Questions to Ask Before Enrolling Your Kids in Summer Day Camps

When the summer season arrives, parents must prepare for children to be restless and off routine. It is not uncommon for children to easily become restless once school ends as they are not having to attend class or take part in activities such as sports. Children can only be entertained by toys and television for so many hours and you want your kids to be healthy by staying active. One way to ensure your kids remain engaged and active is to enroll your child in  summer day camps. Summer camps in Toronto offer quality activities for your child to enjoy, with full day (or half day options for children under 4). Learn the right questions to ask before enrolling your child to ensure you know exactly what you are getting into.


One question to ask the camp is if any transportation is offered. Will you need your child to be picked up or dropped off back at home? You will need to find out if any form of transport is provided and how it works.

Extended Care Options

Many summer camps will offer extended hours for parents who work later hours. Find out what hours the summer camp operates and determine if the camp will meet your scheduling requirements. While some camps offer only early morning hours, others provide full days with extended hours for later pickup.


Like all children’s activities, summer day camp costs money. Find out if any discounts are available to you. Many times, camps will offer lower registration costs when you sign up early for the camp. Discounts may be offered for multi-session registrations. Be sure to ask if the summer camp offers any discounts you can take advantage of to save money on your child’s enrollment.

Registration Closure

Most summer day camps have a registration period. Only so many spots are open due to age restrictions or the number of counselors working the camp. You may also find the camps can only hold so many children due to facility size. It is important to register early whenever you can. Find out when the registration period closes. So that you can register your child in time.

If you cannot meet the registration timeline due to budget restrictions, check out what the camps payment policy is. Some summer camps will only require an upfront deposit with post-dated payment options to allow the registration to be more budget friendly.. Learn your options to ensure your child is able to enroll.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer a number of summer camp options for kids of all ages. We want to help you provide an outlet for fun for your child during the summer months. Contact our office today to find out about our many camp programs including Kid-Vantage, Zodiac Day Care,and Specialty Programs. Options are available for children as young as 2 years of age and a leadership program option for teens through 9th grade.


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