3 Ways Day Camp Connects Kids to Their Community

Summer day camp is much more than a place for kids to go and have fun. With Toronto Day Camp, children are able to learn more about the community, make friends and expand their horizons. It is important for children to learn about the local community and feel as if they are a part of their city. Below are a few ways that day camp helps to connect kids to the community, helping them to become productive citizens in the future.

Arts & Crafts

Most communities have an arts and crafts scene, be it with art museums, art galleries or craft fairs and festivals. With summer day camp, your child will be involved in arts & crafts activities, learning more about how the local community supports the arts. Local artists can come in to show the children how to create with certain mediums and the children can then apply what they’ve learned. From painting to sculpting, children are taught how art is associated with their community and learn how to have a role in such activities.


Most day camps offer sports activities such as soccer, basketball, baseball and more. Often times, children learn how to play a sport for the very first time while away at summer day camp. Once your child shows an interest in a sport, you can attend local events from pro games to local universities. Your child can see how the sport is played locally and even join a team for youngsters if they really enjoy the activity.

Meeting New People

As with any experience, your child is going to meet new people. The children that your kids interact with at camp are a great way to get to know the local community. Your child can make new friends from different neighborhoods, different nationalities or even different ages. Summer day camp brings together people who might not have otherwise met.

As your child makes new friends, you can schedule playdates and get-togethers, visiting new areas of the community along the way. Your child will be introduced to new people and learn how to make friends which is beneficial to their teenage years as well as into adulthood.

Overall, attending summer day camp has many benefits including getting to know the local community. By allowing your child to take part in day camp, they can learn more about the history of the community, the local art scene, sports and more. Your child will have a well-rounded idea as to what your local community offers and have a willingness to explore new things.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we provide a loving place for children to explore and learn. With a variety of program options, your child will get to know the community, take part in new and interesting activities as well as make new friends along the way. Discover more about our many programs we offer by contacting us today. We look forward to providing you with the camp options you and your child need.


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