5 Screen-Free Activities Your Kids Won’t Think Are Lame

Kids need constant entertainment. With so much energy to burn, children need to be able to have a release point. Parents often become so frustrated with keeping children busy that they give them a mobile device or sit them down in front of the television. While this will work, it is recommended that children avoid too much screen time. But what are parents to do when they run low on ideas for entertainment? Below are a few ideas on how to keep your kids entertained without using technology.


An age-old option is to have your child enjoy sports. Various sports can be played at home as well as in a team setting. Think about what your child likes to do. If they enjoy running around, then soccer or football would be a great choice. Consider enrolling your child in a day camp for kids to take part in sports such as swimming, basketball and more.

The Arts

Many children do not enjoy sports but would rather be creative. For those children, it can be difficult and messy to come up with unique crafts ideas. Always keep coloring books and colors on hand so that your child can express themselves, but also consider classes. From art to fashion design, having a creative outlet in class can help your child have fun as well as grow their creative skills. At a day camp for kids, you will find options exist with creative function to help your child express themselves in a variety of ways.

Imagination Play

Using the imagination is something that children can easily do. If your child becomes bored, have them use their imagination. Come up with new ideas each day from creating a fort to fight an incoming dragon to using pillows on the ground to walk to avoid touching the hot lava. Encourage your child to use their imagination to create new games or fun things to do.

Go Outside and Explore

When the weather permits, have your child go outside and explore. Create a treasure hunt of sorts for your child to have fun. You can make a list of items for your child to look for outside including certain leaves, sticks, rocks, etc. This is a fun exercise that will get your child moving and exploring.


Who doesn’t love to sing along to their favorite songs? Children love to sing and a great way to entertain your child is to offer a sing-a-long. Make a list of songs that your child enjoys and have them sing in a lovely voice or even a silly voice. Give your child a microphone, real or pretend, and have them put on a show!

Overall, it is important to provide children with an outlet for their energy as well as creativity. Zodiac Day Camp’s programs  are a perfect way in which your child can have fun, make new friends and learn new skills that will allow them to keep busy. Contact Zodiac today to learn about the many camp options, choosing one for your child to enroll.


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