Learning Empathy through Dance Class

Having empathy means to have the ability to understand and share in the feelings of another. Many people cannot show empathy until they have experienced something for themselves. Children can find it hard to be empathic towards others as they do not understand what a friend may be going through. Recent studies over the past few years have shown that children are more capable of learning empathy by taking part in dance classes.

It is important for children to be able to learn empathy to be able to relate to others. Empathic people are able to be better leaders as well as be more successful in the workforce by learning how to build quality relationships.

With dance classes, children learn how to share and work with others. By taking part in similar movements, children learn how to empathize with others. During dance, children are able to experience cognitive benefits. Dance has been shown to improve acceptance, cooperation and collaboration among children.

In dance classes, children will meet new people of differing backgrounds as well as various cultures. It is helpful to the child to meet new people, becoming more accepting of those who they may not interact with on a daily basis. Children learn how to work with each other as they learn dance movements. Whether children are dancing in a group setting or with a partner, they must work together to reach a common goal.

This helps to work towards collaboration with others. Children are able to work together, gaining skills that are quite useful in life, from relationships with others to entering the workforce. As an adult, your child will be more accepting of others, be willing and able to collaborate and work together to reach goals, in work and personal life. Such skills will allow your child to build a solid foundation for a successful adulthood.

More research is needed to fully understand the connection between dance and emotional intelligence. In the meantime, parents can use summer camp for kids as a way to provide dance classes for their children. With dance class, the child will learn how to work with others, develop quality social skills and exercise.

At Zodiac Day Camp, children will have access to summer programs that feature dance and other creative outlets. Your child can enroll in the Creative Kidz section to take part in a variety of fun activities including dance classes. Dance creates a positive environment where children can develop their creativity, focusing on self-expression and self-achievement.

Children will see a boost in their self-confidence along with enjoying themselves with kids their own age. The dance classes focus on movements, rhythm, and imagination, freedom of expression, music, fitness and fun!

Give your child access to such classes along with much more to enjoy by contacting Zodiac Day Camp. Programs are offered for children in age ranges of 6 ½ to 12 ½ with dance included for fun and skill-building. Find out more about classes today by contacting Zodiac.


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