Benefits of Adult and Tot Swim Classes

Swimming programs today offer lessons for children of all ages, even infants. It is becoming more and more common for parents to sign up their infants for swimming lessons in order to introduce their child to the water.  Swimming classes which the parents are involved in can lead to a better success rate for the infant to learn how to swim. Read on to learn the many benefits of adult and tot swimming classes.

Experienced Instructor

To begin, any infant swimming class you sign up for, you will find that the instructor is experienced in infant education. The instructor will have the knowledge and experience to provide quality training for your infant as well as for yourself. You will learn techniques that you can apply to help your child learn to swim.

Fun and Entertaining Environment

Tot swimming classes can be compared to mommy and me or daddy and me classes as the child will be learning how to swim through games, songs and playtime. The instructor will show you how to use these techniques in order to make your toddler comfortable in the water. By playing games, your infant will associate the water with fun. Song helps children to associate certain movements with particular songs which helps to build repetition with movements to learn swimming techniques.

Water Safety

Swimming classes will help you and your child feel more comfortable about being in or around the water. Your child will start to develop the building blocks of learning how to swim.

Pre-school Swim Classes

Parent and Tot classes are a great way to prepare your child for pre-school swim classes. Once your child starts these classes, you can continue on with each stage of learning as they grow. Your child will continue to learn new skills as well as working on their current skills to becoming a strong swimmer.

When you become a parent, begin to look into such classes for your children. Swimming classes are offered for children as young as 3 months. Introducing them to the water at an early age will help prepare your child for safe swim practices.

At Zodiac Swim School, we offer quality swimming programs for all ages. We teach and encourage proper technique as well as water safe so that your children can be successful swimmers in the future. Contact our office today to see what classes we have available for your needs.


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