Enjoy summer activities while you can as it soon will be over

Summer flies by quickly so be sure to take part in fun activities while you can.

Summer flies by quickly so be sure to take part in fun activities while you can. Check out which activities you can enroll in this season break!

Every year, summer seems to come and go with the drop of a hat. Summer is only a few weeks long then kids are back to school and homework. The summer months are supposed to be a fun time, with activities on the schedule and time with friends. However, parents quickly learn that summer can go by pretty fast and they tend to neglect to schedule fun outings or summer camp and soon enough summer is over. Take time to find out what options are offered to you so that your child can enjoy summer camp programs, fun time with friends and new experiences while summer is in session.

Stay Active with Swim Camp

One of the most fun activities to look forward to in the summer months is swimming. Swimming is a cool activity that feels great and is most enjoyed during the hot summer months. One option for your child is to enroll in swim school. Children can take part in swimming lessons with kids their own age and be able to enhance their swimming skills. At Zodiac Swim School, the low-ratio programming means your child will be able to learn in a small group. The private swim school offers a host of swimming lesson options for all ages and skill levels. Your child can return year after year to hone their skills and learn how to stay safe in the water.

Day Camp

Summer day camp programs are another example as to how your child can stay active this summer. Children need activities and things to do on a regular basis to stay busy. With summer camp, your child has something new to look forward to each day. For a few hours a day, your child can have fun taking part in various sports, arts & crafts, music and more.

Children of all ages can attend day camp, with several options offered at Zodiac Day Camp. The Kid-Vantage Program is one example of what you can expect for summer camp. With this program, campers ages 2 -4 can enjoy a half-day Adult & Tot program  and campers ages 4 – 6.5 can enjoy a full day program. Children will have access to specialty programs with swimming fun and outdoor sports on the agenda. Your child will have a great time as they spend time away from home, making new friends and enjoying fun activities.

For older kids, Zodiac Day Camp offers specialty programs as well. From L.E.A.D. to C.I.T there are programs to provide your teen with learning opportunities that include leadership skills. Children often attend the day camp and move on to the leadership programs as they grow older.

At Zodiac Day Camp, there is a wealth of opportunity available for your child. Find out how your youngster or teen can stay busy this summer by becoming involved in a variety of program options. You will find that your child thrives by having the option to enjoy fun activities all summer long!


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