Keeping Your Family Safe Around Water

Swimming is generally fun and relaxing, but it can also be dangerous. Not too confident in your water skills? A swim class for the whole family is ideal.

You’d think that going to the beach/lake/creek/pond/pool requires one to be an avid swimmer. While that’s true in most cases, there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with your family and friends and staying near the water as opposed to going in. However, if you’re self-conscious about a possible lack of swimming skills, a swim school is always an option regardless of how old you are. That being said, if you’re heading out to spend time either in a body of water or near it, there are things to pay attention to in order to stay safe and keep those around you in the same state.

It makes sense to check the weather before you head out, as it’s logical to steer clear of water if there’s a good chance of lightning.

Similarly, when you arrive at your destination, be on the lookout for warning flags or other signs. In addition to just acknowledging their existence, also make sure to understand and, ideally, memorize them, as blue, purple, green, yellow and red flags often mean different things on different public beaches, for example.

Be mindful of rip currents, as well. These channels of water extending from the shore out into the deeper parts of the ocean are caused by the waves that break more strongly in some areas of beaches than others. That’s why it is always a good idea to choose a swimming spot that’s near a lifeguard just to be safe. Again, if you’re going to be drawn to the water, which is almost a given for most people, reconsider visiting a swim school – even if you’re a naturally good swimmer. There’s always room for improvement and learning new tricks and techniques in the water.

It probably goes without saying, but it doesn’t hurt to go over it one more time: steer absolutely clear of alcohol when near bodies of water; not only does it dehydrate the body, but it also increases the chances of heat-related sickness. Similarly, waves are also a big consideration when you’re weighing your options of whether or not to tackle the water. Remember – Mother Nature is not to be underestimated and the ocean is one of her most deceiving playgrounds. What appears to be a mid-sized wave from the shore may turn into a gigantic one.

Other ways of ensuring safety when near water include the classics: avoiding ocean life, finding mandatory shade, applying ample suncare products, and bringing abundant water and snacks. All of these, as well as the aforementioned, are essential in staying not only safe but healthy as well. It pays to put some thought into creating a game plan for your day near the water before you leave your home – including brushing up on your water skills. If you are looking for a place that has highly trained and professional instructors you must check out Zodiac Swim School . With close to 40 years in business they have proven to provide the best swim and day camp services for students and customers of all ages. See why they have earned the trust and confidence of many families over the years.


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