How Day Camps without Screens Improve Preteen Skills

How Day Camps Can Be A Positive Influence in Youth Development

Day camps for kids are an optimal way to provide entertainment as well as a learning opportunity for your children. Day camps offer programming that stimulates the mind and body, keeping children active year round. For preteens, day camps can be an opportunity to put down mobile devices or move away from the computer screen and focus on real interaction. Preteens often want to be online and away from the world, but too much screen time can be detrimental to the child’s development. Learn how day camps without screens can provide a boost to personal skills of preteens.

Listening Skills

To begin, the preteen will boost their listening skills. Have you ever tried to talk to your child while they were on their mobile device or laptop? It’s like talking to a brick wall! The child is so focused on the screen that they do not hear you or only half listen to what you have to say. By taking away the screens and focusing on interaction with others, your preteen will develop better listening skills.

Working Well with Others

During day camp, many activities take place. From team sports to art and music, your child has the ability to learn new skills while working with others. It is important for young people to learn how to work well with others. During day camp for kids, your child will be able to learn how to work with their teammates during sports or complete a project in art class. By not having access to a computer screen, your child can focus on building relationships with others and learning how to build on teamwork skills.


A preteen is not the best communicator, especially if they are focused on a computer screen. Children need to learn how to communicate with others, such as acknowledging when a question is asked or simply saying hello. By allowing your child to attend day camp, they will be in a group with other kids their age as well as interacting with camp counselors. Communication skills are built upon during activities or events. As your child will not be focused on a computer screen, they will be better able to learn how to communicate with others.

Finding New Interests

It can be difficult to pull your preteen away from the computer screen but attending day camp will help them find new interests. Taking part in quality activities can help your child find a new passion. Perhaps your child shows an interest in art or a particular sport. Take notice of what your child enjoys at camp and consider lessons on the subject or additional classes. Giving your child an alternative to screen time can only boost additional social skills as well as life skills.

Overall, camp can be beneficial to your preteen. At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer a wealth of day camp opportunities, including leadership building, first aid, babysitting courses and more. Your preteen can learn life building skills as well as have the potential for employment once courses are complete. Contact our office today to learn more about our many preteen programs.


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