Toronto Day Camp Activities your child would enjoy

Toronto day camp is a great way for parents in the city to offer activities for their children to enjoy. From the toddler age to preteen and beyond, day camps are on offer to keep your kids busy having fun as well as learning new skills. Read on to see what activities your child might enjoy during the summer or year round.


One of the most popular activities offered at day camp are a variety of sports. Camps can provide basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming and more. Kids enjoy trying new sports and learning new skills to excel in playing the game. Many camps offer a variety of sports so children have access to a nice variety and can determine which sport they enjoy best.

Arts & Crafts

Day camp in Toronto also provides a creative outlet for kids to enjoy arts & crafts. From painting to drawing and clay creation, arts & crafts allows your child to express themselves through art. You will have keepsakes to remember your child at a young age as they complete paintings, drawings, clay creations and more.

Creative Play

Allowing your child to use their imagination is key to fun and exploration. During Toronto day camp, your child will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy creative play. During day camp, there will be time for dress-up, singing, interactive play with others, theater and many more options for expanding the imagination. Your child will love being able to express themselves in a variety of ways and expanding their imaginative play in the process.

Science and Outdoor Adventure

Children are naturally curious and enjoy exploring and learning more. At day camp, children can learn science experiments, robotics, and discover how things work. There will be opportunities to go outside and explore the great outdoors including learning more about camping, even at a day camp! Your child will love what new things they can learn and discover.

When your child attends day camp at a young age, they will see the teens in action as camp counselors and instructors. As your younger child attends camp each year, they may show interest in becoming a camp counsellor or an instructor when they get older. Talk to your younger child about the teens and their role at camp so they can see the opportunities they can take advantage of when they are a few years older.

These are just a few examples of what day camp programs can provide your child. Speak to the camp administrative team to find out what options are available to your child, including half day camps and full day options.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer a wide range of camp options to help your child experience new activities, making friends and staying busy during the summer months or after school. Contact our office today to speak with our staff, learning more about programs and what is available to your child based on age as well as activities offered.


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