Interesting Facts about Day Camp Parents may not know

When signing your child up for summer day camp, you know that they will be enjoying a host of activities such as sports, swimming, crafts and more. While you may get the gist of what summer camp can provide, there is most likely a few things that you do not know. Below we have gathered a few interesting facts to help you see just how fun and exciting, as well as beneficial summer day camp can be.

Skills Learned are Beneficial in High School and Beyond

There are many things that kids will learn in camp, from participating in sports to arts & crafts. With each activity, children are gaining several skills. Leadership, self-confidence and more. Children are able to learn what activities are of interest to them, which can be continued throughout the year as an after school activity which may turn into a long term interest. Consider this. If your child gains an interest in swimming, they can add to their skill level while at summer day camp. Their skills can be used in later years to try out for a swim team which could even result in a swimming scholarship in college.

Camp Counselors

Many summer day camps train pre-teens and teenagers to be camp counselors. When your child is small, they will develop relationships with their counselors and may want to train when they get older. Being a counselor gives your child childcare experience, an opportunity to be a team player, a role model, and take on a leadership role, ,many qualities that schools and future employers look for.

Discounts on Registration

For many parents, they never considered that summer day camp is affordable and that discounts can exist. Look for summer camps that offer discounts for early signups or other means of cutting down on the cost of camp. You will find that registration takes place during a certain time period so you will need to meet this requirement in order to take advantage of the discount. When paired together with other discounts that may exist including, pay by cash or cheque, multi-session, or other loyalty discounts, the total savings can really pay off.

Lasting Friendships

You know that your kids will make friends during summer camp but attending year after year means they will have the opportunity to build friendships that last a lifetime. Your child will be able to enjoy playing with kids their own age who have similar interests and take part in the same activities. Watch your child increase their social skills and gain new friends as they enjoy going to summer camp.


At Zodiac Day Camp, we provide several options for summer day camp. We have programs for children of all ages starting in the toddler stage and ranging to the teenage years. We can offer your child activities for the summer months, keeping them busy and engaged. To learn more about our programs, contact our office today. We look forward to providing you and your child with fun and exciting activities this summer.


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