5 Life Skills Learned in a Day Camp

Summer camp for kids is a fun way to get your children involved in activities when school is not in session. Every parent knows that once summer arrives, children can easily become restless at home, claiming they have nothing to do. Summer camps in Ontario and surrounding areas help to break up the monotony of being at home and provide an outlet for fun and friendship.

Day camp is an option provided for children to give them activities to enjoy to break up the day of being at home. Day camp can take place for a few hours a few days a week or all day. Camps will offer various activities but promise to keep your child interested and involved. Not only will children be more stimulated with day camp but they will also learn life skills that are valuable as an adult. Below is a short list of life skills your child can learn while participating in camp.


Being cooperative is a highly valued life skill. Your child needs to learn how to cooperate with others to build successful relationships in the workplace as well as socially as an adult. With day camp, your child will take part in group activities where cooperation is needed. Children learn how to work well with others at a young age and carry on this trait as they get older.


Along with cooperation, teamwork is a valuable life skill learned at camp. Children learn how to work well with others to reach a common goal. Counselors stress group activities so children learn how to get along and work together to have fun as well as complete the activity successfully. Being a team player is beneficial throughout childhood and especially once one enters the workforce.


Children may sometimes have difficulty sharing if they are not always required to share their things. By attending day camp, the children can learn how to effectively share with others. Children will see other kids sharing toys or equipment and feel the need to follow suit or may need to borrow and share materials from others. Day camp can be a great way to teach a child how to share in a natural setting.


Building confidence within your child is key to their success as an adult. A confident child becomes a confident adult who is successful in relationships as well as their career. Children are able to build confidence in themselves at a young age while attending day camp due to goals being created and met. Counselors are encouraging and teach the child how to set a goal and achieve it. Once the goal is obtained, the child begins to build self-confidence as they have been able to reach an accomplishment.


Being resilient means having the ability to bounce back after a difficult situation. Children can learn resiliency by facing difficult situations such as dealing with mean children or trying to learn a new skill. Kids can learn how to be more resilient by attending summer camp and facing challenges with friends or activities.
As you can see, a child has a great deal to learn from summer camp, including life skills. Contact Zodiac Day Camp today to learn more about our options for the summer and enroll your child for the next available program.


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