Summer Camp: Helping Your Child Keep Routine

Routine is important for children as expectations are in place. Children know what is to come and they can act accordingly. This is why schools have a set schedule in place. Each day, the child knows what subjects will be studied, when lunch and recess will take place as well as when it is time to go home. During the summer months, a routine is not in place and this can lead to issues with behavior as well as boredom. Children often become bored or irritable as there is no set routine in place during the summer months. Thankfully, summer camp for kids can alleviate this problem. With summer programs, kids can stay busy and enjoy a routine, having fun and learning at the same time!

Setting a Summer Routine

When summer arrives, it is important to set a routine. Have a scheduled wake up time as well as bed time in place so that children are able to rest well. Children will be ready for bed each night as well as be ready to rise each day. Create a routine for wakeup such as brushing hair and teeth along with breakfast as well as at nighttime, with bath time and a story. This will be helpful once you integrate a summer camp program as your child will already be up and ready to go.

Summer Camp Routine

To help your child create a summer camp routine, have your child prepare for the day ahead the night before. Depending on the type of camp your child is attending, they will need certain clothing or items. For example, if your child is going to attend a camp with swimming, then they would need clothing, perhaps a change of clothes plus their swimsuit and towel, goggles, etc. Have your child get into the routine of setting out their clothing and accessories the night before to prepare for the day.

Summer camp will run during specific time frames such as early morning to mid-day or all day. When signing up your child for camp, have them visit the facility beforehand to have an idea as to what they can expect. Go over their camp schedule, visiting art rooms or the lunch area, so the child can see how their new routine will be established.

At the end of the day, take time to talk about the day at camp with your child. Ask about their schedule and order of camp activities. Get to know counselors and discuss how your child is adjusting to the camp program. By staying involved and talking about camp with your child, they will continue to be excited about camp and build a new routine schedule during the summer months.

To learn more about quality summer camps for your child, contact Zodiac Day Camp. The programs offered are for children of all ages and include quality activities that motivate and are enjoyable including diverse sports, arts, and discovery activities including specialty and leadership programs. There is truly something for everyone at Zodiac!   


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