Unplugging this summer and why this is so beneficial to our children

Learn why it is best to unplug this summer to benefit your child.

Cut back your kids’ screen time with fun activities they can do with friends for the summer. Learn the benefits of enrolling your child for summer camp. 

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Why Summer Camp is Worth Every Penny

Today’s kids are very tech savvy. It seems almost everything we do these days requires some type of technical knowledge and our children are paying the price. From a young age, children learn how to use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and can have a hard time unplugging. Many kids spend their summers online instead of enjoying the outdoors or taking part in activities. The summer months should be spent taking part in fun activities such as summer camp programs, exercise, time with friends, etc.

Tech Dependency

Many studies have shown that children have become dependent on tech devices. As children are using mobile devices more and more they find that being without a device takes them outside of their comfort zone. Children need to learn how to figure things out for themselves and be more independent. Having a mobile device for constant entertainment is not helpful to the process of becoming more independent.

It is best that children have a phone-free time frame in which they can explore things, spend time with friends or take part in an activity. Children need to learn how to focus on what they are doing and become immersed in the environment around them rather than a screen.

A great way to cut back on screen-time in the summer months is to have your child attend summer camp. There are summer camps that offer overnight stays as well as day camps. A day camp is a great option for younger children as they only go a few hours each day, spending time with children their own age and enjoying activities like sports and arts & crafts.

The time spent at camp is ideal for being off the screen and doing something active. Children can learn many skills just by taking part in camp activities. Children learn how to interact with others, having real conversations, instead of simply looking at a screen for their entertainment. Children can have more fun by taking part in daily activities instead of mindlessly looking at the mobile screen and watching entertainment that does not stimulate the mind.

Technology is Addictive

Time and time again, it has been proven that technology is addictive. Children need a break in order to be productive adults. It is a great idea to come up with outdoor trips that you can take with your child or planned activities in order to find something to do that doesn’t involve technology. Children need to learn how to disconnect from the internet and focus on the real world, interacting with others and being fully immersed in their environment.

At Zodiac Day Camp, children have the ability to attend several summer camps in order to have less screen time and more real-life experiences. Help your child to make friends and stay active by enrolling them today in one of our many camp options this summer. Learn more by contacting Zodiac Day Camp to find a camp based on the age group and interests of your child.


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