10 Fun Summer Activities for 3 Year Olds

Summer activities for kids are necessary. When you have a three-year-old, you know they need to stay active or they quickly become bored and whiny. Day camps and summer camp programs are a great way to keep your small children busy and having fun. There are many summer activities that are fun for three-year old’s that are offered at summer camps. Today’s camps are well-rounded and offer quality programs for children to stay busy and exert their pent-up energy. Check out a list of fun activities your child can enjoy below!


What kid doesn’t love to cook? Day camp programs offer fun and interactive age-appropriate cooking classes for today’s kids so they can enjoy learning how to make their favourite foods. Enroll in a camp today that offers culinary cooking classes so your child can get to know the kitchen.

Jr. Sports

Many times, it is hard to enroll a three-year-old in a sports program. Sports teams take the game very seriously and often times, the smaller kids do not get the chance to take part in actual game play. At day camp, younger kids can take part in Jr. sports, learning how the games function and taking part in team play.


Dancing is a fun and energetic way that three-year old’s love to spend time on. Dance classes are offered at summer camp that teach various techniques as well as help the kids learn how to move to the music at their own accord.


Singing is a favourite pastime of small children. Parents often hear their kiddos singing out loud in their room or in the bathtub. At summer camp, kids can take part in karaoke, singing along with friends and counselors to their favourite tunes!

Outdoor Adventure

The summer months are about enjoying the great outdoors. With outdoor adventure programs, kids get to know nature and enjoy activities that take place outside. This option is a favourite among children who cannot get enough of being in nature.


Yoga is a fun exercise that kids really enjoy taking part in and helps them to build their coordination and flexibility. Let your little one enroll in day camp today to learn the fun moves of yoga exercise.


Kids love getting their hands dirty and the best way to do so during day camp is with craft activities. Paints, crayons, paper, pencil, and other mediums are all provided so your child can let their imagination run wild!


Children of all ages love to swim. During the summer months, swimming is an ideal activity for your child to exercise and stay cool and not to mention, learn an important life skill.


Sometimes kids just need a little downtime. Give them the opportunity to express themselves with pretend play. Having fun with friends and costumes can be quite enjoyable when pretending to do something exciting!

Water Fun

Besides swimming, kids also enjoy playing in the water in other ways. Running through a splashpad or using squirt guns or water balloons and creative games that your kids are sure to love!

Zodiac Day Camp offers many quality day camp and summer camp programs to keep your kids busy and active. Contact our office today to learn more about programs available to your child.


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