddy and me classes as the child will be learning how to swim through games, songs and playtime. The instructor will show you how to use these techniques in order to make your toddler comfortable in the water. By playing games, your infant will associate the water with fun. Song helps children to associate certain movements with particular songs which helps to build repetition with movements to learn swimming techniques.

Water Safety

Swimming classes will help you and your child feel more comfortable about being in or around the water. Your child will start to develop the building blocks of learning how to swim.

Pre-school Swim Classes

Parent and Tot classes are a great way to prepare your child for pre-school swim classes. Once your child starts these classes, you can continue on with each stage of learning as they grow. Your child will continue to learn new skills as well as working on their current skills to becoming a strong swimmer.

When you become a parent, begin to look into such classes for your children. Swimming classes are offered for children as young as 3 months. Introducing them to the water at an early age will help prepare your child for safe swim practices.

At Zodiac Swim School, we offer quality swimming programs for all ages. We teach and encourage proper technique as well as water safe so that your children can be successful swimmers in the future. Contact our office today to see what classes we have available for your needs.

It’s Not Just a Sport: Facts about Swimming You Didn’t Know

The sport of swimming is one that is not only fun but also a safety measure. Swimming programs are offered for children of all ages to learn how to swim and effectively stay safe in the water. However, swimming is not just a sport and not only about water safety. There are many interesting facts about swimming that parents and kids will benefit from knowing. Check out a few of these interesting facts below.

Every Major Muscle in the Body is Used

When you swim, every major muscle in the body is used. Core abdominals, lower back, shoulder, forearm, hamstrings, upper back, glutes and more are used when swimming. Because of this, swimming is one of the healthier options for exercise. Thousands of calories can be burned during a single swimming session due to muscle use.

Oldest Stroke is the Breaststroke

During swimming lessons, your child will learn the many different techniques for swimming, including the breaststroke. Did you know that the breaststroke is actually the oldest swimming stroke? The technique was created at the same time as competitive swimming in 1830 in Britain.

An Olympic Sport

Swimming is a popular Olympic sport that fans enjoy watching and swimmers enjoy participating in. Swimming was added to the Olympics in 1896 exclusive to men until 1912 when women were allowed to compete.

Swimming is the Most Popular in California

Swimming is a popular pastime in California and the state has the most swimming pools in the world. The state is home to more than 3,000,000 swimming pools. If you were to move to the state, you would most likely be purchasing a home that contains a pool!

Burn More Calories

If you are using swimming as a form of exercise, you can burn more calories in one hour than you can with other forms of exercise such as biking or walking. Swimming in a vigorous manner can result in burning as many as 650 calories or more based on your age and weight.

Build Heart and Lung Strength

Swimming on a regular basis helps to build heart and lung strength. This means that if you enjoy swimming, you can have fun and also have a healthy heart and lungs at the same time!

These are just a few fun facts about swimming. The exercise is not only healthy for you but fun to do with family and friends. Be sure to swim frequently to enjoy the many benefits of the sport.

At Zodiac Swim School, we want to help every child learn how to swim.  Enroll your child today in one of our many swimming programs to help them learn water safety and new swimming skills.

Just Keep Swimming! The Benefits Of Winter Swim Lessons



It has been estimated by the Red Cross that as many as 90% or more of families spend their time in the water during the summer months. When the weather is nice, it can be wonderful to visit the beach, swimming pools and lakes, spending time with family and friends. The summer months are the perfect time for children’s swimming lessons but the summer shouldn’t be the only time kids take part in swimming. By continuing your child’s swimming programs through the winter months, you can ensure that your child will be skilled in the water. Your child will be safe in the water and be able to maintain such skills year after year. Learn the many benefits of winter swimming below.

Building Skills to Stay Safe in the Water
When children continue to swim in the winter months, they are able to build skills that will help them stay safe during summer swimming. By taking formal swimming lessons, your child will be able to reduce the risk of drowning, knowing just what to do in any situation. Your child will have strong water safety skills as well as swimming skills that will not be forgotten if you were to take a break during the winter months. Year round lessons allows your child to retain the skills and be able to advance in swimming at a much faster rate.

Staying Active
With winter swimming lessons, your child will be staying active which means they stay healthy. Being physically active can help build muscle and endurance as well as build a healthy immune system. When the winter months arrive, many children are not as active as they were in the summer. Less daylight as well as colder temperatures means less time spent outdoors. When you take your child to swimming lessons, they are able to take part in a physical activity that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Swimming is also an activity that works the muscles of the body without a high risk of injury. This form of exercise is an excellent way for your child to stay fit without worrying about straining muscles or being too sore afterwards!

Relieving Cabin Fever
Winter is a time when children easily become restless because they cannot release pent up energy. Kids need to be able to move about and play. Swimming lessons allows your child to release their energy and let go of cabin fever. Kids will get moving and expend the energy that had built up after spending too much time indoors. Children can spend time with friends and teachers, move their muscles and just have fun. Children really enjoy swimming lessons as it gives the child a chance to have a good time with others their own age.

Overall, there are many benefits to expanding swimming lessons from the summer months into the winter season. To learn more about such swimming lessons for children of all ages, contact Zodiac Swim School. Enroll your child in a winter swimming program to expand their skills as well as provide them with an activity to enjoy during the cold season.

Want To Improve Your Swim This Winter? Here Are Some Workouts You Should Try.


The winter months can be a great time to improve your swimming technique. Most people hit the pools in the summer months so you can head indoors and take advantage of swimming lessons, learning how to improve your stroke as well as learning new techniques for swimming. Such swimming programs can be beneficial for the casual swimmer as well as those who want to be more competitive in such athletics as triathlons. Read on below to see what you can do to improve your swimming technique.

Swimming Lessons
You may feel that if you already know how to swim, then you cannot benefit from swimming lessons. However, this is not true. By learning proper techniques from professionals, you can improve your stroke and learn new techniques. You may find that just slight changes improve how well you swim, including distance swimming as well as endurance. Find programs to suit your needs by searching local swimming pools or facilities that offer adult lessons.

Stop Worrying About Distance
You may be planning your workouts in swimming around a distance. This is not the best idea. You may have a goal of reaching 2000 metres during your swim. You work hard to reach this distance. However, you end up swimming poorly after 1000 metres and have not received the full benefit of the swim. When it comes to your workouts, focus more on your form and technique. You want to move well with your strokes instead of worrying about covering a set distance. This way, you will have good technique and be working every muscle correctly.

Avoid the ‘No Plan’ Strategy
Is your swim workout strategy to have no plan? If you do not have a solid workout and just swim back and forth for as long as you, then you do not have a quality workout plan in place. You need a good swim workout in place to help you reach specific goals. To start, you need to focus on drills. If you do not know anything about drills then you need to start over with swimming lessons to educate yourself. Adding in additional swim equipment such as: pull buoys, hand paddles, and flutter boards is beneficial for working certain areas of the body and mixing up your workout.

Swim with Friends
It is also important to try and workout with others when you can. Having swimming buddies will keep you on a good swimming regimen and keep you busy. Find friends who have similar swimming workouts and meet as often as you can. By being competitive, you can get the most out of your workouts, upping your skill level.

By taking these points into consideration, you can increase your swimming ability. This can help your body by toning muscle and creating a healthier immune system. You will also be able to be more competitive in events such as triathlons if you choose to compete.

To find out more about swimming lessons for adults and how to up your game when it comes to swimming technique contact Zodiac Swim School. The swim programs at Zodiac not only help children but also adults to improve swimming skills and techniques.

How To Choose The Best Swim School For Your Family


If you live in the Toronto area, you are probably aware of the many swimming lessons and swimming programs available to families who would like for their children to learn how to swim. With so many programs available, it can be difficult to choose the one that is best for your family. When choosing a swimming program for your child, keep these ideas in mind in order to find the perfect fit for your family.

Be sure that any place you choose to enroll your child in swimming lessons are employing instructors who are certified and qualified to do so. The instructors should hold a swim rescue award that meets the Ontario Health Regulations, a swim instruction qualification as determined by the employer and a First Aid and CPR certification from a recognized society including: The Canadian Red Cross, Lifesaving Society, St. John’s Ambulance or Canadian Ski Patrol. There are other advanced certifications that are not required for basic swim instruction but can be a sign of a well-qualified instructor.

Class size

Class size might also impact your decision on which swimming program to enroll your child in Toronto. Classes should be smaller in order for the instructor to properly teach and supervisor, typically around 2 – 5 children in each class for smaller children and up to 10 for more advanced children. Of course there are programs that offer one on one instruction as well. Knowing how your child will learn best, either in the group class or individually, will help determine your decision.

Class Schedule
While you understand the importance of your child learning to swim, you also understand that the class time needs to make sense for your schedule, as well as your child’s. For example, if you work long days choosing a class that is held on the weekend might be the best option for you. Maybe choosing a morning class will help avoid conflicting with your child’s nap time. Alternatively, choosing a weeknight time allows you to keep your weekends free for family time and can help your child refresh for the following day with a fun and active activity.

Observe the Lessons
Observing the swimming lessons are very important for parents to feel comfortable with the school of their choice. There are many benefits to observing a class and it will help you understand the process. You can see how the teacher works with the students, how many lessons are going on at once in the pool area, and how the instructor transitions from one class to the next. Your child can also see how lessons are handled and what to expect during their swim school instruction. This also allows parents to see where they should be dropped off, picked up, etc. to learn the class flow. This helps both the parent and the child to be more comfortable with the first swim lesson.

If you are in need of a quality swimming program in the Toronto area, explore the options that Zodiac Swim School has to offer. They have a wide range of swimming programs for kids in Toronto and are ready to provide quality swimming lessons to your child today!

Basic Swimming Rescue Skills For Your Child

Pensacola Sailors learn rescue swimming skills

A Rescue Swimmer School candidate performs a body sweep to check for entanglements or injury in the pool at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

One of the most important life skills to learn is swimming. Drowning is ranked the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States. This tragic ending can be prevented with the proper water safety instruction and skills, and it should be taught at a young age.

There are bodies of water all over the world such as  lakes, seas, rivers, oceans, dams and pools. Drowning comprises of about 10% of unintentional injuries per day in the United States, many of which lead to death. About 73% of people who drowned in 2012 alone were children aged 14 and under.  The good thing is that many of these accidental drowning can be prevented by following safety regulations, and also by being equipped with the necessary rescue skills. With this in mind, you would agree with me if I argued that it is vital for your child to learn some of the basic swimming rescue skills. Due to this fact, Toronto swimming lessons are tailored to equip kids with safety swimming skills.

By making sure that your child learns the basics of swimming reduces his or her chances of drowning. In many swimming programs, the first lesson involves teaching the kids some of the basics of swimming. This includes certain styles to prevent drowning such as treading water, doggie paddle, and crawl stroke. This will improve your child’s confidence when in the water which is very important. But, it should be noted that even the best swimmers can drown, therefore being overconfident is not an option.

Kids especially those who swim in beaches should be taught how to spot and evade strong currents. If possible they should avoid swimming completely when there are huge swells in the sea. The ‘rip currents’ are very fast and pose a lot of danger to the swimmers, especially to those who are beginners. There are certain signs that can tell you that you will be in for very strong currents in the next few minutes. The water around changes its color, the waves change patterns from time to time, and there occurs steady movement of debris in the sea. Once you spot these changes in the beach, you should consider getting out of the sea immediately. Fortunately, in some Toronto swimming lessons the kids are taught how to handle themselves when they go to their swimming programs.

If by bad luck you find yourself in strong currents, the first thing is to stay calm. Many people drown because they panic. Once you are calm, then think quickly of what to do next. If there are people around call for help. In the unfortunate event you find yourself alone, don’t fight with the currents. Make a 90 degree turn and move parallel to sea shore. Rip currents are majorly active in narrow channels therefore by swimming in a parallel direction, it gives you a better chance of landing where the waters are a bit calmer.

If you realize you are losing control of yourself when swimming the best thing is to let yourself float on water instead of fighting to stay on cause. In Toronto swimming lessons, treading water is an important technique taught to kids as a safety mechanism to prevent drowning. Fighting to stay above the water only depletes your energy thus decreasing your chances of survival. Simply turn upright and try sweeping water with your arms in order to stabilize yourself, then easily do the kicking motion with your legs to stay afloat, and then you can call for help.

Finally, kids should avoid the use of drugs at all cost. The use of drugs only impairs your judgment. You might think you are on the shallow end when actually you are on the deep end of the pool. Also, drug abuse gives an individual false confidence which can lead to accidental drowning.

Zodiac summer camp is one of the best summer camps in the area. It offers first class swimming programs along other amazing programs such as adventure sports, fashion design, robotics and jewelry art for kids. For more info visit their website www.zodiackids.ca

Benefits of Trampoline Sports for Kids


Children of any age typically enjoy using the trampoline for recreational purposes. While trampolines are usually associated with a casual day outside on a nice Sunday afternoon, others also utilize this device for improving their sports performance.

The trampoline itself is a sports device initially used for performances. Athletes and acrobats train regularly using trampolines, and they develop the necessary strength and muscle memory through constant practice. With trampoline use, the child can experience better fitness and body awareness, along with good cardiovascular health and higher spirits.

Trampoline sports in day camps are usually good options for a child to try out when they need some kind of physical activity. Better fitness also means that they will be able to reduce their chances for health risks associated with obesity and being overweight. Children with access to exercise equipment will be able to enjoy better lifestyles without having to worry about health problems caused by lack of movement.

Aside from weight loss, there are more benefits that trampoline use can provide for the child. A trampoline utilizes the entire body for movement, and this means that overall body strength is improved when a person is using the device. With a trampoline, you can strengthen your core muscles better without adding unnecessary stress on other joints and bones on your body. Using a trampoline for exercise is also gentler on thigh, core and leg muscles, as they don’t need to exert as much effort as when they are carrying your weight. This means that there are less chances for bone diseases and muscle injuries.

Jumping on the trampoline also requires a certain amount of strength, agility, balance, and posture. Continually using the trampoline for long periods of time would lead the child to develop better abilities in these departments, and they will be able to enjoy the benefits of having better posture and agility in everyday life. The physical exertion needed also requires for a person to breathe properly, so they learn to exercise their lungs and have better respiratory functions by playing with the trampoline.

It is also considered as a good cardiovascular workout by many fitness professionals and athletes. Studies have shown that jumping on the trampoline provides better workout and cardio results than running, jumping and most sports on foot. This kind of exercise has also shown to provide the child with a better mood and a nicer disposition, since they have used energy on a fun activity.

Trampolines have been used to help patients recovering from illnesses and injuries. Since childhood is a delicate stage, playing with the trampoline can assist those with depressive tendencies or going through any emotional difficulties. The trampoline requires a person’s full focus without them realizing that they have used up their energy. For overactive kids, it is a good distraction and a way to burn off some energy while providing a fun experience.
Being airborne is a great feeling and jumping is already considered a good exercise on its own. When a child is outdoors at day camps with their trampoline sessions, they will also get some much-needed vitamin D.


Why is First Aid Training Important

first aid training

We are living in a world where no one is completely safe. We cannot deny the fact that at some point in our lives we have been involved in situations that have called for our immediate actions. Accidents, food poisoning, electrocution, terror activities, choking, heart attacks just to name a few of them, are some possibilities that may happen at any time and therefore call for our preparedness. Having the knowledge of the course of action to take at these times can save a dying man or prevent a worse condition that was deemed to happen, such as paralysis. It’s therefore important to teach kids at a tender age these skills for their own benefits and also to help others. Kids are most prone to emergencies as their immune system is less developed as compared to adults.

Reasons for first aid training

  • Every second counts– It would take less than six minutes for someone bleeding seriously to lose consciousness and die. Also some deep cuts, if not treated or cleaned earlier, may lead to infection. Therefore the earlier the pre- treatment is administered, the better. After all, the basis of first aid is prevention of the worst.
  • Makes people feel more secure– There is the aspect of believing you are safe when you know that someone is looking after you. Maybe that’s why we are more comfortable in our homes as compared to when we are outside. The same case applies to first aid skills. You will feel safer knowing that in case of any accident, there is someone around you who can come to your aid.
  • As a job requirement– There are certain jobs where first aid training is a strict requirement. These jobs may include kids summer camps where kids go for holiday vacations. There are a lot of childrens activities that go on in these camps, and truth be told, you can’t prevent kids from jumping all over the place; after all ‘that’s why they are on vacation’. The kids might hurt themselves and may require urgent attention from a qualified personnel.
  • Disaster– When a natural calamity such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes strike, it’s not possible to access medical attention quickly. Therefore, it’s up to those who are better off to help those badly hit by administering urgent attention like bandaging their wounds to stop bleeding or natural resuscitation to help them keep on breathing as they await medical assistance.
  • Helps to reduce pain– Not every injury requires a person to visit a health center. Some cuts which are not deep can be treated at home or temporarily before official treatment.

After having seen the importance of first aid training, it is also vital to ensure that all buildings or premises including our homes are well equipped with the first aid kits. The essentials of a first aid kit include adhesive bandages, gauze rolls, sterile gauze pads, elastic bandages for wrapping wrist, knee and elbow, sterile cotton balls, and of course latex and non-latex gloves.

In every workplace it’s key to have one or more trained first- aider; depending on the size of the premises. For instance, in day camps for kids you expect a large influx of kids and therefore one first- aider may not be enough. You may require to hire more than one depending on the size of population.

Finally, it’s of utmost importance for each and every one to embrace first aid training as an asset to use in the future as we don’t know what tomorrow holds for us.  

Summer Day Camps: Why Go To Camp?

summer camp

Children are like bursts of energy that are sometimes very difficult to contain. And sometimes, in your own busy schedule you tend to forget spending quality time with your child, especially during summer holidays when your child has nothing but time to spend. What better way could there be to give him his experience of a life-time without the feeling of guilt that you didn’t do enough?

Kids are innocent souls who have yet to see the world with their own eyes and understand it. Imagine a place where you could get your kid to experience all those events that would otherwise be difficult in a daily routine – a place where he gets to explore on his own and explore new things.

Day camps that run summer camp programs are ideal places for such occasions where you can safely send your child and know for sure that he will certainly return with a bag full of wisdom and will be proud of that.

So, what do day camps have to offer?

Summer getaway: Summer programs for kids give them the opportunity to utilize their never ending energy. Before they get bored of sitting at home while you get busy in your own routine, send them to a day camp where they have their own stories to make.

Life-changing experience: Not every child is the same and every parent knows that. Some are smart while some are shy, some are active while some are studious. So, when you send your child to a day camp, they meet a lot of other kids and gets a completely different experience that they can cherish for a life-time. Things they would learn in a day camp will prove to be the building blocks of their character when entering adulthood.

Change in environment: Being a parent you will have a good idea about how easily kids get bored and how easily they get distracted. Constantly living in the same environment and following the same routine becomes very boring for kids. And at this prime age where they ought to have fun and explore the world, day camps provide the very opportunity that is needed.

Making new friends: Day camps have kids coming in from all over the place which provides a change of scenario for your child, and he gets the opportunity of making new friends and learning new things that he will not get the opportunity to learn in the mundane of home-to-school-and-back routine. Making friends from different backgrounds gives a new outlook to your child.

Activities: Kids love nothing better than playing around and exploring new places. Summer camp activities are designed keeping this very idea in mind. In day camps, they get to play around and engage in activities that make them learn a thing or two, all under the supervision of trained professionals. It boosts your child’s confidence. So, it is a win-win for your child as well as you, because you will know that your child is safe.

Build self-esteem: Summer camp programs are designed for all kids whether they are highly active or extremely shy. It provides the opportunity to your child to build his self-esteem and observe his surroundings. A learning experience builds your child’s decision making ability and you will see a great change in your kid.

So, after all this when your child returns home, they have not only made a new set of friends but is  proud because they found new courage to self-assess and explore new skills. A day camp certainly will leave a lasting impression on your child.

If you are in a dilemma of providing the best summer for your kid but don’t know how, then send your child to a day camp and watch him grow. Zodiac Day Camps has so many options to choose from. Visit zodiackids.ca for more details.