8 Fun Summer Sports for Children

Outdoor Education for your Outgoing Teenager

When the summer months arrive, children are ready for a break from sitting in school and want to run around. There are many activities children can enjoy in the summer months including a multitude of sports. Sports for kids provide an outlet for energy as well as fun with friends and family. Summer camp programs offer sporting options such as archery, swimming, basketball and more to keep kids active and having fun. Check out the top eight sports that kids love during the summer months listed below.


A fun sport offered at summer camp is archery. Children will learn how to hold a bow and arrow properly, aiming to hit the center of the target. Camps offer archery to improve hand eye coordination as well as provide an alternative to standard sports games.


Another fun sport kid’s love in the summer is soccer. This sport promotes team building skills as well as helps kids stay in shape with vigorous running. Soccer is relatively easy to pick up and summer camps offer games or tournaments on a regular basis to keep kids active.


Tennis is a great sport to enjoy during the summer months as it keeps kids moving and competitive. Children will learn the basics of tennis at summer camp and can use the skills they learn to join a school team or continue the sport throughout the years for fun.


The summer months signify the beginning of baseball season so naturally, summer camp will offer baseball as a sport to enjoy. Children will learn how to hit, field the ball and run the bases as they enjoy this quality game with new friends.


Played indoors or outdoors, basketball is a quality sport that keeps kids in shape and having fun. Even young children can learn how to shoot and dribble, playing against each other in a little friendly competition on the courts once the skills are acquired.


A popular sport in Canada, handball is also a game that is commonly played during summer camp. Kids learn how to play on a team and practice passing the ball with their hands to try and throw the ball into the goal of the other team. The game takes practice and skill and is a fun way to enjoy the hot summer months.


Because summer is so hot, swimming is often a popular sport enjoyed by children. Summer camps often provide options for swimming so kids can kick around in the water and cool off when the temperatures become too hot to bare. Swimming can be enjoyed in a relaxing manner or lessons are often offered.


A mix between soccer of sorts and baseball, kickball is a fun game that kids like to play in the summer months. Instead of a baseball, a large soft ball is used and the batter kicks the ball as it is rolled to the plate. Run the bases just like baseball and hope you do not get tagged out as you would in dodgeball!

Overall, there are many sports for kids to enjoy during the summer months. At Zodiac Day Camp, we offer quality summer camp programs that feature sports to keep your kids busy and active this summer. Contact our office today to learn more about what we have available.


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