It’s Not Just a Sport: Facts about Swimming You Didn’t Know

The sport of swimming is one that is not only fun but also a safety measure. Swimming programs are offered for children of all ages to learn how to swim and effectively stay safe in the water. However, swimming is not just a sport and not only about water safety. There are many interesting facts about swimming that parents and kids will benefit from knowing. Check out a few of these interesting facts below.

Every Major Muscle in the Body is Used

When you swim, every major muscle in the body is used. Core abdominals, lower back, shoulder, forearm, hamstrings, upper back, glutes and more are used when swimming. Because of this, swimming is one of the healthier options for exercise. Thousands of calories can be burned during a single swimming session due to muscle use.

Oldest Stroke is the Breaststroke

During swimming lessons, your child will learn the many different techniques for swimming, including the breaststroke. Did you know that the breaststroke is actually the oldest swimming stroke? The technique was created at the same time as competitive swimming in 1830 in Britain.

An Olympic Sport

Swimming is a popular Olympic sport that fans enjoy watching and swimmers enjoy participating in. Swimming was added to the Olympics in 1896 exclusive to men until 1912 when women were allowed to compete.

Swimming is the Most Popular in California

Swimming is a popular pastime in California and the state has the most swimming pools in the world. The state is home to more than 3,000,000 swimming pools. If you were to move to the state, you would most likely be purchasing a home that contains a pool!

Burn More Calories

If you are using swimming as a form of exercise, you can burn more calories in one hour than you can with other forms of exercise such as biking or walking. Swimming in a vigorous manner can result in burning as many as 650 calories or more based on your age and weight.

Build Heart and Lung Strength

Swimming on a regular basis helps to build heart and lung strength. This means that if you enjoy swimming, you can have fun and also have a healthy heart and lungs at the same time!

These are just a few fun facts about swimming. The exercise is not only healthy for you but fun to do with family and friends. Be sure to swim frequently to enjoy the many benefits of the sport.

At Zodiac Swim School, we want to help every child learn how to swim.  Enroll your child today in one of our many swimming programs to help them learn water safety and new swimming skills.


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