Why using reusable swim diapers are better than disposables?

When taking small children to the pool, swim diapers are needed to avoid accidents. Almost every parent has been at the swimming pool only to find that a bathroom accident has occurred and the pool is shut down so it can be cleaned. When enrolling your children in swimming classes or just attending the pool for a swim, it is important to have swim diapers on hand. Options for swim diapers include disposable as well as reusable. Overall, adjustable reusable swim diapers are a top choice when compared to their disposable counterparts, for a number of reasons.

Cost Savings

The first thing to consider when comparing reusable swim diapers to disposable ones is the cost. With disposable diapers, you are getting a one-time use. This means you will have to have a new diaper each time you take your small child swimming. With reusable diapers, the diaper can be washed and reused, even if an accident has occurred. This helps you to pay less for the diapers you need for swim classes.  Swimming programs for kids require swim diapers for certain age groups and this helps you to save money when enrolling your child in such classes.

Environmentally Friendly

Reusable swim diapers are also an environmentally friendly option. With disposable diapers, they do not disintegrate. With reusable swim diapers, you can simply reuse what you have.  Therefore, you are not creating more waste by purchasing more and more disposable diapers.

Easy to Wash and Reuse

One might think that reusable diapers are hard to clean and reuse but that is not the case. Simply hand wash or throw in your washing machine, dry and then reuse. It’s that simple!

Tighter Fit

With reusable diapers, you also have a tighter fit for your child which helps to prevent leaks. The basic use of a swim diaper is to help keep any leakage from occurring in the pool. Babies and toddlers have no control over their bodily functions, the diaper helps to restrict any accidents in the public water space. The reusable diapers are also adjustable which makes it usable over several months as your child grows.

No Bulk

When you are purchasing disposable diapers, you may buy them in bulk to save money. You then have a bulk of such diapers that you have to find space for in your home. With reusable swim diapers, you can just purchase two to three and keep them in a dresser drawer, pulling them out when needed.

Banning of Disposable Diapers

Many swim facilities have also decided to ban disposable diapers. So if you visit a pool where this is true, then you will need reusable swim diapers anyways. Why not invest in the reusable option and take advantage of the many benefits.

At Zodiac Swim School, we make it easy for you to have access to reusable swim diapers. We sell them online as well as during swimming lessons. Easily find a reusable swim diaper that fits your child and can be used over and over again with ease.


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