5 Cool Spring / Summer Ideas for Teenagers in Toronto

When spring and summer arrive, it can be easy for teens to have extra time on their hands. Once school ends, the routine of the day is gone. You want your teen to be busy and have fun things to enjoy during the summer months. Swim school and Day Camps in Toronto offer great ways to keep your teenager busy when school is not in session. Keeping your child busy helps them stay active and spend their time wisely. Below are a few ideas to keep your teen busy in the Toronto area.

Babysitting Courses

For a fun and beneficial option for your teen, consider babysitting courses. Your teen will be able to learn how to be responsible for a baby as well as small children. Teens learn how to handle an emergency situation as well as provide standard care such as a meal or diaper change. Your teen can then use the skills learned to start babysitting and earning money during the summer months.

Bronze Star Qualifications

Pre-teens as well as teens have the option to train for Bronze Star qualifications in order to earn the training standard to begin the process for lifeguarding. Teens can build on their swimming skills, learning problem-solving skills as well as how to take charge during an emergency. A component of the testing phase of this program includes a 400-meter timed swim. After this course, kids can move on to Bronze Med and EFA-CPR B and more learning for what is needed to become a lifeguard.

Lifesaving Skills & Drills

Teens who are interested in leadership courses and have already passed the Bronze Star or are working on the Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross or National Lifeguard can qualify to take this class. Your teen can learn safety, surveillance and scanning in the water along with aquatic rescue, CPR, emergency response and risk management.

National Lifeguard Training

The professional lifeguard standard in Canada, available in Toronto, is the Lifesaving Society’s National Lifeguard certification. The updated version of this curriculum is important to being a competent lifeguard including knowledge, fitness and judgment calls. Included in this training program are object recovery training, underwater swim, sprint challenge, endurance challenge and more.

Standard Summer Camps

In Toronto, there are also standard summer camp options where your teen can make new friends and enjoy quality activities such as swimming and sports. If your child likes to stay active and had an interest in a particular activity such as swimming, soccer or arts & crafts, seek out camps that specialize in these areas. You will find that your teen is able to stay busy and enjoy learning new skills or taking part in new activities.

At Zodiac Swim School and Zodiac Day Camp, we offer programs for pre-teens as well as teens with a variety of options including lifeguard training, CPR courses and more. Contact our office today to find out more about what we can offer your teen in their age range and sign up for the next round of classes.



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