How Summer Camp makes Children Resilient

Resiliency is a quality trait to have an adult as it can be beneficial in the workplace as well as with relationships. Being resilient means having the ability to overcome a difficult situation. As a child, young people have the ability to learn resiliency and become productive adults. One way to do this is by attending summer camp. By attending summer camp, your child will be able to learn how to handle difficult situations should they arise with other campers as well as by taking part in summer camp activities.

During summer camp, children will take part in various activities as well as meet new people. It is these activities and new relationships that will help to create resiliency within your child. By trying new things, your child will learn how to never give up and how good it feels to accomplish a goal. When meeting new people, your child may come across individuals who are difficult to get along with but help to mold their personality as well as teach them how to deal with those who are hard to handle.

Camp Activities

Let’s start with camp activities. Depending on the type of summer camp your child is attending, the activities offered will vary. Take for example a camp that offers swimming. Whether your child is a beginner or intermediate swimmer, they will be learning something new. A new skill in swimming may be difficult to learn. As your child practices and gets better at the activity, they will be practicing being resilient. The counselors of the camp will encourage your child to continue learning the skill until they achieve their goal. This builds character and self-confidence that your child will carry with them as an adult.

Dealing with Others

At camp, children will meet new people, kids their own age. For some, making friends is easy while for others the process is more challenging. Your child will face difficult situations as they get to know other campers, possibly experiencing bullies or mean children. Teach your child to be nice all the time and learn how to deal with such individuals. As your child encounters difficult children, they will learn how to be resilient in relationships which is a handy trait to have.

Summer camp teaches children a number of valuable lessons in life, from getting along well with others to never giving up and reaching their true potential. When your child is old enough to attend summer camp, consider enrolling them in a day camp or an overnight option. Give your child the ability to strike out away from home and learn valuable lessons that only camp can provide.

At Zodiac Day Camp, we provide a safe and stimulating environment for children via summer camp and day camp programs. We want to help your child to be more self-confident, make new friends and gain a sense of resiliency. Contact our office today to learn more about our many camp options, for children of all ages. We look forward to providing an outlet of fun and learning for your child.


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