Why campers become day camp leaders?

Learn more about why campers decide to become day camp leaders.

Learn more about why campers decide to become day camp leaders. Summer day camps allow kids to partake in sports, arts & crafts, etc. to learn new skills.

Summer day camps are a great way for children to stay active and have fun when school is no longer in session. Many children during the summer months look for something to keep them busy and to take part in scheduled activities like they do at school. With summer day camp programs, children have the ability to not only have fun and take part in sports, arts & crafts and more, they can also learn great skills such as independence, self-confidence, and leadership.

Summer camp programs hire individuals who enjoy working with children but also those who wish to inspire. Many children grow up to become camp counselors themselves due to the experience they had with their own counselors. Camps such as those offered at Zodiac Day Camp provide a way for children to become knowledgeable camp counselors. From a young age, children can observe their counselors and learn lifelong lessons that can be used into adulthood. They can then provide what they learn to others by becoming camp counselors themselves.

The Advantage of Leadership Camp

Leadership camp is a great example as to how children can learn from camp counselors to enhance their natural skills as well as work on areas in which they need improving such as self-esteem or independence. Counselors provide assistance during camp to encourage children to become leaders at camp as well as within their community. Peer support is also helpful to encourage children to do more while at camp.

Team activities such as sports or arts and crafts help to cultivate a number of leadership skills. Children learn by taking on problem-solving tasks and by receiving constructive feedback from their counselors. Once camp is over, you may find that your child wants to continue to attend each year and work on becoming a counselor as they get older.

L.E.A.D. & CIT

The L.E.A.D & CIT programs are an advanced leadership program provided for campers ages 12.5 to 15.5 by Zodiac Day Camp. Children who take part in this camp will be able to participate in several workshops and training sessions with a Leadership Coordinator as well as experts in particular areas such as effective discipline, quality programming, teaching techniques and more.

Children will have the ability to apprentice as well as take part in specialty areas and activities within camp groups to gain experience as a counselor before becoming a counsellor. This is a great opportunity for young people to start out and learn the ropes before taking part in employment opportunities within Zodiac Day Camp. The full seven-week program helps teens to gain the right amount of experience in order to be a quality counselor in the future.

At Zodiac Day Camp, children often decide to move on to the leadership programs to become camp counselors.  They have had such an enjoyable time as a camper they want to assist others. It is interesting to watch as children evolve into their teenage years and decide to use their own experience to help others. If you have children in the right age range for camp counseling leadership camp programs offered by Zodiac Day Camp, contact our office today to learn more about the programs as well as how to enroll.


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