Zodiac Swim School’s New Babysitting Course Program

Zodiac’s Babysitting program was designed to teach attendees how to prevent injuries and other issues while children are under babysitter care.

Babysitting used to be done by neighbourhood kids whom you trusted and who wanted to earn some allowance-sized money. However, times change and there are more and more requirements nowadays for jobs that used to be fairly simple and straightforward. Babysitting happens to be one of those jobs, and luckily for you, the Zodiac Swim School offers a training course for babysitters that also covers training and certification for anaphylaxis rescues and basic first aid & CPR. In addition to providing professional certification, the course also provides comfort for parents and kids.

The Babysitting program offered at Zodiac is one of Canada Safety Council’s longest running programs, the course was designed to teach attendees how to safely prevent injuries and promote the responsible management of common situations that may occur while children are under babysitter care. Completing the course under the responsible direction of the instructor will result in the students demonstrating their maturity and capabilities with a hands-on approach.

In order to successfully complete the training and obtain their certificate, students must not only attend all sessions but also establish a passing grade of 75 percent on the final examination. During the course, students are taught and instructed in topics such as the behavior and misbehavior of children, caring for children from three months to school-aged, as well as how to become a successful babysitter.

The training will take place and will also include two additional modules: anaphylaxis rescuer and basic first aid & CPR A. This was designed to instruct students in the symptoms and signs of anaphylactic allergies. It also certifies candidates in the treatment and prevention of the condition by using auto-injectors. The latter, also a part of Zodiac Swim School, was designed to educate students in the basic first aid techniques that may come in handy not only while babysitting but also in everyday minor scenarios. The focus of this course is to train the candidates to both remain calm and, at the same time, react swiftly in first aid emergency situations. Students will be instructed in basic choking and CPR procedures, rescue breathing techniques, as well as making a call to Emergency Medical Services.

A good babysitter is not only an expert in the aforementioned techniques and procedures but many other ones as well.

Moreover, a convenient Zodiac keychain containing a face shield and gloves has been included in the course cost. This because PPE or personal protective equipment is not only required but also evaluated throughout all three courses. The keychain, along with the required text – the Babysitter Training Course Student Reference Material – will be issued to each participant at the beginning of training.


Leadership Skills Gained at Swim School Lessons

Swimming Lessons can teach your child leadership skills that can then be carried over into other areas of their life.

When you sign your child up for swimming lessons, your main focus is probably water safety. You want your child to learn the necessary skills so that they can be safe when enjoying the water. But did you know that swimming also teaches valuable skills that can be used in different aspects of life? Swimmers can learn how to be successful leaders which is a great benefit for your child as they move into their teenage years and adulthood. With the leadership skills learned, your child can see success in the pool as well as in other life situations.


At swim school, your child will be able to learn the basic movements of swimming and then move on to more advanced techniques. When learning swimming skills, the instructor will have children work as a team to reach a common goal. Leaders do not work alone, they have a team with them at all times to be effective. With swimming lessons integrating teamwork, your child can learn the valuable lesson of getting along well with others and being able to work as a group.


To persevere means to be able to handle a setback and continue on. In life, setbacks are going to occur. Your child needs to learn how to persevere, no matter how hard the situation. In swimming, children may have difficulty learning a new skill. However, if they are taught to persevere, they will keep going and eventually see that their hard work pays off. A good leader knows how to keep going and doesn’t let anything get in their way of achieving a goal.

Setting Goals

Speaking of goals, let’s talk about setting goals. A good leader will set a goal, be it in their personal life or for work. They will work hard to reach this goal. As children take part in swimming lessons, they will learn how to set goals and work towards them. This could be working on a new stroke, holding their breath, etc. Whatever the case may be, your child will learn how to set goals and meet them, feeling a great sense of pride and accomplishment in the process.

Decision-Making Skills

A good leader is always making decisions. When in a leader position, others lean on that individual to make decisions, something that can impact the entire team as well as the individual. With swimming, children are faced with decision-making and learn how to think quick on their feet. Take for example swimming goals. If your child has made a goal of practicing four times a week, they need to decide to come to practice that many times. When they don’t, they can see that their decision-making process hurt them as they were unable to train or build on a new skill.

Overall, swim lessons assist with the characteristics of being a good leader. Your child will be able to not only learn how to swim and be safe in the water during lessons, but they will also be able to gain leadership skills. These skills can be carried over into other areas of their life to reach accomplishments with ease. At Zodiac Swim School, swimming lessons are offered for children of all ages. Enroll your child today to begin them on the path to success!

Why Being A Swim Instructor is the Perfect Job

Passionate about swimming and teaching? Read on to see why swim instructors love what they do and what makes it the perfect job.

A swim instructor is an individual who works at a swim school or swimming facility and helps others learn the basics or advanced skills involved in swimming. If you enjoy swimming and like to help others, being a swim instructor might be the perfect job for you. You will have the ability to do what you love as well as help others learn how to be safe in the water! Read on to see why swim instructors love what they do.

Casual Employment

One of the perks of being a swim instructor is the casual hours. You can take on as many or as few shifts as you like each season and pick a schedule that works well for you. With lessons running evenings and weekends, there’s plenty of shifts, perfect for a high school or college student or a parent or post-grad looking for casual or part-time employment.

Working with Children

For most swim instructors, many of the daily classes will consist of children. It can be really fun  teaching children, especially during swim class. Kids love to learn and explore and it can be a very rewarding experience to see them achieve their swimming goals.

Future Endeavours

No matter what type of future employment your child chooses to pursue, any experience working with children will be beneficial to them. Working with children demonstrates the ability to be responsible, the ability to communicate with others, and the ability to take on a leadership role. These qualities are seen as very valuable and often gained through experience.  


If you are a swim instructor, chances are, you love the water. Who doesn’t want to love what they do? When you have a love of the water, you will enjoy getting in the swimming pool each and every day. You get to have fun at work doing what you love which is not something that everyone can say!

Stay Challenged

When you are a swim instructor you are constantly challenged with new classes. Not every child or adult is the same. So, you will find that the same teaching strategies may not work the same for each person and you may have to develop new strategies or drills to help your swimmer be successful. This makes work challenging and if you like a good challenge, being a swim instructor could be a great fit for you!

At Zodiac Swim School, training classes are offered to provide both adults and young people the skills needed to become swim instructors. Contact them today to learn more.

Want to Become a Swim School Instructor?

We’ve listed down the steps needed to become certified as a swim instructor. Learn how young adults can become swim instructors.

When a child starts swimming lessons at an early age, they gain a real love for the water. At swim school, children learn the basic skills associated with swimming at an early age and then develop even stronger skills and knowledge that can be used in extreme situations should they arise. They also have the ability to become a swim instructor in their teens. Below is a short guide to the steps needed to become certified as a swim instructor.

Bronze Star

At 11 years of age, a child who has completed a swimming program of Swim Kids10 or equivalent will be able to start Bronze Star training. This course provides training for the pre-Bronze Medallion stage. Problem-solving skills are worked on individually as well as in pairs. Basic first aid with CPR skills are included in this training type.

Bronze Medallion

With this training course, children must be 12 years of age and have completed Bronze Star training or be 13 years of age. The course provides information on life-saving principles based on four areas of water-rescue: judgment, fitness, knowledge, and skill. Teens will learn how to tow and carry individuals as well as defense options when the victim is fighting back. Challenging rescues are discussed with stroke efficiency developed as well as timed swim endurance. Emergency First Aid and CPR B is included in this class.

Bronze Cross

The next level of the life-saving skills taught is found in the Bronze Cross class. Children will become one step closer to being a certified rescuer or a lifeguard. This training class focuses on building up the skills learned during Bronze Medallion training. Children learn the difference between a lifeguard and lifesaver as well as learn more about deep water spinal injury and treatment.

The Bronze courses are open to children of a young age in order for the individual to receive proper training before beginning the National Lifeguard Courses. At 16 years of age, a child can begin these courses with Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid-CPR C training completed. The National Lifeguard Courses will get your child on the right path to becoming a lifeguard and helping others.

With this training, a whistle and basic first aid kit are required. A waist pack is provided to keep these tools plus a CPR mask and gloves during the training period.

Swim Instructor

The next stage in becoming an instructor is to take the Swim instructor course at 16 years of age. This course teaches candidates about lesson planning, teaching to various ages, progressions, and evaluating. Upon successful completion of both the Swim Instructor course and a minimum certification of a Bronze Cross, although National Lifeguard is preferred, candidates will be ready to seek employment as an instructor.

Overall, these training courses provide your child with the ability to learn leadership as well as life-saving skills. Your child can develop a strong sense of self and be determined to help others as a lifeguard during a rescue and teach others how to swim to prevent potential water incidents.

At Zodiac Swim School, training is provided for children to start Bronze classes,National Lifeguard courses as well as Swim Instructor courses. Trained professionals can get your child started on the right track to be successful in learning the key steps to water safety and life-saving measures both in the water and with CPR. Contact Zodiac Swim School today to learn more about the courses offered.

Swim School: Reusable Swim Diapers Are The Way to Go

When you are a parent of an infant or toddler, you know the importance of a swim diaper when enjoying the water. Smaller children need swim diapers in order to avoid having an accident in the water, which can shut down the entire swimming pool for an extended period of time. For most parents, the only option they know of for swim diapers is disposable. However, there is a much more convenient and affordable option available. Reusable swim diapers are the way to go, including when parents enroll children in swim school.

A Better Option

Reusable swim diapers are affordable and can be used again and again. With disposable swim diapers they can be used once, and you are often changing your little one soon after they enter the water because the diapers hold water. With reusable swim diapers, you have a swimsuit of sorts that does not bulk up from the water of the pool or become difficult to remove after usage.

Zodiac Swim School carries their own line of adjustable and reusable swim diapers that come in two sizes. The soft inner lining is designed similarly to a true bathing suit and is designed for comfort. With multiple prints available, your child will be cute and stylish as they enjoy the water.

Disposable diapers are often paper thin or created from an uncomfortable material. Your child may have marks on their little legs after coming out of the water or a bottom that is sagging down due to the diaper retaining the pool water. With the reusable swim diaper, you have an adjustable waist and length so that the diaper is gentle on the body and comfortable.

Most swimming schools, like Zodiac, are mandating that children have a reusable swim diaper on when they enter the water. Such establishments have found that disposable swim diapers are not efficient when it comes to containing accidents. You want your child to be protected from an accident as well as ensure that the pool is not shut down if an accident were to occur.

Once you try these special reusable diapers, you will not want to use anything else. The diapers are easy to wash and reuse, staying super cute and functional for your child’s swimming needs. Purchase at least two reusable swim diapers and you will always have one on hand for swimming lessons or a simple dip in the swimming pool.

At Zodiac Swim School, reusable swim diapers are a must. The facility makes it easy for parents to purchase swim diapers in two sizes for children to use. Instead of opting to purchase swim diapers that you have to throw away, invest in a quality reusable option. Your child will be comfortable in the water and you will have a swim diaper that truly works!

Swim Lessons for Kids: 5 Key Benefits that May Surprise You

Enrolling your children in summer day camp means they will have access to quality programming, including swimming. Some day camps offer a swimming lessons for kids through their swim school, which is a great way to see your child become more familiar with the water and remain safe when swimming during the summer months. Swim lessons offers many benefits, not just swim safety but other pros as well. Learn more about the key benefits below.

Making Friends

When your child enrolls in swimming lessons, they will be placed with children their own age and ability. Even if your child is shy, the pool seems to get kids breaking out of their shell. Your child will have the opportunity to make new friends which can lead to better self-confidence as well as a happier child.

Learn Leadership Skills

By taking swimming lessons, your child may realize they have a knack for swimming. Over time, your child may show interest in pursuing leadership avenues within swimming. Once they reach the preteen stage, children can become certified in CPR as well as lifeguarding. This can lead to even greater water safety training as well as the ability to hold an employment position within summer day camps or other facilities.

Continued Enrollment

When you have kids, it is important to stay on schedule. By pre-registering for swimming classes each year, your child will be able to continue to learn new skills in water safety while staying on the same schedule. At Zodiac Swim School, registration can take place every season, with parents having the ability to register for the entire year. The benefit of this is that your schedule stays the same and children who attend Zodiac Day Camp enjoy a seamless transition with their lesson into the Summer which can be very helpful when you have multiple children in the household.

Improved Health

For your child to stay in shape and healthy, they need to be active. With today’s society focused on electronics and technology, it can be difficult to keep kids moving and on the go. With swimming lessons, your child is exercising but also having fun. To them, its play time rather than exercise. By having your child attend regular classes, you are providing them with an outlet to exercise which helps promote improved health.


Another key benefit to swimming lessons is the happiness of your child. There are so many ways that your child can be happy when taking lessons. From making new friends to learning a new skill, you will begin to see your child’s face light up when they talk about swimming lessons. Help your child be happy and find joy in the water by signing up for swimming lessons today!

At Zodiac Swim School and Zodiac Day Camp, we offer quality swimming lessons so your child can have fun and be safe in the water. By contacting our office, you can learn about our swimming lesson programs and find an option for your child based on age and skill level.