It’s Not Too Late to Learn How to Swim

For most people, learning how to swim is something you do as a child. With children’s swimming lessons, kids can learn at an early age how to stay safe in the water. Children who do not learn how to swim end up becoming adults who may have a fear of the water or just don’t know how to handle themselves in water situations. It is important to learn how to swim, even as an adult. It’s never too late to learn how to swim, even in your senior years. Learn the benefits of learning how to swim below, no matter your age!


First and foremost, learning to swim means you know how to be safe in and around the water. For most adults, when you do not know how to swim, you stick to the shallow end of the pool or don’t go in the water at all. But what if a child is in danger? Or another adult is in need of assistance in the deep end? If you can’t swim you’re unable to help. You will also be limited as to what you can do on vacation, such as swimming in the ocean or lakes. Taking swimming lessons in Toronto can help you learn the safety skills needed to enjoy yourself in the water but also stay safe.


As we age, it can be become increasingly difficult to exercise. From walking to running, any activity you try may put strain on your body. With swimming, you have the ability to exercise in the water. By enrolling in adult swimming lessons, you can learn how to swim and then participate in pool exercises,that are much easier on the body, and particularly good for seniors.

Rehabilitation for Injury

After surgery or an injury, often rehabilitation is needed. Swimming is an optimal form of treatment. When you do not know how to swim, you may not feel comfortable with water rehabilitation. By learning how to swim, you open up doors for rehab that will put less stress on the injured portion of your body as well as help you heal.

Meeting New People

As an adult, it can be hard to make new friends. By taking swimming lessons, you are associating yourself with others who are in a similar situation. Make new friends, learn how to swim and have fun all at the same time. After learning to swim, you and your new friends can meet up from time to time to brush up on skills or just to chat.

Overall, it is important to learn how to swim, even as an adult. At Zodiac Swim School, we offer swimming programs for all ages, including adults! Contact our office today to find out how you can enroll and learn how to swim.


Swimming Safety Tips You Should Remind your Child

Parents enroll their children in swimming classes in order for the child to learn the basics when it comes to water safety. Children are taught basic swimming movements and water safety during swimming lessons in Toronto. However, it’s also recommended that parents provide constant tips so their child remembers how to stay safe in the water. Below are a few swimming safety tips to share with your child.

No Running

Every swimming pool has rules and regulations that are the same no matter where you go. One such rule is no running. Always remind your child never to run when going to the pool, for fun or lessons. Children can easily slip and fall, hitting their head and getting hurt or worse, falling into the water unexpectedly. Always remind your child to walk when in or around water.

Avoid Horseplay

When enjoying the water, kids want to have fun. Remind your child that while they can have fun with their friends in the water, they should avoid any horseplay (pushing into or underwater, wrestling in the water etc). Your child or their friends can easily become hurt and a dangerous situation can ensue when in the water. Remind kids not to horseplay so that everyone remains safe.

Avoid Exhaustion

It is also important to remind your child to avoid exhaustion. If they become tired, it is best to stay in the shallow end of the pool where they can touch. If the child becomes too tired, they can be in danger in the deep end and have difficulty making it to the side. Remind your child to take a break and avoid the deep water if they feel they are too tired to swim.

Talk to Small Children

If you have small children who have taken part in swimming lessons, they will be safer in the water. However, you must still remind the child that they must not swim without an adult present. Remind your child of the dangers of the water and that they are not allowed to go swimming unless you or another adult are on-site to watch while they swim. Let them know your rules so they will know how to act when swimming during lessons or for fun.

Safety Tip for Parents

While the tips above are great for parents to share with their children, it is also important that parents heed advice as well. Parents should be trained in CPR and First Aid so if an accident were to occur, they would be able to provide assistance. Accidents occur all the time in and around the swimming pool. Being prepared means you can help your child or someone else’s if an accident takes place.

At Zodiac Swim School, we want your child to be prepared with proper water safety and swimming techniques. We offer a variety of classes for kids of all ages. Sign your child up today so they can learn how to become the best swimmer they can be.