Looking to enhance leadership skills in your child?

Leadership qualities are something that you want your child to have. It is always better to be a leader than a follower and by learning leadership skills early on in life, your child will be able to succeed in high school, college and into their career. But how do you learn leadership skills? What can you do to ensure your child knows how to be a leader in the community?

Programs for Leadership

At Zodiac Day Camp, programs are offered to teach your child leadership skills, and so much more. With L.E.A.D. & C.I.T, children ages 12.5 to 15.5 have the opportunity to work with individuals who hold leadership roles in order to learn via workshops and training sessions.

Experts in areas of effective discipline, teaching techniques, child development and more will be on hand to help your child learn how to be a leader. From these classes and workshops, your child will be able to apprentice or participate in specialty areas or camper groups at Zodiac. This opportunity is a great way for kids to learn how to be leaders, and get their foot in the door for future employment opportunities at Zodiac and beyond.

L.E.A.D. Program

With this program, children have the ability to participate in a half day which includes taking part in age appropriate camp activities that include group building skills. Seminars and group activities take place during camp with peers of L.E.A.D. as each child learns how to work together with others. A half-day placement is included within this program for the older child to be partnered with a younger group of campers. This opportunity allows them to learn the process of camp counsellor from a seasoned veteran and sets the child up for the C.I.T. program.

The C.I.T. Program

This program is for children ages 13.5 to 15.5 who have finished Grade 8 or 9, or if they have completed the L.E.A.D. program. This program places the teens in a cabin or specialty area in which they can put their leadership knowledge to work. Seminars, training in specific areas and group activities take place with peers of C.I.T. in order to prepare the teens to become staff members during the next summer season.

These are just a few ways your older child can be introduced to leadership skills and learn how to operate in a camp environment as a leader and counselor. Such classes help the teen to build self-confidence and feel qualified to work as a counselor and help the younger campers in a positive manner. Teens can use the skills they learned and apply them in everyday life including school and at college, well into their adulthood.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we want to help train the next leaders of the world. Contact our office today to find out more about our leadership programs and find out how to enroll your child. You will be surprised at the many options available for your teen and how leadership programs can change them.


Is your child a little shy? 5 Day camp ideas that may help with confidence.

It is not uncommon for children to be shy. For parents, it can be difficult to learn how to help your child overcome shyness and make new friends. Kids summer camps are a great way to introduce your child to new activities, helping them make new friends in the process. Checkout a few ideas below to help your child defeat shyness.

Talk About Camp Beforehand

Once you enroll your child in summer camp, be sure to talk to your child about what will happen during camp. Many times, children become even shyer when introduced to new situations. Take your child to camp before it starts and let them see where they will be going and explain what activities are being offered. Introducing your child to camp will help him or her be more prepared for what is to come. Being comfortable with camp is a great way to begin  building confidence.

Alert Camp Counselors

It is also a good idea to alert camp counselors of your child’s shyness. This way, the counselor can help your child to come out of their shell by facilitating conversations with them and other campers in the group.. The counselor can help your child make friends as well as place them in situations where they are comfortable but also able to gain more confidence in the process.

Choose a Favorite Activity

When considering a day camp for enrollment, think about activities that your child enjoys. Does your child like to go swimming? If so, consider a camp that includes swimming on the schedule. With arts & crafts, sports, imaginative play and more, your child will have plenty to do. Help them by enrolling in a camp that offers activities that they enjoy so they will feel comfortable and gain confidence along the way as they get to know the daily schedule of camp.

Enrollment Size

It is important to consider the enrollment size of day camp based on your child’s age group. For shy kids, it can be beneficial to have a smaller group size so that your child can get to know each kid and feel more comfortable when taking part in activities. Find a camp that offers a smaller enrollment size so your child does not feel overwhelmed being surrounded by a large group of children during camp.

Stay Positive

Once camp begins, be sure to stay positive and help your child see the benefits of camp. For shy kids, they may feel anxious going to camp. Each day after camp ends, talk to your child and find out what they liked about their day. If they had an issue during the day, talk it out and try to come up with a way they could have been less shy or more interactive with the other children. By keeping a positive attitude, your child will be able to gain confidence and enjoy the summer camp experience.

To learn more about summer day camps, contact our office at Zodiac Day Camp. We provide several program options for kids of all ages to enjoy.