The many reasons taking Lifesaving Swim Courses are so beneficial

In Canada, lifesaving swim courses can be taken in order to learn how to be a lifeguard or simply to earn certification to be safe and fit in the water. There are many reasons one would take lifesaving swim courses, with preteens having the ability to learn leadership skills, water safety and have the potential for employment. With Toronto swimming lessons, kids can train via swim courses, learning vital skills along the way. There are several certification options that can lead to quality knowledge used in the water as well as in everyday life.

Water Safety

The top benefit to lifesaving swim courses is water safety. Your preteen or teenager will be able to learn lifesaving principles of water rescue. Training will include learning how to tow and carry an individual, defense methods and how to manage a more challenging rescue that can include a conscious or unconscious victim.

The first course in this process is Bronze Medallion & Emergency First Aid-CPR with B. This course also teaches general knowledge of first aid. This training is beneficial for your teen in everyday scenarios as they learn how to deal with emergency situations without panicking or confusion. On top of learning the safety measures, your child will also learn endurance and stroke efficiency for swimming which is a great way to exercise and stay fit.

With this class, children will need to be 13 years of age or older or be 12 and have completed the Bronze Star training.

Leadership Development

Once your child completes the first level of training, they can move on to the next level which is Bronze Cross & Standard First Aid-CPR with C. As your child continues with training, they will begin to develop strong leadership skills. The skills your child will learn can carry over into their school life as well as employment in their adult years. Children learn how to give direction and manage multiple people including victims and bystanders  which is a strong confidence builder that is helpful in the future as an adult.

With this course, students will be learning the next level of training for the lifesaving chain. This puts your child one step closer to being certified as an instructor and/or lifeguard. The Bronze Cross class will build upon the training of the Bronze Medallion class. More advanced and complex lifesaving skills are taught in this program as well as additional First Aid training.

These are just a few of the class options for lifesaving  courses which opens up other opportunities to being an assistant instructor, instructor, and lifeguard.

At Zodiac Swim School, we offer training options for those who wish to learn First Aid as well as lifesaving swim techniques. Contact our office today to see if your child qualifies and begin them on the path to higher learning in the subject of swim and water safety.


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