How Sending Kids to Summer Camps can be Beneficial to Parents.

As a parent, bear in mind that you can also gain benefits by sending your kids to day camps. Continue reading and find out what they are.

Summer typically means day camps for kids and parents alike. If you happen to be a first timer sending your kid away to summer camp, there is a chance you will notice a heightened sense of anxiety. All sorts of questions and thoughts are likely running through your mind. What if there is an emergency? Are you sure the camp will address your child’s individual needs accordingly? How do you know if they will be okay? But, don’t worry as all of this is quite normal.

In order to avoid turning into a model parent for how not to act when your child is at a kids’ day camp, there are several things you can try. The following tips serve to help both you and your kids get the most out of their camp experience:

  • Make sure to communicate with your kids in the appropriate manner while they’re at camp;
  • Let your kids go and allow them to gain new skills and experiences;
  • Understand that camp will provide them with unique opportunities.

Appropriate Communication Is Crucial At Day Camps For Kids

Many children’s day camps have rules in place for campers communicating with their parents. Following these rules and limiting their communication with their children is the mark of parents who trust their kids and have confidence in them. On the other hand, over-communicating with your child throughout the week sends the wrong message. It tells the kids that they need more attention and that they’re unlike other campers. As a result, these kids are unable to bond with their peers and self-soothe feelings of homesick and stress. Camp counselors are trained to reduce stress in children in a healthy way. That is why learning this is very beneficial to both parents and their children.

Allow Your Kids To Gain New Experiences On Their Own At Day Camps For Kids

One of the greatest benefits of camps is the opportunity your child has to return home from camp feeling more self-assured and accomplished. The way you can help them is to reassure them before they leave for camp. Remind them of other times when they were feeling anxious and insecure and still performed well. Let them know you’ll be there for them, but that it is important for them to grow on their own. Again, this is an important lesson for both children and their parents.

Day Camps For Kids Provide Them With Opportunities Parents Often Aren’t Able To

Sending kids off to summer camp means they’ll need to rely on and communicate with other campers. This is important, as it means they’ll need to grow and form relationships with kids outside their usual circle of the neighbourhood or school friends. Overall, camps are a new environment for them, where they will need to work with others in order to succeed and thrive in different activities. Additionally, not only are kids taught independence and communication skills in summer camp, but they also learn discipline. Following the rules in a consistent way is essential for overcoming many life challenges, which is another benefit of camps.

On the other hand, parents often think they know best. But, many parents are happy to see their kids return home from camp with a new sense of self-discipline and hard work. If they stay home, children miss out on all the important life lessons taught at camp, including ones impossible to learn at home.

Bottom line, there is much to be gained from sending kids off to day camps for kids in the summer. That goes for both campers and their parents. And if finding the ideal camp for your young ones is a priority for this season, remember that Zodiac Day Camp provides over a dozen interesting programs and offers multiple early registration discounts. Register now to take advantage of this and give your kids a summer to remember.


5 Reasons Why Children Love Summer Camp

A Rite of Passage: How Camp is Life Changing

Day camp activities encourage kids to relax and make friends without any pressure, particularly when doing everything in groups

If you’ve been to summer camps as a child, you’re well aware of the positive effects they have on children. There’s a good chance you want the same experience for your children. However, if you haven’t had the fortune of visiting day camp in your youth, you probably aren’t familiar with the numerous benefits they have on children. Here are 5 reasons that demonstrate the point beautifully.

1. Make True Friends And Reconnect With Nature

Camp activities encourage kids to relax and make friends without any pressure, particularly when doing everything in groups. Playing, talking, laughing, singing – you name it and day camps for kids are doing it. Needless to say that camp is a wonderful antidote for the narrow experience of modern indoor life, which many are referring to as the “nature deficit disorder.” The outdoor experience changes and enriches the perception of the world kids nowadays tend to have, so it’s a win-win situation.

2. Learn Social Skills & Have Tons Of Unstructured Play

Day camps for kids are typically tight-knit communities that revolve around not only cooperation but also respect among members. Sharing not only possessions but also living space, food and time teach kids the basic skills necessary for everyday life. Similarly, modern indoor life is highly scheduled and structured. Being at camp means a break from all those chores and activities and translates into tons of much-needed playtime.

3. Grow More Independent & Hone Lifelong Skills

Making decisions for themselves with no parents around means kids will have to actually think about the consequences of each choice. This teaches not only mindfulness but also maturity in accepting the consequences of their actions. Furthermore, camp activities are ideal for kids to enhance and hone in on their adventure skills, artistic talents, and sports abilities. Need we say more

4. Unplug From Technology & Gain Resiliency

Engaging the real world – away from video games, smartphones, the internet, and television – pushes children to rediscover their creative powers; that’s when they realize there’s plenty to do away from a TV or computer screen. Also, a camp is known to help conquer fears because of the nurturing and encouragement it boasts. Trying new things, experiencing setbacks and learning there’s nothing wrong with trying again are all skills taught at day camps for kids

5. Become More Confident & Spend Time Being Physically Active

Children’s lives at school are often pressured by social, athletic and academic competition on a daily level. The camp environment, on the other hand, is designed to help them build both self-esteem and self-confidence through various activities. And speaking of activities, needless to say, camp provides ample ways to break children away from their day-to-day lifestyle. And that’s always a good thing.

Zodiac Day camp has many opportunities for children to explore, socialize and have fun whatever their interests may be. It is a safe place to try out new sports or adventures while gaining confidence in the process. Check out all the available programs today!

Why Sending Your Children To Day Camp In The Summer Is Beneficial For Everyone In The Family

Introducing The Idea of Day Camp to Your Child

Allowing your kids to experience day camps for kids lets them experience both sides of growing up. Learn the advantages of sending your kids to camp.

When you think of kids, some of the things that first come to mind probably include being adorable, energetic and playful. Surely one thing that can be safely said to apply to all children is that they all love to spend time playing around in an unstructured way. Nowadays, modern technology provides countless options for them to not only grow and learn but also play in ways that were unimaginable in the past. However, socialization is a crucial part of growing up; one that should also include face-to-face interaction with both their peers and elders – something they’re able to experience plenty of in day camps for kids.

So, why is sending the young ones off to day camp good not only for them but for the rest of the family as well?

There are a number of reasons, actually. First and foremost, by allowing your kids to experience day camps for kids, you’re actually enabling them to experience both sides of growing up: one that has to do with mastering the virtual world and one that takes place in the real one – it is important to understand both. Day camps are designed to provide children with both tons of unstructured play and numerous activities constructed solely for the purpose of teaching them important social skills they’ll need later on in life, not to mention countless memories that will last a lifetime.

Also, being away from home will motivate your child to learn how to make independent choices and decisions, which is among the greatest gifts you’ll ever be able to give them. The situation doubles if you have several children and make the wise decision of sending them off to the same camp at the same time. Such a situation is a great opportunity for bonding between siblings, not to mention the fact that you’ll probably be able to get some rest and alone time after who knows how long. Surely you love your children immeasurably, but everyone needs personal space every now and then, and that goes especially for parents.

Enrolling multiple family members in Zodiac day camp also comes with member discounts, meaning not only will your kids bond, but you’ll also save money in the process. If your older ones went to a particular camp on their own before and you know for a fact they had a good time, why not send them off again, only this time, send the little ones along as well? Continue the tradition with your family members and allow your kids to experience their childhood the best way possible, while not only creating lifelong memories but also learning important life lessons like independence and mutual respect.

Reasons Why Parents Are Thankful for Day Camps

Day camps for kids are a great way to keep children busy during the summer months. Day camps offer great programming, from swimming and basketball to arts and crafts. Your child is sure to love kids camp in Toronto, but what’s in it for you? Surprisingly, a lot! Parents can certainly benefit from enrolling kids in day camp. Read on to see how.

Alone Time

When you become a parent, alone time becomes a thing of the past. You learn to do a multitude of tasks simultaneously as you are constantly running after the kids. You never have a minute to yourself. By enrolling your kids in day camp, you are gifting yourself with a little bit of ‘Me’ time. Take this time to relax with a hot bath with no child yelling, MOM! Or go shopping by yourself. Enjoy time with a friend. The options are truly endless. While your kid is having fun at camp, you can be having a little fun of your own!

Watch Your Child Make Friends

There is nothing harder on a parent than watching a shy child have trouble making friends. At day camp, it is much easier to make friends as there are group activities and children can enjoy finding friends who have similar interests. You will benefit from summer day camp as your child learns how to make friends and you see them begin to build relationships with others.

Babysitting Help

Many day camps are offered for the entire day which can be helpful when you are a working parent. Camp drop off can coincide with your work schedule, making it easy for your kid to go to camp without it conflicting with your work day. Drop your child off at camp, head to work, then pick them up at the end of the day. You have completed your work tasks and your child is filled with stories about their day. It’s a win/win situation!

Life-Building Skills

While parents take on the caregiver and teacher role with their child, it can be difficult for some children to pick up skills from their parents. At camp, children can learn from a variety of sources, such as the counselors and other kids. While you might struggle teaching your child how to throw a baseball, a camp counselor can easily help. As your child attends summer camp, you can begin to see just how much they learn from others, including self-confidence, leadership skills, swimming, etc. Children often learn by copying others so by being around children their own age, your child will be able to learn new things that might have otherwise been unattainable.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer a stimulating environment within our day camps. We have programs for children of all ages so you can easily find an option for your child. Enrollment is simple and you will see your child having fun, making friends and learning new skills. In the meantime, you can enjoy a little time to yourself while your child is away at camp!

Questions Parents Should Ask Before Choosing a Day Camp

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

When choosing a day camp for your child, there is a lot involved. As parents, we have to do everything we can to ensure the camp we choose is right for our child. With so many day camps for kids available today, it can be hard to choose which one will work best for our kids. Below are a few questions you can ask potential camps to ensure that your child will be safe as well as have an enjoyable time during day camp.

What are your operating hours? How Does drop off and pick-up take place?

These are two important questions. First, you want to know the operating hours to ensure it meets your scheduling needs. Second, you need to know how drop-off and pick-up works. You want to be sure that your child will be safe and not leave with anyone not approved by you.

Are Counselors Certified in CPR or other Safety Courses?

Because camp counselors will be taking care of your child, you want them to be certified in CPR and other safety courses in order to protect your child. Counselors should have basic first aid knowledge including CPR and know what to do in an emergency situation.

Do You Serve Lunch or Should I Provide Meals? What About Allergies?

These are also great questions. You need to know if lunch and snacks are provided or if this is something you will need to provide. Asking about allergies is also important. If your child has a food allergy, they need to be protected. But it is also important to find out about other children’s allergies so that you do not send any foods that could harm them at camp.

What Activities are Offered?

When choosing a summer day camp, it is also important to find out what activities are offered. You want your child to be busy with fun activities like sports and arts & crafts. By asking what is offered during the daily schedule, you will be able to find out exactly what the camp offers and decide if the activities are something your child will show interest in. Think about your child’s interests. Do they like sports? Do they enjoy swimming? How about painting or dancing? Look for kids camps that incorporate these activities so your child will be sure to have a fun time.

When is Registration?

For most summer camps, there are registration deadlines. Camps only have so many spots for children as they are restricted due to the classroom size and counselor to child ratio. Find out about registration times so that you do not miss out on signing up your child for camp.

When looking for a quality day camp program for your child, look no further than Zodiac Day Camp. We offer a long list of quality camp options so that your child can have fun and make new friends. Contact our office today to learn more about the many programs we offer.

How Day Camps without Screens Improve Preteen Skills

How Day Camps Can Be A Positive Influence in Youth Development

Day camps for kids are an optimal way to provide entertainment as well as a learning opportunity for your children. Day camps offer programming that stimulates the mind and body, keeping children active year round. For preteens, day camps can be an opportunity to put down mobile devices or move away from the computer screen and focus on real interaction. Preteens often want to be online and away from the world, but too much screen time can be detrimental to the child’s development. Learn how day camps without screens can provide a boost to personal skills of preteens.

Listening Skills

To begin, the preteen will boost their listening skills. Have you ever tried to talk to your child while they were on their mobile device or laptop? It’s like talking to a brick wall! The child is so focused on the screen that they do not hear you or only half listen to what you have to say. By taking away the screens and focusing on interaction with others, your preteen will develop better listening skills.

Working Well with Others

During day camp, many activities take place. From team sports to art and music, your child has the ability to learn new skills while working with others. It is important for young people to learn how to work well with others. During day camp for kids, your child will be able to learn how to work with their teammates during sports or complete a project in art class. By not having access to a computer screen, your child can focus on building relationships with others and learning how to build on teamwork skills.


A preteen is not the best communicator, especially if they are focused on a computer screen. Children need to learn how to communicate with others, such as acknowledging when a question is asked or simply saying hello. By allowing your child to attend day camp, they will be in a group with other kids their age as well as interacting with camp counselors. Communication skills are built upon during activities or events. As your child will not be focused on a computer screen, they will be better able to learn how to communicate with others.

Finding New Interests

It can be difficult to pull your preteen away from the computer screen but attending day camp will help them find new interests. Taking part in quality activities can help your child find a new passion. Perhaps your child shows an interest in art or a particular sport. Take notice of what your child enjoys at camp and consider lessons on the subject or additional classes. Giving your child an alternative to screen time can only boost additional social skills as well as life skills.

Overall, camp can be beneficial to your preteen. At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer a wealth of day camp opportunities, including leadership building, first aid, babysitting courses and more. Your preteen can learn life building skills as well as have the potential for employment once courses are complete. Contact our office today to learn more about our many preteen programs.

10 Skills To Teach Your Child Before Sending Them To Camp


So your child is going away to summer camp, how exciting! If this is your child’s first time to go to summer camp, you will want to make sure you go over a few life skills to ensure their time at camp is a pleasant one. Most parents overlook a few key factors that must be discussed with the child to ensure summer programs for kids are safe and enjoyable. Read on below to see just what you should discuss with your child before heading off to camp.

Be Aware of The Outdoors
To get started, you want your child to be aware of the outdoors. This can include knowing what creatures are present in the area and how to respond if approached. Many camps are located in primitive areas where wild animals are present and children need to know how to act if they come across such creatures.

Know Your Plant Life
Children heading off to day camps for kids must be aware of plant life. Children need to learn what poison oak and poison ivy are so they can avoid these plants at all cost. Day camp would be miserable for a child who has been exposed and developed a rash due to such plants.

Eating Correctly
Many kids may think that going away to a summer program for kids means eating whatever they want. This is how many kids end up with an upset tummy. Teach your child the proper way to eat while away at camp. They must know to avoid eating too much junk food and ensure breakfast, lunch and dinner are all consumed for proper nutrition.

Being Clean
It is also important to stress to your child about being clean. Taking a shower is important but something that is not really on most children’s to-do list. Talk with your child about being clean, going over that deodorant must be used each day, teeth are to be brushed etc., to ensure your child is clean while away.

Bug Care
Since camp will take place outdoors there will be bugs. Teach your child how to use mosquito spray and which bugs should be avoided such as spiders and red ants.

If your child takes medication regularly such as allergy medicine or perhaps Tylenol for a headache, they need to learn how to do so responsibly. Teach your child the proper dosage amounts as well as when to take such medicines while away from home.

Your child needs to know how to contact you. Teach them how to use a regular house phone as well as how to use a calling card if needed. Consider what methods of contact will be available at the camp.

Getting Help
Teach your child how and when to get help when it is needed. Go over emergency situations and what should be done during specific scenarios.

Cleaning Up
Remind your child that their bed at camp should be made, trash thrown away and their space should always be nice and tidy.

Be Open
Teach your child to be open to new experiences. Tell them to try something new and have fun in the process.

Check out Zodiac Day Camp to learn more about camping options and what your child needs to know before attending summer camp.

Why Parents Send Their Children To Camp (Testimonials)


Summer programs for kids are the perfect way to keep children busy while school is not in session. After school lets out for the summer months, kids can easily become bored and need something to occupy their time. Day camps for kids are a great way to integrate activities, provide ways of making new friends and just allow children to have fun during the summer. Below are a few testimonials from parents as they share why they send their children to camp each and every year.

David’s Testimony
David is a single dad of three girls who sends his children to camp each and every year. He has found that his children love to interact with others at camp who have similar interests in arts and crafts. David’s girls are 5, 7 and 10 years of age, each enjoying the experience that summer programs for kids can provide. David has found that his children are more vocal and outgoing after going to camp and interacting with other children as well as the counselors. His girls enjoy the activities provided as they are staying active during the boring summer months with the lack of school scheduling.

Grandma Martha’s Testimony
Grandma Martha has two young grandchildren, both boys, who are very rambunctious. The boys love to play outside and get dirty and Grandma Martha has trouble keeping up sometimes. To provide activities for her grandsons, Grandma Martha enrolls the boys in day camps for kids. The day camps provide outdoor activities, which the boys love, such as swimming and archery. Grandma Martha gets a break from the hectic pace of the boys while the boys enjoy spending their energy outside with others their age. As a grandparent, it can be difficult to play and interact with growing children. Day camp allows children to expend their energy and grandparents can provide love and support once they are tired after a long day of activity.

Sarah’s Shy Daughter
Sarah is a mom of one daughter, age 8. Sarah’s daughter has been having trouble overcoming her shyness and making friends. Sarah thought it would be a good idea to have her daughter attend one of the local summer programs for kids. She thought this would be a great way for her daughter to overcome being shy and hopefully make a few friends in the process. Sarah’s daughter loved the craft activities at camp and eventually was able to make a couple of new friends once she felt comfortable talking to other campers. Sarah feels that giving her daughter an outlet for her creativity and doing so with others who are like-minded allowed her daughter to come out of her shell and be more open to others.

To learn more about day camp options for kids and how your child can benefit, contact Zodiac Kids today. The day camp group offers several alternatives for day camp and summer programs to keep your child busy for hours each day. Contact Zodiac Day Camp to learn more.

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Summer camp is a great option for kids after school has ended and boredom sets in. Kids summer camp allows children to learn new activities, make new friends and just have fun. However, many parents feel like day camps for kids may be too expensive. While summer camp does have a cost, the end result is well worth it. Parents will find children learn new skills, from the physical aspects like swimming and camping as well as social, with meeting new friends and following directions. Learn just how children benefit from summer camp to know you are making the right decision in signing up.

Social Aspect

Day camps for kids are a great way to introduce socializing with others. If your child is shy, they can work on opening themselves up to others by attending a day camp. Children are paired together or work in teams during activities, easily having the ability to make new friends. Children who are already social butterflies will excel, rubbing off on the shyer children to help them become more open and willing to make friends.

Learn Important Skills

Day camps for kids allow children to learn important life skills. Take swimming for instance. By learning how to swim at summer camp, children will be safer in the water. Most parents try to teach their own kids how to swim but end up becoming frustrated because the child does not listen or is not interested. Learning this activity at camp is different. Parents are not around and children are more willing to listen to counselors. Children also are more willing to learn if they see other children taking part. It’s basically a win/win for parents as the kids are having fun and learning a life skill for safe swimming. Other skills can be learned at camp as well from camping to arts and crafts which helps children as they grow older with school assignments as well as in adult life.

Happy Child Equals Happy Life

During the summer months, children can easily become bored. They begin to hang around underfoot and want to be entertained constantly. With summer camp, you have an automatic option for entertainment. You can sign your child up for day camp so they can be entertained and have activities to enjoy during the day. Your child will be happy and wore out by the end of the day which means a peaceful home life.

It is so easy for kids to become bored once school has ended. The child goes from having something to do for seven to eight hours in the day to having to entertain themselves. By signing up for day camps, your child will be active and be happy, making friends and enjoying fun and exciting activities.

Learn more about summer camp by contacting Zodiac Day Camps. Programs are available based on age groups with quality activities offered in each category for children to enjoy. Find the right day camp for your child to stay active during the summer months.

Basic Swimming Rescue Skills For Your Child

Pensacola Sailors learn rescue swimming skills

A Rescue Swimmer School candidate performs a body sweep to check for entanglements or injury in the pool at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

One of the most important life skills to learn is swimming. Drowning is ranked the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury death in the United States. This tragic ending can be prevented with the proper water safety instruction and skills, and it should be taught at a young age.

There are bodies of water all over the world such as  lakes, seas, rivers, oceans, dams and pools. Drowning comprises of about 10% of unintentional injuries per day in the United States, many of which lead to death. About 73% of people who drowned in 2012 alone were children aged 14 and under.  The good thing is that many of these accidental drowning can be prevented by following safety regulations, and also by being equipped with the necessary rescue skills. With this in mind, you would agree with me if I argued that it is vital for your child to learn some of the basic swimming rescue skills. Due to this fact, Toronto swimming lessons are tailored to equip kids with safety swimming skills.

By making sure that your child learns the basics of swimming reduces his or her chances of drowning. In many swimming programs, the first lesson involves teaching the kids some of the basics of swimming. This includes certain styles to prevent drowning such as treading water, doggie paddle, and crawl stroke. This will improve your child’s confidence when in the water which is very important. But, it should be noted that even the best swimmers can drown, therefore being overconfident is not an option.

Kids especially those who swim in beaches should be taught how to spot and evade strong currents. If possible they should avoid swimming completely when there are huge swells in the sea. The ‘rip currents’ are very fast and pose a lot of danger to the swimmers, especially to those who are beginners. There are certain signs that can tell you that you will be in for very strong currents in the next few minutes. The water around changes its color, the waves change patterns from time to time, and there occurs steady movement of debris in the sea. Once you spot these changes in the beach, you should consider getting out of the sea immediately. Fortunately, in some Toronto swimming lessons the kids are taught how to handle themselves when they go to their swimming programs.

If by bad luck you find yourself in strong currents, the first thing is to stay calm. Many people drown because they panic. Once you are calm, then think quickly of what to do next. If there are people around call for help. In the unfortunate event you find yourself alone, don’t fight with the currents. Make a 90 degree turn and move parallel to sea shore. Rip currents are majorly active in narrow channels therefore by swimming in a parallel direction, it gives you a better chance of landing where the waters are a bit calmer.

If you realize you are losing control of yourself when swimming the best thing is to let yourself float on water instead of fighting to stay on cause. In Toronto swimming lessons, treading water is an important technique taught to kids as a safety mechanism to prevent drowning. Fighting to stay above the water only depletes your energy thus decreasing your chances of survival. Simply turn upright and try sweeping water with your arms in order to stabilize yourself, then easily do the kicking motion with your legs to stay afloat, and then you can call for help.

Finally, kids should avoid the use of drugs at all cost. The use of drugs only impairs your judgment. You might think you are on the shallow end when actually you are on the deep end of the pool. Also, drug abuse gives an individual false confidence which can lead to accidental drowning.

Zodiac summer camp is one of the best summer camps in the area. It offers first class swimming programs along other amazing programs such as adventure sports, fashion design, robotics and jewelry art for kids. For more info visit their website