Summer Camps Let Kids Learn Practical Skills, Play and Relax

Summer programs for kids are a great way for parents to keep children active and happy. Summer camps offer many different options and provide quality playtime, relaxation and the learning of practical skills. As your child takes part in summer camp, you will see them blossom into someone who is confident and excited about learning while enjoying being busy. Read on below to learn just how summer camp provides learning opportunities as well as time for play and relaxation.

Learning through Activities

To begin, your child will be learning through every activity they take part in. Activities can range from sports to science to arts and crafts. Take sports for an example, children will be able to learn teamwork as well as how to get along with others. Science and discovery programs help kids learn how to solve problems as well as learn more about the world around them. By taking part in such activities, your child will be able to open their mind to new subjects as well as find new interests along the way.

Fun Play Time

During summer camp, kids have plenty of time to just be kids. From swimming to dance, drama and more, there are a host of activities that will keep kids busy and entertained. Providing large amounts of play time helps kids to use up some energy and have fun at the same time. Play time at summer camp is super fun because kids have other children their own age to take part in exciting activities with.


Kids have time to relax. There is quiet time as well as group activity time where kids are able to socialize with others and make friends. Many children find that they make lifelong friends simply by getting to know their fellow campers. Having some down time to relax at camp, helps to keep the children happy.  This makes pick up time easier on the parents.

Overall, there are many benefits to summer camp for kids. By allowing your child to attend camp, they have the ability to enjoy activities, make friends and keep busy. There are plenty of camp options and you should easily be able to find the right summer camp program for your child no matter their age or interest.

Zodiac Day Camp is a quality institution that offers a wealth of summer camp programs for children of all ages. By contacting our office today, you will be able to find out more about our programs and find the perfect fit for your child to attend summer camp this season. Be sure to explore your options and plan a great summer for your children!


Day Camps for Your Budding Artist

When it comes to summer programs for kids, there are many to choose from. As the parent, it is important to choose a camp that includes activities that your child enjoys. If your child likes to play sports, then of course a camp that specializes in sports activities would be ideal. If your child is more interested in arts and crafts, than creativity programs would be more ideal. Let’s take the budding artist example and learn what your child can enjoy when attending summer camp programs.


A camp that focuses on creativity will feature a number of artistic activities to help the children come out of their shell and express themselves. The standard option offered on the subject of creativity is arts and crafts, but this subject can span throughout several activities. Your child will be able to paint, draw and colour, exploring their imagination along the way.

Children can also have access to unique creativity activities such as sculpting, theater, music, and dance. Your child may come home and have found a brand new activity that they love and want to continue to enjoy year after year.


It is important, especially for young children, to explore their imagination. Children need to be able to discuss what they are thinking and feeling, learning more about bringing their imagination to life. With creativity classes during summer camp, your child is invited to be silly and spread their imagination as far as it will go.

By giving such freedom, your child will begin to have a renewed sense of self confidence. A child that can use their imagination and put their ideas to practice, is able to make friends easily and feel good about themselves.

It is important that children who love being artistic have an outlet to express themselves. For the most part, sports take priority when it comes to activities offered at school or in after school programs. With special art related summer camps, your child has a place that fits their creativity needs as well as provides an outlet for them to be creative and explore.

When your child shows an interest in arts and crafts, let them explore. Look for summer camp programs that feature the art subjects they are interested in but also encourage your child to try new things. When they are able to try new and exciting activities in the art realm, they will be more encouraged to try new things and express their creativity and imagination.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we want to provide an outlet for creativity within your child. We offer several programs for children of all ages to be able to enjoy the arts. From arts and crafts to dance and drama, we offer specialized programs that meet the needs of little creative beings. Let us help your child explore their creativity and let their imaginations soar. Contact our office today to find out what programs we have to offer that will meet the creative needs of your child.

Summer Camp activities for Children ages 7 to 12

Kids ages 7 to 12 are full of energy. Once school has ended and summer has begun, children in this age range need something to do to keep them active and engaged. Summer programs for kids are a great way to keep your children busy, expending their pent up energy. At Zodiac Day Camp, there are many programs offered for this age group so that you can find an activity your child will enjoy. Read on to learn what programs are offered to find the right fit for your child.

Creative Kidz

This program offers a creative outlet for children ages 7 to 12. The team of counselors and professional teachers and coaches provides several outlets for creative expression where children can use their imagination in a number of ways. Hands-on skills and confidence building are just a few of the benefits of this program. Creative Kidz takes place in one-week sessions with a focus on visual arts, dance, music, yoga, drums, karaoke, fashion and culinary arts.

Explore & Discover

This program is an option for children in the 7 to 12 year old range where a world of adventure awaits. Zodiac provides several outlets for discovery and learning including a focus on nature, rocketry, science, computers, magic and more. Children will visit lab/studio areas as well as the outdoors in Cedarvale Park to explore the subjects listed above. Equipment and supplies are provided so kids simply enjoy the experience.

Focus Français

Campers who are currently enrolled in French schools or French immersion classes can benefit from the Focus Francais day camp. This camp option provides recreational activities such as sports and arts with a half day focused on the French language. The non-academic environment helps children to learn the language and integrate speaking French in a fun environment.

Mega Sports

If your child enjoys sports, then the Mega Sports program is a perfect fit. A coaching team of experts, including Jonathan Richmon, a professional coach and TDSB teacher, will be on hand to provide an exciting and stimulating environment involving indoor and outdoor sports including: soccer, handball, baseball, archery, floor hockey and more.

Zodiaction Adventures

For a well-rounded summer camp experience, consider enrolling your child in the Zodiaction Adventures program. This option is available for campers ages 7 to 12 and features aspects of every program available including Creative Kidz, Mega Sports and Explore & Discover. Campers will be given the opportunity to take part in each program which means new activities to enjoy each and every day.

Children really enjoy this option as it incorporates aspects of every camp program. Many times, a child will be enrolled in one program but show an interest in another once seeing the day camp in action. With Zodiaction Adventures, everything is enjoyed creating a well-rounded camp experience.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we provide a wealth of summer camp programs to keep your child busy and excited about learning. Contact our office today to find out more about our many program options and visit our facility to see everything we can provide. We look forward to working with you and your child for a rewarding and fun summer.

10 Skills To Teach Your Child Before Sending Them To Camp


So your child is going away to summer camp, how exciting! If this is your child’s first time to go to summer camp, you will want to make sure you go over a few life skills to ensure their time at camp is a pleasant one. Most parents overlook a few key factors that must be discussed with the child to ensure summer programs for kids are safe and enjoyable. Read on below to see just what you should discuss with your child before heading off to camp.

Be Aware of The Outdoors
To get started, you want your child to be aware of the outdoors. This can include knowing what creatures are present in the area and how to respond if approached. Many camps are located in primitive areas where wild animals are present and children need to know how to act if they come across such creatures.

Know Your Plant Life
Children heading off to day camps for kids must be aware of plant life. Children need to learn what poison oak and poison ivy are so they can avoid these plants at all cost. Day camp would be miserable for a child who has been exposed and developed a rash due to such plants.

Eating Correctly
Many kids may think that going away to a summer program for kids means eating whatever they want. This is how many kids end up with an upset tummy. Teach your child the proper way to eat while away at camp. They must know to avoid eating too much junk food and ensure breakfast, lunch and dinner are all consumed for proper nutrition.

Being Clean
It is also important to stress to your child about being clean. Taking a shower is important but something that is not really on most children’s to-do list. Talk with your child about being clean, going over that deodorant must be used each day, teeth are to be brushed etc., to ensure your child is clean while away.

Bug Care
Since camp will take place outdoors there will be bugs. Teach your child how to use mosquito spray and which bugs should be avoided such as spiders and red ants.

If your child takes medication regularly such as allergy medicine or perhaps Tylenol for a headache, they need to learn how to do so responsibly. Teach your child the proper dosage amounts as well as when to take such medicines while away from home.

Your child needs to know how to contact you. Teach them how to use a regular house phone as well as how to use a calling card if needed. Consider what methods of contact will be available at the camp.

Getting Help
Teach your child how and when to get help when it is needed. Go over emergency situations and what should be done during specific scenarios.

Cleaning Up
Remind your child that their bed at camp should be made, trash thrown away and their space should always be nice and tidy.

Be Open
Teach your child to be open to new experiences. Tell them to try something new and have fun in the process.

Check out Zodiac Day Camp to learn more about camping options and what your child needs to know before attending summer camp.

Why Parents Send Their Children To Camp (Testimonials)


Summer programs for kids are the perfect way to keep children busy while school is not in session. After school lets out for the summer months, kids can easily become bored and need something to occupy their time. Day camps for kids are a great way to integrate activities, provide ways of making new friends and just allow children to have fun during the summer. Below are a few testimonials from parents as they share why they send their children to camp each and every year.

David’s Testimony
David is a single dad of three girls who sends his children to camp each and every year. He has found that his children love to interact with others at camp who have similar interests in arts and crafts. David’s girls are 5, 7 and 10 years of age, each enjoying the experience that summer programs for kids can provide. David has found that his children are more vocal and outgoing after going to camp and interacting with other children as well as the counselors. His girls enjoy the activities provided as they are staying active during the boring summer months with the lack of school scheduling.

Grandma Martha’s Testimony
Grandma Martha has two young grandchildren, both boys, who are very rambunctious. The boys love to play outside and get dirty and Grandma Martha has trouble keeping up sometimes. To provide activities for her grandsons, Grandma Martha enrolls the boys in day camps for kids. The day camps provide outdoor activities, which the boys love, such as swimming and archery. Grandma Martha gets a break from the hectic pace of the boys while the boys enjoy spending their energy outside with others their age. As a grandparent, it can be difficult to play and interact with growing children. Day camp allows children to expend their energy and grandparents can provide love and support once they are tired after a long day of activity.

Sarah’s Shy Daughter
Sarah is a mom of one daughter, age 8. Sarah’s daughter has been having trouble overcoming her shyness and making friends. Sarah thought it would be a good idea to have her daughter attend one of the local summer programs for kids. She thought this would be a great way for her daughter to overcome being shy and hopefully make a few friends in the process. Sarah’s daughter loved the craft activities at camp and eventually was able to make a couple of new friends once she felt comfortable talking to other campers. Sarah feels that giving her daughter an outlet for her creativity and doing so with others who are like-minded allowed her daughter to come out of her shell and be more open to others.

To learn more about day camp options for kids and how your child can benefit, contact Zodiac Kids today. The day camp group offers several alternatives for day camp and summer programs to keep your child busy for hours each day. Contact Zodiac Day Camp to learn more.