Summer Day Camp Programs that are perfect for your creative child

When it comes to summer camp in Toronto, parents will find there are many options for kids to enjoy. But how do you choose the right summer camp for your child? It is important to take note of what activities your child enjoys. Are they creative? If so, your child will have plenty of options for summer camp. You can choose a specialized program that features a particular activity such as music or theater or go for a program that is well-rounded, exposing your child to a variety of activities. Read on to find the right programs for your creative child.

Creative Expression

When you find that your child loves to draw and paint, then they are expressing their creative side. A camp that specializes in creativity will be the perfect choice for your child to enjoy activities after school is over. With camp counselors on hand, your child will be exposed to activities to help them explore their creativity through a variety of mediums including paint, sculpting, drawing, etc.

Kids love to be creative and get their hands dirty, but in many cases, parents worry about the mess or question what type of activities to provide. At camps that offer creative programs, such as Creative Kidz via Zodiac Day Camp, children have access to several art variations including printmaking, mixed media, decoupage, sand art and more.

Additional Programming Types

When parents think of a creative camp, they often think art is the only subject considered. However, it is not the only option when it comes to being creative. Kids can be creative in the kitchen and taking part in a culinary program is a perfect solution. Children can learn more about nutrition as well as food prep, kitchen safety and how to prepare a meal, not to forget, table manners!

Another area of creativity lies in dance. With dance classes at camp, children can learn how to develop their own creativity as well as self-expression. Children gain more self-confidence and simply have fun.

Fashion and design are additional aspects involved in camp programming. Campers can learn how to make clothes and jewelry, showing their creativity in the process. Children can learn how to sew, sketch and design, exploring art in this manner.


Many times, creativity can also be found with exploration. Other camp programs can include such subjects as magic or nature. With magic, children learn how to take everyday items and use them to create illusions. Exposing kids to science and the outdoors can also open the creative floodgates and have children thinking like they never have before.

Overall, summer camp can be a quality creative outlet. At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer several programming options to give your child activities to enjoy. Our Creative Kidz program is perfect for finding the right activity for your child with specialized programs based on creative subjects. Contact our office today to find out more about our programs offered and learn how to enroll your child in an upcoming session.


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