First Aid Firsts: What are the basics your kids should learn?

When parents think of swimming lessons, they most often think of a qualified instructor teaching their children how to swim. However, swim school for kids can also be a time when they learn lifesaving skills. Children as well as adults need to learn the basics of first aid to be able to handle certain situations if they may arise. Below are a few examples of when your child needs to learn first aid skills as well as how these skills come into play.


Starting at around age 11 or 12, children begin to take on the role as babysitter. This could be for siblings or children in the neighborhood. Babysitters need to be well-versed in basic first aid in order to know how to respond during an emergency situation. At Zodiac Swim School children can learn via babysitting courses in order to be a proper care giver. Teens learn how to feed and change a baby, how to prepare a meal and play games. The basic first aid skills a teen will learn to be a babysitter will include how to prevent injuries as well as how to keep children in their care safe. Teens age 11 to 15 can take part in the class to learn just what they need to know to be a babysitter.

Home Alone Safety

Parents who leave their children home alone will have peace of mind if their child attends a course that teaches safety precautions for being alone. Children age 10 and over can take a home alone safety class when they will be left home alone. Children who are left home alone need to be responsible and have an understanding of what they are allowed to do.

During a home alone safety course, children will learn bike safety as well as street smarts. People safety, including stranger danger is covered along with online safety. Sibling rivalry is covered to ensure siblings are not constantly fighting as well as how to handle emergency situations if they were to arise. Basic first aid skills including cuts and scrapes, is covered.

First Aid

To learn actual treatment processes during an emergency, a child should be enrolled in First Aid classes. The teen will learn real-life skills that can be used in an emergency situation. Children are taught how to recognize and treat a life-threatening condition as well as injury. Recognizing breathing issues, choking, airway restrictions or cardiovascular incidents skills are provided.

First aid courses also include information on who to treat injuries including spine, bone & joint, chest injuries, burns, etc. Your teen will be equipped with the knowledge needed to care for themselves as well as others.

At Zodiac Swim School, the opportunity is available for children of preteen and teenage years to learn basic first aid as well as babysitting and home alone skills. Contact Zodiac today to enroll your child.



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