Do you want to become a Lifeguard? Get started with the Bronze Medallion Course

Becoming a lifeguard is a good choice for teens who enjoy swimming and want to become involved in a leadership role within the community. As a parent, you can encourage your child to become a lifeguard by enrolling them in swimming programs at a young age, then focusing on lifesaving levels as they get older. With quality programs available, your child will have the ability to learn how to swim effectively, then move on to more advanced swimming and the ability to save lives.

Bronze Medallion

One level of training via the Lifesaving Society Program available at Zodiac Swim School is the Bronze Medallion. This course provides an understanding of lifesaving principles when it comes to water rescue. Judgement, knowledge, fitness and skill are the four components involved in this educational program. As a rescuer, your teen will learn the proper technique for tows and carries of an individual from the water as well as defense methods and releases when involved in a dangerous rescue. Sometimes the victim is conscious and defensive or unconscious, so the rescuer has to learn the many scenarios involved in lifesaving water rescue techniques. Endurance and stroke efficiency are also elements that are worked on during classes.

Emergency First Aid CPR B

This class also includes first aid courses so the student has a general knowledge of first aid needs including CPR. The goal is to teach the student how to handle an emergency situation without any confusion or panic. Common injuries are covered along with providing core skills to reduce shock when administering care to another individual. Teens will also learn how to recognize a cardiovascular emergency and how to respond appropriately.

Students are taught how to respond with first aid care for infants, children and adults, which is helpful for any emergency situation. During this class, personal protective equipment is required and used during the evaluation of each program. This includes a CPR mask as well as gloves.

These classes are open to teens 13 years of age or older. A 12 year old can take this certification class if they have completed the Bronze Star program, a prerequisite of the Bronze Medallion training, though not required for older students.

Overall, such certifications will help your child stay safe in the water, but also give them the ability to help others. Teens with such training can go on to take further lifesaving programs and eventually go on to work in lifeguard positions at Zodiac Swim School summer programs or other areas. Training is also considered a leadership skill and works well to boost self-esteem as well as surround your child with others who have common goals.

At Zodiac Swim School, we offer several certification programs to help your child learn lifeguarding as well as first aid skills. Depending on the age and skill level of your teen, you can see your child navigate through the various programs and become a lifeguard for our summer programs or in another capacity. Learn more about our programs today so you can enroll your child in first aid and lifesaving society certification classes.


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