Just keep swimming!

A Rescue Swimmer School candidate performs a body sweep to check for entanglements or injury in the pool at Naval Air Station Pensacola.

Swimming programs are a perfect way to keep your child active year round. With technology and electronics so prevalent these days, it can be difficult to keep kids moving and staying fit. With swimming classes, most kids never feel that they are actually exercising but instead having fun. By enrolling your child early in swim classes, they have the ability to learn the proper technique from a qualified instructor which helps to ensure the safety as well as health of your child.

Why Qualified Instructors are Important

It is essential to have a qualified instructor teaching your child how to swim. A qualified instructor has the know-how to ensure your child learns the proper technique for strokes in the water as well as floating, kicks, etc. Your child will be learning from the best which means they will pick up good habits when it comes to swimming. This is important. A child needs to learn the right way to swim in order to fully exercise every muscle of the body.

When you choose a qualified instructor, you are ensuring that your child will learn the right way to swim as well as water safety. An instructor knows how to teach your child the correct way to stay safe in the water which protects their health and well-being.

Quality Exercise

With swimming classes, your child will be taking part in quality exercise. The heart, lungs, brain and most muscles of the body are worked during swim classes. The full-body workout helps kids to stay trim and fit. The children enjoy being in the water and having fun. By learning new swimming techniques, children are able to exercise muscles of the body that they would not normally be exercising. This promotes overall good health. The heart and lungs are strengthened as they are worked during swimming as the sport is considered a cardio workout.

Over time, your child will progress and be able to swim laps around the pool, dive and maybe even compete in competitions. Swimming is not only a healthy sport and promotes water safety, it also can be a way for your child to stay active for many years, even into adulthood. Many schools offer swim teams where children compete against others for medals or trophies. By learning how to swim at a young age, you are setting up your child for an option of competitive sport for many years to come, if they choose so.

Overall, your child can use swimming lessons as a way to exercise and stay active. Children are able to enjoy their time in the water and you feel more comfortable knowing that your child will be healthy in the long run and safe as they enjoy the swimming pool.

At Zodiac Swim School, we offer swimming lessons and programs for children of all ages. Contact our office today to see what programs we have available for your child based on age and skill level. Sign up and see how your child can learn quickly from a qualified instructor today.


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