What Makes a Good Summer Camp Leader?

Toronto summer camps offer children an exciting option for fun and activities during the summer months. When children take part in summer camp, be it overnight or day camp, they are introduced to camp counselors. These counselors will be responsible for the safety of your child during camp hours as well as creating relationships and memories that can last a lifetime. Summer camps look for particular individuals with characteristics that help to shape the young minds into the adults of tomorrow. Below are a few factors that are considered to be qualities that make a good leader.


First of all, a good summer camp leader needs to be friendly and mild-mannered. Working with kids can be difficult so the leader needs to be able to handle difficult situations in a calm manner. Camp counselors that are friendly are more likely to handle difficult situations with ease and are well liked by the children at camp.

Leadership Skills

A good leader at summer camp will also possess quality leadership skills. Leaders will have the ability to talk to others and see campers following through with instructions and activities. Leadership skills such as building self-confidence and encouraging others are key factors to being a good summer camp counselor. Kids need to feel empowered and encouraged to take part in activities offered at camp. Individuals with good leadership skills will be able to provide such encouragement and ensure the kids try new activities and have fun.

Works Well with Other Camp Counselors

A camp leader has to be able to work well with others, even difficult people. A good summer camp leader will be ready to communicate with others.. Communication is key to solving issues at camp between campers as well as other counselors. A good leader needs to be able to help others make decisions and work out issues without causing more controversy. Counselors need to feel confident in their peers and know that the right decisions are being made.


Another quality feature of a good leader is fairness. One should always work to be fair when taking on a leadership role. As the leader, an individual will be responsible for making major decisions. Camp counselors as well as campers need to know that the leader will be fair in their decision making and that no one will be treated better than anyone else. Fairness is important because if one is considered a fair leader, then others will show respect in the decision making process.

Overall, these are a few qualities a summer camp leader should possess. With these qualities, the leader will help drive the summer camp to success.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we make sure our camp counselors have quality leadership skills and know how to handle any situation. We want our campers to be protected by counselors who have the skills to promote self-confidence and self-esteem. Contact our office today to learn more about the camp options we offer.


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