Finding the right camp for kids with asthma

Summer camps for kids are a great way in which to provide an outlet of fun for your child. In the summer months, children can quickly become bored at home.

Day camps for kids will provide entertainment such as interactive activities with children of the same age group. There are many different types of summer camps offered for children with some focusing on the arts while others focus on sports or outdoor activities. For parents with children who have health concerns, it is important to find a camp that has the necessary resources to make their camp experience a success. One example of this is asthma. When a child has asthma, they can be restricted from certain activities as well as have health issues that must be addressed.

So how do you find the right summer camp for your child who suffers from asthma? By asking the right questions and doing your research, you will find the right option for your child to make new friends and enjoy activities during the summer months.

Limited Activities

Consider what activities that your child may not be able to enjoy. Sometimes, children cannot take part in sports due to breathing issues from asthma. If your child is not able to participate in sports, you want to lean towards a different type of camp option such as one that focuses on technology or the arts. You want the physical activity to be limited or non-existent so you do not have to worry about your child not being able to participate or having an asthma attack trying to take part.

Medical Assistance

A major factor to consider is the medical assistance offered on-site. You want to be sure that counselors are proficient in first aid and understand the treatment your child will need for asthma. This can include administering breathing treatments, inhaler help, etc. You want your child to have access to quality assistance if they were to be hit with an asthma attack or breathing issue. Ask questions about the medical treatment available as well as skill level of the counselors of the camp.

Consider Your Child’s Interests

On top of your concerns, you should also place a focus on the interests of your child. You want to enroll your child in a summer camp that they will enjoy. For example, if your son or daughter enjoys spending time taking part in arts and crafts, then an art focused day camp would be the best choice. Think about your child’s interest. What does he or she like to do? You can easily find camps that offer a wealth of activities to ensure your child has an enjoyable time.

For day camp options that your child with asthma can enjoy, contact Zodiac Day Camp. Zodiac offers quality camp options including trained counselors who can assist in the safety and well-being of your child. Camp options include Creative Kidz which focuses on the arts, crafts, dance and more and Explore and Discover which focuses on science, technology, and robotics. You are sure to find a day camp option that will interest your child and provide hours of fun during the summer months!


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