Overnight Summer Camp in the heart of Muskoka

During the summer months, summer camp programs allow children to stay busy, have fun and make new friends. Many parents want their children to experience summer camp the ‘old fashioned way’ and have their children go on overnight adventures. Campers at Zodiac Day Camp between the ages of 6-12 can experience a Taste of Tamarack, an overnight experience at Zodiac’s sister camp, Camp Tamarack located in Bracebridge, Ontario. Our Camp Tamarack option is a summer camp in Ontario where your child can enjoy an overnight camping experience. The camp is located along a private lake in Muskoka and is an established and respected summer camp option.

Impressive Facilities

The 2016 summer camp season was such a success and Camp Tamarack is now looking forward to hosting more Zodiac campers for the 2017 season. Camp Tamarack looks forward to hosting new campers, helping children to enjoy a multi-faceted program and get into the camp spirit. Your child can attend this summer camp and have the opportunity to build new friendships that will last a lifetime, as well as, make memories they will cherish forever.

The summer camp is open to 7 year olds or older campers with 1 week, 3 week, 4 week and 7 week programs. Children who are 6 to 12 years of age can have access to additional options, including Mini Acorn Weekend, an experience for kids who have yet to go on an overnight adventure away from home.

Acorn Program

This program was created for children ages 7 to 12 who are new to the camp or might prefer a shorter stay. Campers will be introduced to Tamarack and if they enjoy it, their session can be extended. This helps to introduce your child to camp and then allow them to continue their stay if they are having a good time, which of course, they will be!

Mini Acorn Program

Campers who will be 6 to 11 years old this year can take part in this program which is an introductory weekend getaway. This three day, two night program helps children to see what the camp experience at Tamarack is all about. Children have full access to camp activities and programs, being fully immersed in the camp life. Accommodations, food and programs are all included so your child can see just what camp can offer.

Overall, Camp Tamarack offers children a wonderful way to spend their summer months. From camp programs to watersports, quality accommodations and tasty camp foods, your child is certain to have a good time. Children from ages 7 to 12 often need to stay active once school is out for the summer and camp life is a great way in which they can continue to exercise and stay fit, as well as have fun making new friends and taking part in exciting activities.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer a multitude of summer camp activities and programs. Learn more about our unique summer day camp and overnight options by contacting our camp directors. We look forward to helping you find a summer camp option for your child.


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