Summer Camp Activities that Help Build Your Child’s Confidence

During summer camp, children will take part in a variety of activities ranging from sports to arts & crafts. Kids will learn leadership skills, patience and how to get along well with others. Children will also be able to use the summer camp activities to build self-confidence, even if they do not realize they are doing so. Take a look at the activities below and see how your child can build confidence with such activities offered during summer day camp.


Many sports games are played during summer camp. From basketball to baseball and swimming, any sporting activity can help your child build confidence. As your child learns how to play a sport, they will find confidence in themselves through the skills they learn. From dribbling the basketball to learning how to float on their back in the swimming pool, such skills help to build your child’s self-confidence.

Arts & Crafts

Children who enjoy being creative will be able to open their mind to new possibilities when taking part in arts & crafts classes at summer camp. Children will be able to express themselves in a new way which can help them feel more confident in showcasing their feelings and ideas in art form.

Cooking Classes

Some summer camps offer cooking classes which can be beneficial in building self-confidence. Cooking classes allows your child to learn how to read recipes and create new cuisine. After your child finishes a recipe and tastes their work, they will feel more confident in cooking which helps to build an overall confidence.

Leadership Classes

For older children, leadership classes may be available via summer camp programs. Your child will be able to build self-confidence by taking part counsellor-in-training programs.  As your child works alongside others to learn safety measures and working with children your child will begin to build confidence in knowing they can react as needed.

During summer camp, your child will also be socializing with others. Often times, children gain confidence by learning from others. While your child will be able to be more confident by taking part in activities, they will also learn to feel confident by dealing with other children. Making friends and meeting new people can be cause for anxiety. As your child begins to meet others, they will build confidence with their people skills which is helpful as they grow older and become an adult.

Choose one of the many programs offered at Zodiac Day Camp to help your child build confidence in themselves. Through activities and making friends, your child will learn that they can do anything they put their mind to. Find out more about the many programs we offer by contacting our office today. We are excited to offer a variety of programs to assist you this summer!


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